Carly Corinthos
Tamara Braun

Carly comes back from The Island and tells Sonny she has a plan for them. Sonny asks what she's up to and Carly says Sonny will quit the business and they can all go into hiding forever. Sonny tells Carly it isn't that easy, that he can't just go into hiding because he has and knows a lot of information about his enemies and they see that as a threat and so they will kill him. Carly says not if they can never find them. Sonny asks Carly if she doesn't think he has ever thought about doing that himself, but it would get him killed. Hurt by Sonny not wanting to go away with her, Carly goes to Roy and asks him to help her get Sonny arrested so he can cop a plea by giving information in exchange for witness protection. Roy says it's not the easy to just have the FBI just like that. Carly plays on the Roy's guilt by telling him her son almost opened a bomb that looked like a present. And that deep down Sonny wants to get away from he business but is afraid and won't do it by himself. Roy agrees to go to the FBI and offer them the deal.  Carly finds out when Sonny is planning to retaliate against the person who sent the bomb and turns the information over to Roy who in turns passes on to the FBI. Sonny is arrested just as he is about to commit murder and taken to the PCPD. When the FBI reveals they knew his plans and offer him a deal, Sonny realizes someone set him up and asks Roy who it is. Carly pretends to be upset her husband has been arrested and sits with Sonny as he is handcuffed to the table. Sonny tells Roy he will not agree to any deal and wants to know who set him up. Roy tells him the information is confidential and advises Sonny to take the plea. A new life with Carly compared to twenty years in prison sounds fair. Roy says no one turned him in that he knows of. The FBI knew that a bomb was sent to his penthouse and from then on had been tracking him, ready to make a bust when Sonny retaliated. Roy tells Sonny he knew they were going to push hard on a conviction so he stepped in and brokered a deal. Sonny asks who made him his broker. Roy says he loves Bobbie, and Bobbie loves her children and grandson, and so if anything happens to them it affects Bobbie's life and Roy isn't going to let that happen. Carly tries to help Roy convince Sonny by telling him Bobbie has enough on her plate and finding out Sorrel sent a bomb to them would make her worry more than she needs to right now with all that is going on with Lucas. Sonny says he still hasn't heard what Roy was doing at the FBI office just when he was brought in Roy says he doesn't have to explain his schedule to him and says he has no time and needs to take the deal. Sonny is starting to figure out Carly had something to do with the set up and tells Roy no deal. Carly begs Sonny to take the deal for their family. Sonny is ripped away from Carly and taken down to lock up. Carly tells Roy she almost fainted in there because she thought he was going to blow it for them. Roy says he told Carly to wait until he called her to come to the police station and asks how she explained she knew Sonny had been arrested. Carly says she said one of Sonny's men called and Roy tells her she's crazy, what if Sonny checks that out. Sonny starts to panic as he is put in a cell as Carly tells Roy about Sonny being claustrophobic. Carly says she needs to see Sonny to tell him how much she loves him and that will be enough to convince him to take the deal otherwise the whole thing could spiral out of control. Roy arranges for Carly to be able to see Sonny and she goes downstairs. Carly sees Sonny starting to break down and tries to get him to breathe with her but he tells her he knows how to breathe and asks what she's doing there. Carly calls the guard and is about to tell him Sonny's secret but doesn't. The guard warns no more false alarms and leaves them alone. Carly says she didn't know the claustrophobia would be that bad and Sonny asks her how long does she think it would take for the FBI to use that against him.  Carly tries harder to convince Sonny to take the deal and Sonny says that witness protection doesn't work. Carly asks how and Sonny says he found someone once and it was easy to do. Sonny says he just has to figure out who set him up and knows that it was someone close to him. Carly says that they could go away on their own and Sonny says the FBI is playing him and they are using Carly to do it. Taggert comes down to harass Sonny and tells him to take the deal because he hasn't even seen the list of charges the DA has on him yet. Taggert leaves and Sonny continues to try and figure out who set him up. Carly tries to play it off on Taggert but Sonny says there was no way. Carly says maybe he tapped the phone and Sonny says he sweeps the house everyday for wires and bugs. Sonny says only two people were there when he got the call to come to the coffee warehouse, him and Carly. Sonny asks Carly who she thinks did it, but has the tone in his voice that he already knows. Sonny tells Carly to go home to Michael. Carly doesn't want to leave and says they can make the situation work somehow, together. Carly returns to visit Sonny and tells him the bail hearing didn't go well and the judge denied bail. Carly says she can go to Alexis and make her understand how badly she needs to represent Sonny. Sonny says he and Alexis are through and tells Carly to call Benny, he can get the hearing moved out of town. AJ and Scott show up and AJ tells Carly and Sonny he is finally for custody of Michael. Sonny tells AJ that if he files those papers, he will be in the cell next to him. Scott says that he knows all about how Sonny blackmailed AJ into signing his rights away and the judge will see AJ wasn't in his right mind. Carly threatens to kill AJ and Sonny yells at her to to even waste her breathe. AJ and Scott are asked to leave and Carly says she will go to Alexis and beg her to take her case. Carly tells Sonny to take the deal, so he can get out and they can disappear. Sonny says that then she will have everything she wanted, right? Sonny is released and Carly and Sonny go home. Carly wants to celebrate by making love but Sonny asks her who she thinks set him up. Carly says that they don't have to think about it right now. Sonny questions how Roy was at the police station at the same time that the "snitch" called in. Carly says she doesn't know and all that matters is that they are going to be safe now. Sonny says she keeps saying that and forced himself to be close with her. Carly goes upstairs to run Sonny a bath and Sonny sneaks into her purse and gets her cell phone and presses send for the last number. Roy answers the phone and Sonny hangs up. Sonny calls Mike over and asks him how he was able to live with himself after he abandoned his family. Sonny and Mike have a heart to heart talk. Sonny tells Mike how his mother put on one certain dress because she though Mike would come home to stay and says he remembers hoping that Mike would never leave again. Mike wonders what is wrong with Sonny and he says nothing and Mike leaves. Sonny finishes his bath and gets into bed with Carly. They make love but this time Sonny is more rough and takes his anger out by using Carly one last time. Afterwards they are laying there talking and Carly is going on about how good there life will be.  Sonny says he knows who did it. Carly looks like a deer caught in the the headlights and Sonny says he knows it was her that betrayed him. Carly asks how he could say that to her. Sonny points out that she was at the police station when he was brought in and he hadn't even called her yet. Carly says Adam called her and Sonny says then he must have been psychic because he hadn't called anyone. Carly still tries to deny it and Sonny says she called Roy 4 minutes and 18 seconds after he left to go to a meeting only she knew about and then boom, he was arrested. Carly tries to cover by saying she called Roy about Lucas because she didn't want to worry Bobbie. Sonny tells Carly to pack enough for her and Michael for the night and Johnny will take the rest to the Brownstone in the morning. Carly says she isn't leaving and Sonny goes downstairs. Carly and Sonny fight about how he can't accept betrayal and Carly begs Sonny not to kick her out. Sonny says goodbye to Michael and Leticia takes him to the car. Carly goes upstairs and comes back down in her wedding dress. Carly says they made promises in that dress. They vowed to love one another forever. It doesn't work, Sonny calls Johnny and has him force Carly out of the penthouse. Carly goes to the hospital in her wedding dress and tells him the plan didn't work because Sonny knows she set him up and threw hr and Michael out. Roy tells Carly to calm down and let it settle for a night then maybe Sonny will be more willing to talk about it. Alexis comes over and asks if he is OK. Sonny asks why she still cares, he betrayed her. Alexis says there is a difference from betrayal and being less than candid with your attorney and asks where Carly is and Sonny says he threw her out. Alexis figures out that Carly is the one who turned Sonny in and is appalled. Sonny asks Alexis to leave and she goes. Carly arrives at the penthouse and tries to use her keys but they don't work. Carly pound on the door and tells Sonny not to shut her out like this. Johnny asks if he wants him to let her in and Sonny shakes his head no. Carly stops when Alexis comes out and tells her to leave Sonny alone. Carly tells her she has no business in their business. Alexis tells Carly she is the one who betrayed Sonny, and if Sonny goes to prison it's on her conscious. Carly goes back to banging on the door and slouches to the floor sobbing. Roy goes to Sonny and wants to know where Carly is. Sonny says he doesn't know and doesn't care, he and Carly are over and Roy leaves warning something better not have happened to Carly. Sonny starts having visions of Carly and pulls out his gun and aims it at the mirror. When Carly "appears" again he shoots the mirror. Alexis comes off the elevator and notices there is no guard on the door and Sonny's door is wide open. Alexis walks in and sees the mirror and asks what happened. She says she knows Carly was there last night and heard her pounding on the door. Sonny asks if Alexis has changed her mind and wants to be his attorney again. Taggert and Ford arrive and tells Sonny how the witness' statement has changed that Sonny didn't try to kill him and accuse him of threatening him. Sonny says he hasn't done anything. Ford and Taggert leave and Bobbie shows up looking for Carly and Sonny says she's gone. Bobbie asks if something happened and Sonny tells her Carly betrayed him and as far as he is concerned Carly is dead. Bobbie tries to defend Carly by saying she would never go that far to get what she wants, Sonny says he doesn't care anymore and asks Bobbie to leave. Bobbie goes to the hospital and asks Roy how he could use her daughter to take Sonny down. Roy says that isn't what happened and tells Carly about the bomb, not to mention the attack on Christmas and says Carly has just had it and came to Roy for help. Bobbie asks why he didn't tell her. Roy says she was dealing with Lucas getting sick and he didn't want to burden her any more than she already was. Bobbie says that when to people love each other enough, they get through whatever comes there way. Sonny goes to Deception had hands his shares in the company over to her. Laura says he can't do that, what about Carly? Sonny tells Laura all she needs to know is that it is all legal. Sonny explains that in certain circumstances, Carly's shares become his, and now the whole company is Laura's. Laura asks what happened and is Carly OK. Sonny tells Laura he filed for divorce and Carly has moved out of the penthouse. Laura says that if she got Deception in that way it would feel like she was stealing it from Carly. Sonny says if that's so, and she doesn't want it, he'll have to put it on the market for a dollar. Scott shows up and says for a dollar he'll buy it. Laura says he isn't going to buy Deception for her and accepts the paper from Sonny and becomes full owner. Edward calls and ELQ board meeting and Sonny surprises everyone by showing up and flirting with Skye.  Monica, Edward and Lila all move to appoint Skye as Director of Communications at ELQ, with Ned and AJ against it. Sonny votes in Skye's favor and she is elected DC. back at the Q mansion, Edward assures AJ and Ned Sonny is on his way out of ELQ because he has a plan that involves Skye. Bobbie is having dinner with Scott when Sonny shows up with Johnny and two woman, and Bobbie worries about what Sonny is doing. Bobbie approaches Sonny's table and tells the woman sitting next to him she needs a place to sit. Sonny tells the woman to go ahead and she gets up for Bobbie. Bobbie sits next to Sonny and asks where her daughter is. Sonny tries to be polite and says it's over, there's nothing more to discuss. Bobbie asks again getting a little louder and Sonny says she took his money and left and Bobbie throws her drink in Sonny's face and asks where is she. The waiter apologizes to Sonny and hands him a towel and Skye comes over and helps him wipe off. Sonny asks if she's meeting anyone and she says know and he invites her to sit down. Skye declines at first but then sits at Sonny's table. Ned comes in and goes over to Chloe and Alexis and asks how long Skye has been sitting with Sonny. Alexis says they didn't notice. Sonny and Skye step out onto the terrace and he points out Kelly's and Skye asks where his warehouse is. Sonny says it's being repaired and you can't really see it in the dark. When Sonny asks what she wants from ELQ, Skye reveals a plan that she wants to take the Quartermaines down for payback. Sonny says he understands everything about getting payback. Skye tells Sonny her plans but he turns on her and asks how she could hurt the people that have allowed her into their home, and accepted her as a family member. Skye says she though Sonny says he understood payback and asks what he is accusing her of. Sonny says he does, but what she is doing isn't payback, it's betrayal and calls Skye a whore. Skye goes to slap Sonny but Sonny stops her and says she doesn't want to do that. Ned and Alexis distract Sonny and Skye away from one another and Sonny orders a bottle of champagne at the bar. Alexis asks if Sonny knows alcohol is a depressant and Sonny says he did. Sonny and Alexis have a heart to heart about betrayal and being friends and Sonny gets Alexis to say she is her friend. Sonny is back at the penthouse and sees visions of Carly again. Taggert and Agent Ford arrive with a search warrant and Sonny tells them to go ahead and knock themselves out, just make sure they put everything back the way it was or he'll add destruction of property to his list of charges he's going to file against them. Sonny goes to the police station and asks to speak to the police chief. Sonny tells the P.Chief that Ford and Taggert are in his home as they speak and will not stop harassing him. Sonny brings up a Lieutenant that was brought up on some charges but found innocent, but that if the police don't stop harassing him, evidence may come about that the Police station did everything they could to cover that up. Sonny goes down to see Sorrell and brings him a box that was like the one he had delivered to Sonny's penthouse. Sonny acts like he is about to open it and Sorrell starts to panic and call the guard. Sonny opens the box and it's a kitchen timer but Sonny says he can take Sorrell out any time, any where he wants. Alexis arrives and Sonny goes home with her. Alexis asks what was he trying to do, start another shoot out. Sonny asks Alexis is she wants some espresso and Alexis asks why he is intentionally putting himself in danger. Sorrell is on death row what more does he want. Sonny tells Alexis it's a new blend he got in and says he can handle Sorrell. Alexis says she knows he misses his family, he misses Carly. Sonny yells that Carly is dead to him. Sonny asks how many fights has she walked in on. Alexis says she didn't have to walk in on them she heard them from across the hall. Sonny goes to stare out the patio door and Alexis says looking out the window won't help. She knows because she does it all the time too. Sonny says he lives a dangerous life... having a family was a mistake and he knew that all along and now the situation is taken care of. Sonny says he has a business to run and he's running it. Alexis says he seems awful calm to her and Sonny says it's quiet, he can think now and asks if she was ever poor. Alexis says her brother Stefan helped her out. Sonny says he was on the street by the time he was 16, stealing to stay alive. He saw a way out and took it. All he thought it would cost would be his life, he didn't know that there would be people he couldn't have, like a family. Sonny says but he has to live with the choice he made, it's too late to change his mind now. Carly couldn't do that. She wanted a different life and she chose the wrong way to get it, that's all. Alexis apologizes and Sonny says there's no need to. It's better this way. Sonny tells her not to look so worried, or he's going to think she's starting to like him or something. Alexis says she's just not sure she should stay or go. Sonny says so stay or go, it's her choice. Alexis says if he doesn't need her she has some work to leave and then Zander knocks on the door. Sonny tells him to come on in Alexis was just leaving but she  says she's staying now. Zander apologizes for running out on them and Alexis asks where he's been and Zander says Canada, Emily went all the way there to get him and bring him back. Zander says he realizes he can't go back to his old life and wants to work for Sonny and go to school. Sonny says he'll start in the warehouse and to register for some night classes and he'll take care of the bill. Sonny tells him to be at the warehouse 7 a.m. sharp. Sonny hints that he wants to be alone and Zander and Alexis leave. Alexis says she thinks it's a bad idea that he works for Sonny and Zander says it's just the warehouse... he's going to stay away from the rest. Alexis says that's not all she is worried about and looks back towards Sonny's door. The same song starts to play and Sonny sees Carly at the top of the stairs. She tells him  it's not better, it's worse than it's ever been. The silence is louder the loneliness won't let him sleep. Carly tells him to let her come home, let himself love her again. Sonny goes upstairs and then comes back down and the vision of Carly fades and the music stops. Sonny goes over to Alexis' and tells her to get ready in 5 minutes, he's taking her to dinner. Alexis says he can't just invite her to dinner like that and Sonny says he just did. Alexis says no he didn't, he came over and demanded her to get ready and allowed her five minutes to do so and an invitation was not implied or stated. Sonny says it's a good restaurant and Alexis says again he is missing the point. Alexis goes down a list of things she is not to Sonny... employee, thug, no longer his attorney but for some reason agreed to be his Friend. Sonny "asks" her to go to dinner with him and she still says no saying she is tired and work to do. Sonny says she has to eat and Alexis says she is going to eat... she's going to make a bowl of popcorn. Sonny says that's not food and Alexis tells him to look at her feet. Sonny asks what's wrong with them and she says they are in socks because they are tired of being in heels. Sonny is able to convince Alexis to go to dinner with him and he takes her to a restaurant where he has his own table. Alexis says she is a officer of the court and has seen three known criminals in the fifteen minutes she's been there. Sonny says the pasta is good there.
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