Jason hides Sam in a safe house while he and Sonny try to find someone to clear her name. Emily walks in on Sam and overhears her telling someone that she will be there soon and not to worry, then questions Sam if she is going to ditch Jason after all he has done for her. Sam covers by telling Emily she was talking to someone she owed money to and that it would be takes care of. Sam tells Emily that she and Jason are having a girl. Sonny meets with Jason on the docks and tell him that the local police are now looking for Sam as well. Carly sees Sonny and Faith on the docks and tries to listen in as they talk about Sonny being the father of Sam's baby. Sonny tells Faith that he isn't going to take much more and leaves. Carly confronts Faith telling her she knows " The Secret" but Faith sees right through her attempt to get Faith to reveal what they had been talking about. Jason tries to get Sam to reveal what she is hiding but is unsuccessful. Sam tells Jason that she could sleep for says and Jason leaves to work. Sam convinces the guard that she needs her prenatal vitamins refilled and once he leaves, sneaks off to meet somone. Jason follows Sam and watches shadows as Sam embraces whoever is on the other side then hides in the corner as she leaves again. back at the penthouse Jason is waiting when Sam returns. he asks hr where she was and she tells him she went out for air. Jason explains that he can't protect her if she keeps running out and warns that if she is caught by the poilce, she will have her baby in prison. Sonny walks in in the middle of the argument and demands to know where she was. Sam defends herself by admitting she made a mistake but saw nothing wrong in getting some air. Sonny asks why she is even still in Port Charles because she is suppose to be out of the country by now. Sam begs not to be taken away until the murder conviction is overturned because she doesn't want to travel while being pregnant or be away from Sonny. Out in the hall, Jason tells Sonny about following Sam to the bike shop and embracing the man inside. Sonny tells Jason to find out who the man is and what the connection to Sam is. Jason breaks into the bike shop and looks around, gun in hand, and at the same time someone runs from the building. Sam has a dream about dancing with Sonny at his penthouse and when she looks up at him again, it's Jason that she's dancing with. Sam is about to tell Jason about the person at the bike shop when Emily stops by and breaks the news that Lila has passed away in her sleep. Jason breaks down as he tells Sam about Lila. He tells her the story up when he worked on the docks, he took Lila some peppermint candy that had broken out of one of the crates, which he stole. When Jason returns from seeing his family, Sam asks him if it would be okay if they named the baby Lila, after his grandmother and he agrees. After the funeral, Sonny finds Jason in the chapel and expresses his stress over the whole baby lie and tells Jason he is going to tell Carly the truth. Jason begs Sonny not to do so because Carly will take Michael and Morgan and leave him. Sonny agrees to keep quiet for a little while longer. Or at least try to! Sam comforts Jason after the funeral and she breaks down and tells him she wants to take him to see something. Sam takes Jason to the bike shop where she introduces him to her mentally challenged brother, Danny. Jason comments that Danny was there, before, when he came to look around and Danny says that he got scared and ran. While Danny goes to watch a baseball game, Sam tells Jason about her brother. Sam knew she had a brother but denied it. One night while her mother was out, Sam broke in and found Danny locked in the basement. Sam snuck in several times while her mother and step father were out to see Danny. Finally, she broke in one more time to take Danny away and once they were outside Danny realized he left his hat inside. When he went back in to get it, he knocked over some candles and started the fire. It turned out heir mother was not gone, but sleeping in her room. Sam's step father saw Sam standing outside and assumed she had beent he one who started the fire. Sam had put Danny in a half way house and he was unaware that he was the one who started the fire. SAm says that if Danny knew he killed his mother, it would destroy him. Jason vows to protect both Sam and Danny and when Danny returns, Jason tells him he has to take him away to protect Sam. Danny objects at first, until Jason explains his relationship with Emily, and how he'd do anything to protect her. Danny agrees to go into hiding. Ric has cops follow Carly to Sam's safe house and arrests her. At the police station Ric tells Sam that she will be expedited back to Bailey's Beach. Sonny goes to the police station after Ric calls him and tells him he has arrested Sam. Sonny  asks Justus to take Sam's case but Justus declines saying it is a conflict of interest. Sonny asks Sam where Jason is and she says he is doing something for her and she doesn't know exactly. Sonny goes to Alexis and asks her to take Sam's case and she agrees. When Alexis arrives, Sam questions on why she took the case and why she wants Sonny in her debt. As Sma is being taken to the prison van she collapses with belly pains. Ric tells the sheriif in charge of the experdition that Sam will not be going anywhere until he knows the baby is okay. Ric calls Sonny and tells him Sam is in the hospital. At the hospital the Dr. tells Sam they wil have to recieve the test ruslts to see what is wrong. When Carly and Sonny show up, Sam confesses that she is faking the pains. Carly distracts the Sheriff's attention of transferring Sam, by starting an argument with him. Sam asks to speak to Carly alone and Sam tells Carly she (Carly) won. She got the kids, and Sonny and Sam will not get in the way of that. Carly tells Sam that is good because she loves Sonny and will fight for him. Sonny goes to the hospital to tell Sam that she won't be going to prison because Jason got the murder confession they needed. Sam, scared that Jason got Danny to confess, tells Sonny she is the one who started the fire.  Alexis catches Sonny and Ric by the nurse's station arguing and announces that a Texas death row inmate has confessed to starting the fire that killed Sam's mother. Ric fuses at Sonny that he bought the confession and storms away. At the courthouse Ric questions Sonny to make it known that he bought the confession and is perjuring himself. Alexis questions Sonny about his relationship with Ric. The judge rules in Sam's  favor and overturns Sma's conviction. Ric tells Lucky to follow Sam because he wants evidence that she really is guilty. Carly asks Sonny if he is worried about perjury charges and Sonny reassures her that he didn't lie on the stand, Jason did all the work , and Alexis overhears Sonny joke about only needing to say what she wanted to hear. Lucky follows Sam from the courthouse to the bike shop where Danny is. Lucky warns Emily to tell Jason that he found Danny, and it's only going to be a matter of time before Ric finds him as Ric eavesdrops around the corner. Emily goes to Sonny's and tells Jason what Ric asked Lucky to do. Meanwhile, Ric goes to the bike shops and introduces himself as Sam's friend and asks about the fire. Jason tells Sonny he's going to move Danny to the safehouse. Ric pays Sam a visit at Jason and tells he knows about Danny and they had a nice talk. Sam warns Ric to leave Danny alone. At the police station Sam confesses to Ric that she is the one who knowly killed her mother. Sonny takes Ric to see Danny and has Danny go over the events of the night of the fire. Danny explains that he knocked over the candles while they were lit and Ric realizes that Evelyn's death was an accident. Ric allows Sonny to destroy Sam's confession tape just as he gets a call from Mac that Sonny blew up Alcazar's yacht with Faith on it. Carly goes over to Jason's to push Sam in to leaving but Sam insists on staying. Sam asks Carly if her marriage is so healthy, why does she feel so threatened. Carly warns Sam not to take Jason's kindness to mean anything other than pity. Sam and Carly meet in the penthouse hall and agree that they have to learn to co-exist now that Sam is going to be staying withJason but Carly warns that she doesn't want to see Sam in her face evrytime she turns around. Sam stops by Kelly's and chats with Mike. Jax comes in and they have a good conversation about what happened and Sam introduces Jax to Danny and Jax realizes why Sam had become so tough, to protect Danny. Jax takes Sam back to the penthouse when she has Braxton Hicks  contractions. Jason walks in on them and tells Jax he can leave. Sam and Jason have an argument about Courtney and Sam asks how they are going to live together if Jason doesn't communicate with her. Carly asks Sam to watch Morgan while she goes out ( we  never actually see this... I wonder what that would have been like) Sam is struggling with Morgan when Jason comes home and she begs him for help. Jason takes Morgan into his lap and tells Sam that it is the anniversary of Courtney's miscarriage and Jason and Sam have a little heart to heart but Courtney interupts them.  Jason is working on some paperwork when Sam comes down from the upstairs (what does the upstairs look like anyway??? we see Sonny's bedroom sometimes... why can't we see Jason's?) She asks him what he's working on and he tells her paperwork. She offers to help but Jason says no. They have a cute little spat about what Jason thinks about Sam and what Sam thinks about Jason. Just then Emily comes over and asks Jason to help her get Nikolas out of ShadyBrook. Sam goes through a whole bunch of stuff that she bought. She esplains the things to Jason and he laughs when she holds up a book of Shakespear. Jason explains that the baby doesn't need all these educational things read to her before she is born but Sam won't listen. They compromise later.... the baby will listen to the blues instead of classical music ( Jason's idea) and Jason will read the baby history instead of Shakespear (Sam's idea). Jason leaves to meet with Dillon and Sonny comes over and see the stuff all over. Sam explains that she wants Jason to read to the baby so she will know his voice, and Sonny starts getting upset saying that is his responsibility, not Jason's. Jason comes back and wants to know of Sam and Sonny are arguing about the ababy. " You're not the baby's father,Jason" Sonny tells him and Jason replies that he never claimed to be but Sam and the baby will be living with him so he has a responsibility to the baby. Sam and Sonny start to argue about the reality that he will only have time for the abby when hye is not spending time with Michael and Morgan. Sonny leaves and Sam asks Jason why Sonny thinks it would be such a bad idea that she and Jason could get together. Jason acts clueless and Sam explains that they have to keep their relationship strictly about the baby. Sam sees Jason talking to Elizabeth outside Kelly's and tries to sneak away but Jason notices her. Elizabeth explains that she was just having a bad day and it helped to talk to Jason and leaves. Sam tells Jason they can't keep going on like this because she is keeping him from having a life. Jason tells her that he knows he won't be having any relationships and Sam asks if he has given up on love and he answers yes. Sam starts having really bad pains so Jason takes her to the hospital. Monica tells Jason about Edward's heart attack and Tracy accuses him seconds later on trying to win the inheritence. Sam is wheeled back to the nurse's station and overhears Tracy hounding on Jason. Sam interupts to defend Jason. After Tracy leaves Jason tells Sam to sit back down and Sam says she knows he's going to say it's not good for the baby to be arguing and Jason tells her he is also worried about her. Sonny comes over to Jason and demands to know why they didn't call him when she was in the hospital. Sam explains it was no big deal and Jason shows up. Sam storms out and Jason tells Sonny he needs to lay off Sam a little. Jason takes Sam to the hospital for her birthing class. Alexis approaches them and tells jason he will be called to testify at Faith's trial. Sam jumps to Jason's defense and tells Alexis that she ( Alexis) is even worse than herself (Sam). After Alexis leaves Sam tells jason to go ahead and let her have it for defending him again. Jason tells Sam he knows she likes to fight jokingly, and asks her if she can at least wait until the baby is out to do it. Sonny presents Sam with papers giving him legal custody of the baby. Sam refuses to sign them and Jason tells Sonny he needs to give Sam some time. Sam goes over to Sonny's looking for Jason but he isn't there. Sonny tries explaining the reasoning behind the papers but Sam refuses to agree to sign them. jason breaks in and tells them to stop fighting. Sonny tells Jason the way to end it is to get Sam to sign the "Damn Papers". Sam storms out moves out of Jason's and goes to Bobbie to ask for a room at Kelly's. Bobbie tells Sam it wouldn't be a good idea. Jason shows up at Kelly's knowing Sam would be there. Jason tells Sam is not going to become between he and Sonny. Jason agrees that Sonny is being hard on Sam and tells her he isn't going to make her sign the papers if she doesn't want to. Sam agrees to go back to Jason's and tell him she needs one more favor. She's hungry and has no money. Jason laughs and tells her he's going to let her order something to eat. AS they are headed back to the car, Courtney bumps into Jason and kisses him. Jason pushes Courtney away in disbelief and head home. Back at the penthouse, Sam probes Jason about his feelings of what happened with Courtney. Sam can tell he's hurt but won't admit it. Jason comes back from taking Carly to the airport. Sam can tell he's upset and she asks him why. Jason tells her he hates it when soemone he loves is hurting themselves and explains Carly's decision to look for her father. Ssam tries to explain the situation from Carly's point of view, as Sam puts her daughter in the same situation, but it still doesn't seem to help. Jaon comes in upset and Sam asks Jason what's wrong and Jason tells her that Carly's father is John Durant, a federal prosecuter and that John is only going to be using Carly to get to Sonny. Sam asks Jason why can't Carly see that John is a threat to everyone. Sam tells Jason that is John is a treat to Sonny, then he is a threat to Jason, and that affects her. Jason is arrested for the attempted murder of John Durant and Sam rushes to the police station to be by Jason's side. She sees Jason being brought in and runs to him but gets knocked down. Jason rushes over to her and helps her to the chair, much against Mac's protest.  Sam sits with Jason while Justus is trying to get him released. Jason tells Sam not to get her hopes up, that there is a good chance he will be convicted as the gun was in his hand when the police arrested him. Justus manages to get Jason released and Jason tells Sam to go home, and asks Justus to take her. Sam begins to object but Jason reminds her that she promised to go home if he got released and she agrees... "This time" she tells him with a joking expression on her face. Jason goes to the hospital to check on Durant and Steve Weber attacks him verbally, saying if Jason shot Durant, he will go down. Sam jumps in and defends Jason AGAIN... and after Steven walks away, Jason asks Sam if she is out of her mind. When Jason is arrested again, Sonny is none too happy that Sam is at the police station with him. Sonny points out that she was knocked down last time and that she needs rest. When Jason is released on Durants orders,  he goes to the hospital with Sam and Monica tells him the news about Kristina. Jason offers to get tested thinking there is a possibility he will be a match, but it turns out he is not. Sonny learns that if Sam induces labor, they could use the baby's stem cells to help Kristina. Sam apologizes to Sonny but tells him the risk to her baby is too much to take to induce labor. Alexis grills Sam until she collapses in Jason's arms. Dr. Weber tells Jason, Carly and Sonny that Sam has a ruptured placenta, meaning it has torn from the uterine wall. Sam has to have an emergency C-section but the baby is still-born. Jason is allowed to see the baby before they take her away. Alexis asks Sonny for the stem cells to treat Kristina. Sam remains unconscious as Jason stays by her bed side, hoping she will wake up. Liz tells Jason that the hospital wants to know what to do with the body and Jason says he needs a while to talk to Sonny or Sam. Jason talks to Sonny about Memorial Arraingments for the baby and Sonny apologozes to Jason for fighting him while Sam was still pregnant.  Steven comes into Sam's room and asks Jason how she is. Jason comments that she hasn't moved all night. Steven says that he had hoped she would have woken up by now. "Don't hope. Do something to help her," Jason tells him. Jason kicks Steven out of the room because he doesn't have any good news about Sam. Sam wakes up and asks for Jason. Jason rushes to her side as she asks what happened. When she hears a baby crying in the hall she asks if that's her baby. "That's not your baby," Jason tells her and we see Jason telling her that the baby was stillborn. Sam gets upset and starts wrestling with Jason who warns that she needs to calm down. Jason tries to tell Sam what happened but she continues to beg to see her baby.  Sam asks Jason why he helped Sonny take her baby. She tells him that all they were doing by helping her was waiting for the baby to be born so they could take it. When she becomes hysterical again a nurse comes in and asks Jason to leave and sedates Sam. Sam wakes up alone and gets out of bed. She walks down the hall towards the nursery and tells a nurse passing by that she is looking for her baby that woul have the name either McCall or Corinthos just as Jason catches up to her. Jason tells Sam she won't find her baby in the nursery. Sam collapses in the hall and Jason tells her the events that led to the death of the baby. Jason helps Sam to her bed and continues to tell her how he had walked in on Alexis yelling at her and how they rushed Sam into surgery. Sam asks if Jason held the baby and he tells her he did. Later Jason tells Sam the baby looked like both Sam and Sonny. Had a good amonut of hair. When Sam asks what color her eyes were, Jason tells her she never opened them. (they would have been blue.... all newborns are!) Alexis comes in to thank Sam for her help. Sam not knowing what Alexis is talking about looks confused. Alexis tells her the transplant worked. Sam, shocked that the used the stem cells without her permission, asks Alexis " So my baby had to die so yours could live," Jason kicks Alexis out of the room and explains to Sam that Sonny made the decision while she was unconscious and Sonny comes to see Sam. Sam accuses Sonny that he used her and the baby to get the daughter he wanted. Sonny tells Sam he is grieving for the baby too but Sam doesn't listen. Sonny leaves and Jason returns to Sam's side but she pushes him away telling him as soon as she is healthy she will move out of his place and be out of his life forever.  Jason takes Sam to see Kristina, who objects as they approach Kristina's room. Jason tells her that for the small time that the baby was alive, she has done something good and something that will be remembered forever. Sam smiles as she looks in on Krisitina. Jason checks on Sam, dressed in a suit for the baby's memorial. Sam asks where her clothes are for the memorial and Jason tells her Dr.Meadows doesn't think she is well enough to go. Sam tells Jason she needs to go. Jason has Emily bring Sam some things for the memorial and asks Emily to help her get ready. Sam tells Emily she is okay and can get ready by herself. Sam is having trouble putting on a string of pearls as Jason walks in and he tenderly helps her. Sam asks if she looks okay. Because this will be the only event she will go to for her daughter. No birthdays, no graduations, and with tears she says...no weddings. Jason and Sam go to the church. During the memorial Alexis and Ric show up and set towards the back. Everyone turns to look at them and Sam shoots Alexis a dirty look and Alexis gets up and walks out. After the memorial Jason and Sam visit the gravesite and Jason prays to the baby as Sam weeps in his arms. Sam tells Jason she can't say goodbye. Back at the hospital... Sam tells Jason that what he said the baby was real nice and that she wanted to say something but couldn't. Jason tells her when she is ready, she will finds the words to say goodbye.  Jason and Sam return to the hospital and Jason walks and asks why

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