Jennifer B. as Carly #1  (6 hours)
April 18th  - June 20th 2005
This begins a New Carly. Jennifer Bransford take over the Emmy winning Role of Carly Corinthos. This tape contains Jennifer's debut as "Carly". I did not include all of Sonny and Reese's scenes, but added in that part of the storyline that Reese is Charlotte Roberts when Ric kills Reese's ex husband Evan and tells Reese he knows the truth.

Carly walks in on Sonny and Reese in bed together and Carly having a fit and leaving. Later at Jason's Carly tells Sonny Michael is alive and that AJ hired Faith to kidnap Morgan and Kristina as a smoke screen to get to Michael. Jason confronts AJ at the Quartermaines and the brothers fall of the stairs. AJ breaks his back and is taken to General Hospital. Someone kills AJ in his sleep and Carl's DNA is found on the pillow that smothered AJ. Carly is arrested for AJ's murder and Michael starts having nightmares in which he starts to think he killed AJ. Reese tells Sonny she thinks Michael killed AJ and Sonny confesses to protect Michael. Carly starts having feelings for Sonny after they share a romantic dinner before he confesses. Sonny is found not guilty by the jury and the whole family has plans to go to the park but Carly stays behind to wait for Sonny and again sees her ex husband in bed with Reese. Carly turns to Courtney who tells her to get on with her life. When Carly barges in on Sam and Jason in an intense moment Sam has enough and says she just can't barge into 'their' home anymore. Carly is hurt and reacts by scheming with Rachel Adaire to break up Jax and Courtney and Jason and Sam. When the plan goes sour Carly again turns to Jason and it upsets Sam and she walks out. Sam and Carly end up in a fight at Jake's When Sonny goes to talk to Carly, they end almost making love and go through the why and why not's of getting back together. Both agree that they will not work together. Carly convinces Courtney to let her attend her wedding and promises not to do anything on her day. Sonny attends the wedding with Reese as his date and sets Carly off. When it is Courtney's turn to say her vows Carly tries to stop her. Hurt by Courtney and Sonny, Carly turns to Alcazar and asks him to marry her. Alcazar does not agree to marry Carly at first but later proposes to her and with much encouragement from Michael's therapist, Carly and Alcazar wed in Venezuela. Alcazar buys Carly a mansion on the other side of the lake from the Quartermaines and tries to give her an automobile as well but she refuses, telling him about seeing her best friend Charlotte's car accident that killed her. With Emily's help, Carly is able to persuade Michael to come to their new home to check it out. Once there, Michael lashes out at Carly and calls her selfish and leaves with Max. Courtney isn't happy to learn of Carly and Alcazar's marriage and Carly tells Courtney to take some of the responsibility of losing her child. Alcazar assures Carly he will be patient when it comes to Michael accepting him as his stepfather.

JB as Carly - Edit #2
June 21 2005 to the present
Carly learns that Sonny is moving Reese into their old penthouse and has a fit. Carly has a waiter distract Alcazar at the Quartermaines while she sneaks over to Sonny's penthouse to snoop through her things but Jason is there waiting for her. Sonny and Reese come home and begin making love but take it upstairs giving Jason and Carly a chance to escape. Carly is convinces Reese is after her life when Bobbie hires her as her attorney when Durant files a law suit against her and the hospital. Alcazar makes Carly the head of the Charitable Endowment and Carly throws a party. All the guests are stuck at Carly and Alcazar's because of a hurricane. Carly and Reese struggle and Carly falls over and hits her head and calls Reese Charlotte but passes out before she can explain. When she wakes up in the hospital she can't remember calling Reese Charlotte and assures Alcazar Reese did not intentionally hurt her.