Jason and Sam #3

February 3rd 2005 to Present
This tape starts off with Monica attending to a wounded Jason after he was shot helping Sam escape from Sonny's Mansion. Sam was wrongly accused of kidnapping Krisitna. This tape takes us through the kidnapping storyline up to Morgan and Kristina returning home, and Michael pressumed dead. Sam and Jason go to the Bahamas when they learn Michael is alive and discover AJ faked his death so he could hire Faith to kidnap Michael. It also includes someone murdering AJ at the hospital. Towards the end of this tape contains a lot of Jason and Carly scenes as well, because they are pivetal to the "AJ Murder" storyline and the rest of the tape would not make sense without them.

Sam is about to turn herself in when Sonny comes in and asks why they haven't left yet. Sonny tells Jason and Sam he knows she didn't take Kristina and that the real kidnappers set her up. Reese busts in the door and holds them all at gunpoint. Sonny asks what took her so long and makes the comment does she really think she could have followed him if he didn't want her to. Reese says she knows she could and tells Jason and Sam to put their hands up they are under arrest. Sam says Jason is still healing from the last time she shot him. Reese says if she feels he's trying to escape, she'll shoot again. Sonny manages to get Reese to let Jason and Sam go, and to begin looking at other suspects so Reese heads back to his house. One of Sonny posts alerts him that they police are quickly on their way up to the hide out. Sonny says he will get Jason to a doctor and Jason says they need to get to Royal's apartment before it's wiped clean. Jason and Sam break into Royal's and Sam helps Jason to the sofa. Jason tells Sam to look for clues but Sam is more concerned about Jason's health. Sam tells Jason he need that medicine and she is going back to the hospital to get it. Faith comes in while Sam is at the hospital and tells Jason that Karma is a bitch but Jason is unconscious. She holds the gun at his head as she tells him how because Sonny took everything from her, he is going to pay and she is going to start with him. Faith pulls the trigger but the gun is jammed and she hears the sirens coming towards Royal's. Faith grabs a pillow and is about to shoot Jason but changes her mind and narrowly slips out as Jason wakes up. Officer Murphy comes in and arrests Jason. jason notices a piece of paper on the floor and tries to hide it but Murphy grabs it up. Meanwhile at the hospital, Sam is able to find Monica and get the stronger antibiotics from her and sneaks out through a stairwell but Alexis stops her and demands to know where Kristina is. Sam tells Alexis she doesn't know and has to go because Jason is really sick. Alexis tries to run after Sam but misses a step and falls. Sam's instinct is to run off and leave Alexis but calls for help when she hears someone on the floor above. Brook Lynn comes down and is horrified to find Alexis passed out with Sam over her. Sam tells her she didn't do anything and says that she needs five minutes to get away. Brook Lynn gives Sam the window she needs to get back to Jason. Sam knocks out Murphy and uncuffs Jason from the wall. Jason tells Sam about the piece of paper in Murhpy's hand and reads the address. Sam and Jason hurry off to the new address in hopes to find Kristina but when they arrive the apartment is vacant and Kristina's "Angel Bear" is on the floor. Sam wants to call the police but Jason says no. As they are leaving Jaosn collapses again and Sam is forced to call 911. A nurse informs Steven that the gunshot victom from the ER is on his way up. When Steven spots Jason and Sam he tells the nurse they are fugitives and to call the police. Steven stops Sam from going into the room with Jason and Ric stops them from a scuffle and asks who brought them in.Sam says no one, Jason collapsed and she had to call the ambulance. Sam asks about Alexis and is trying to explain what happened but Ric tells her Alexis is okay and that she told him that Sam had nothing to do with her fall. Sam tells him that if Jason hadn't collapsed they'd be closing in on the kidnapper right now and gives him the paper with the address on it. Ric says he'll have someone check it out. Emily goes to Jaon's room top vent about AJ's death and asks him to support the family. After Emily leaves Jason asks Sam to help him do something for Emily. Jason and Sam attend AJ's memorial and both Emily and Monica are pleased. Back at the hsopital Monica and Alan approach jason and ask him to help them find AJ's killer. Jason asks if they have any suspects and Alan mentions Courtney and explains that Courtney and AJ's divorce was a fraud and taht when Courtney found out she flew down to the Bahamas and confronted AJ who refused to give her the divorce. Jason says he has a lot on his plate at the moment and that he is unable to help them because he is looking for Kristina. Alan gets upset and asks is all he cares about is Sonny. Alan says he just buried one of his sons, the other (meaning Jason) has been dead for years and walks out. Monica apologizes for Alan's behavior and leaves. Sam asks if Jason is worried about Courtney and Jason says she can take care of herself. Sam tries to explain how she thinks Jason is feeling knowing his marriage to Courtney was not legal. Sam tries to apologize for getting him shot and put in the hospital and Jason says they are even but Sam keeps going on. Jason tries to interupt her but Sam continues on into a snynopsis of the last couple of week's events including suspecting her of taking Kristina, then believeing in her and standing by her, risking his life to save her and to top it all off she stole A $100,000 from his best friend and he thinks they are even. Jason asks if he can just say something and says that she isn't going to like it but he's going to pay Sonny back and then she can just pay him back whenever. Jason says she saved his life. Sam remarks back that he got shot saving hers. Jason pulls Sam close to him and Sam tells him she loves him very much. Jason says then they are even and kisses her. Sam ands Jason are about to leave the hospital to go look for Faith when Ric shows up and asks if they are going somewhere. Ric informs them that the kidnapper is indeed a woman and they believe it is Faith. Ric tries to question Jason but Jason says he knows nothing about Faith. Ric says he may have a lead and tells them the 5 families are having a meeting and he can't get into that meeting, but Jason can. Jason says it is a trap and Ric defends himself by saying he would never put Kristina in danger like that. Jason asks where the meeting is being held and Ric tells him. Ric advises Jason to do whatever it takes to get Kristina back. Jason breaks into the warehouse the 5 families are meeting at and holds the men at gunpoint. One of the men says the the Corinthos Organization wasn't invited and Jason says he is looking for Faith and they might know where she is. The man says it's 5 to 1 and he guards outside. Sam walks in with her gun pulled as well and says not anymore. The man who has been speaking informs them that they have no idea where Faith is since she broke out of prison and they are still very angry about her ambush. Jason asks why they just didn't take Faith out and the man informs him she got involved with Sonny's lawyer and they don't want trouble from them. Jason asks if he's talking about Justus Ward and the man says yes. Jason and Sam approach Justus at the courthouse and ask him when was the last time he has heard from Faith. justus says he hasn't. Sam says that Faith trusted him and that if she was in trouble she might go somewhere safe that he has taken her before. Justus says he does know of one place. Jason and Sam break into the place where Faith planned the kidnapping. There are hundreds of pictures of Kristina and a computer. Sam is about to leave when Jason tells her not to move. There is a bomb that is rigged to explode when the door opens again. Sam asks why they are just standing there and Jason explains the way the bomb works and says he'll have to disarm it. Jason is about to clip a white wire and Sam stops him saying that is usually the trigger wire. Jason says no and says he's going to cut it. Sam says she loves him and he doesn't have to say it back and waits for him to cut the wire. Jason says he loves her too and clips the wire and the bomb stops counting. Jason and Sam go through all of the pictures and enlarge one to see Michael and Morgan. Jason calls Carly to warn her not to leave the boys alone but she says it's too late, they're gone. Jason goes to Carly's while Sam organizes the pictures in chronilogical order. Jason comes back and they find a picture that was mistakenly taken from a moving car and get a name. Julianne. Jason and Sam go to Sonny's and say the have a lead and tell Sonny about the name. It's a street name. Alexis asks where it is and Sam says no where in Port Charles. Carly asks what are they suppose to do, drive throught the country to every road named that. jason says that he has Stan looking into it further and will know something soon. Alexis says she is going to alert the police and Reese comes in and says it sounds like they've got something. Sonny tells Jason that so far keeping things from her has done nothing but hurt their chances and from now they are to fully cooperate wih Agent Marshall and the police. Stan shows up at Sonny's and tells Jason that the road is in Louisiana and Jason syays that they can't tell Sonny right now. jason and Sam go to Louisiana and go to a house that was said to have a blonde woman with a child staying there. Jason says Sam will do him more good if she waits outside form someone to run. Jason goes inside and Jason tells her he's looking for a blond. When the woman  returns she brings three blondes withher and Jason assumes she thinks he is looking for a escort. Jason says he must have given her the wrong idea of what he was talking about but Sam comes out in a slutty outfit. Jason says on the other hand he has changed his mind and he'll take her...meaning Sam. The woman asks who she is and Sam says "Raven" from Texas and that she heard that the best woman are there and since she's the best woman in Houston she thought she work there as well.  The woman says she doesn't know Jason and Sam are trying to pull but she has a custom around there and that is Cliedus gets first run at any news girls and calls him out. He is a unattractive farm boy and Jason tries to say he's in a hurry and maybe he should go first but the woman won't hear it. Jason takes Candy in the back and asks if there is a child staying there. Candy acts scared and says she doesn't want any trouble with the cops. Jason says he's not a cop and gives her some money and tells her to stay in her room. Jason pulls his gun and is about to rescue Sam when she comes out with the excuse she is getting a costume. Jason wants to know what that meant but Sam says they do not have any time, they need to look for Faith. jason and Sam wind up back at Candy's door and hear a baby crying. Jason kicks in the door and demands to know where the kid is. Candy reveals that is was her daughter crying and that she's staying there to make money and hide from her ex-boyfriend. Jason and Sam apologize and Jason flashes Faith's picture. Candy says she has seen Faith and may know where she's hiding. Jaosn and Sam go to Faith's hideout but everyone is already gone. Sam picks Morgan's bottle up and says the juice is still cold. They must have just missed them. Someone starts coming through the door and Jason and Sam stand to the side ready to attack. It's Candy and she says she just wanted to help find the kids. jason asks her if she has anymore information but she doesn't. Candy heads back to the bordello and as she walks to the porch she see Michael and a man walk away. Candy calls Jason and Sam back to the bodello and lets Bella explain that Michael had gone there and said he was kidnapped but then a man arrived and said he had ran away from home and had been doing it since his mother left. Jason and Sam go back to Faith's hideout and Jason says that he's worried about Michael. He says Michael is doing what he's been trained to do but Jason doesn't want Michael to act like him or Sonny right now. Sam encourages him that Michael can take care of himself by reminding Jason of how he had tried to bribe her out of town. Sonny and Reese show up and Michael calls Sonny from Faith's phone but Faith catches him and Sonny hears a gunshot. Jason gets back to Faith's hideout mansion just as Carly arrives from Port Charles. Jason tells Carly about Michael calling Sonny and hearing a gunshot. Reese tells Carly Sonny needs her because he is losing it. Carly goes upstairs and Reese says that from what she just saw, Sonny belongs in a mental hospital but if Faith calls, she's going to want to talk to him and hopes he can pull it together. Jason gets a call from Alcazar saying where Faith's assistant is and Jason and Sam go upstairs to get Sonny. Carly and Sam want to go with them but Sonny says they need to stay there to distract Reese. Sonny and Jason break intp PV's room and Sonny holds him at gunpoint as he tries to run. Sonny asks where Faith is holding his kids and PV says he doesn't know. Sonny fires a shot into the floor and says the next one is going to be in his gut. Reese arrives and says she sees that they found Faith's assitant. Jason is punching on the guy and Reese closes the door saying there is no need to draw extra attention. PV realizes that Reese is the FED and says she needs to take him into protective custody or Sonny and Jason are going to kill him. After the guys are gone, Sam tries to ease Carly's fears by telling her Jason is not going to let anything stop him from finding the kids. Carly says she is starting to sound like her. She says things over and over again...to make it seems true and warns that Jason hates that. Carly explains that Jason likes facts and proof and doesn't waste his time on the what if's. Carly says that maybe that's what she's doing. Maybe she's in denial and her kids are really gone. Sam says she knows a little about denial.That when she lost her daughter she didn't believe it when Jason told her even though she could feel the loss, the lack of her in the world and asks Carly is she feels that way about the boys. Carly says no and Sam says that's good. She's staying positive and sending love to her kids and thats what a mother is suppose to do. Sam says that although it doesn't sound good, Faith needs the kids alive as bargaining chips. Carly asks how Jason knew where to find this guy and Sam says Alcazar called and gave him the address. Sonny and Jason conitnue to forcefully get Faith's hired man to tell them where the kids are. Sonny asks him how much Faith paid him as he unloads his gun and puts only one bullet back in the gun. Sonny asks him if he had fun and then holds the gun to his chest and asks where his children are. The guy says he doesn't know and Sonny acts as though he shot him but didn't. Sonny tells him he's going to ask him one more time...where are his children... and begins to pull the trigger and the guy tells him the address to the church. Reese, Jason and Sonny go to the church where Faith is holding the kids. Jason tells them Faith and two men are inside but no sign of the kids. As they are searching inside, Reese and Sonny spot Faith and this begins a shootout montage between Sonny and Faith and her men. Jason comes in and Sonny throws his gun up to him and Jason starts plugging off the guys one by one. Just as she is about to escape, Jason shoots Faith and she falls to the ground. Sonny walks up and Jaosn hands him a gun and he is about to finish her off when Reese runs in and screams not to kill her because the kids aren't there. Sonny tells Jason to keep Faith alive and Sonny and Reese do a second search and come up with nothing. The ambulance comes to take Faith to the hospital. Carly and Sam hear over the sheriff's radio that had come to talk to Reese that two men ahve been shot. Carly and Sam meet Jason at the hospital and they tell her what happened. Sam tells Jason she was worried he was shot as well. Jason and Sam go back to the church with Reese to search for clues on how the children before they had gotten there. Reese tells Jason that they found tire tracks in the back. A small girl's shoe print was next to the tracks which means Kristina was probably lead and Morgan was carried. Sam tries to comfort Jason by saying that Michael must have put up a struggle and so he had to be carried as well. Reese says that's possible, but they found forensic evidence that Michael was hurt, they found a small amount of blood that matches Michael's type. Jason and Sam go back to the main part of the church and Reese tells them that they did a search on the tire tracks and the tire that came up is one that is used mostly on rental or fleet vehicle. Reese says that Faith's fingerprints were found on the shovel, that's why she was covered in mud. Jason is starting to beileve the kids are not going to be found alive but Sam urges him to keep his hopes up. Sam tells him she is certain the kids will be found, all three of them. Reese tells Sam and Jason they think they might have found a grave and Jason, Sam, Reese and Sonny go to the spot in the swamp. Sonny says it's not a grave, it's a hole in the ground. Jason tries to tell Sonny that Faith was digging the hole for a reason. Sonny remains firm that Michael is alive and says that Jason knows Michael better than anyone  else. He's strong, he's a fighter and he's out there somewhere and they need to find him. Jason is unable to believe Michael is alive and Sonny tells them all they are wrong. Reese says that two cildren that match the kids' description were found at the airport. Everyone heads to the airport but Jason stays behind. Sam asks why they aren't going, and Jason says that Reese said two children, not three. Jason tells Sam about when Michael was born, how he needed a heart surgery and he wasn't even twelve hours old, and it was another two weeks before they let him hold him. Jason says that it was at that moment he promised Michael he would never let anything happen to him. Everyone returns to Port Charles and Sam goes to The Haunted Star to talk to Luke. Luke denies having anything to do with Faith or her kidnapping Sonny's children. Justus is there and swears the same thing. Sam says to let them know if that changes. Reese allows Jason in Faith's room and asks the guards to take a break. Faith says she'll call for help and Reese says good point and rips the call button out. Reese explains no one will hear her because she poses a threat to any and all innocence, and that the corridor has been cleared out. reese leaves and Jason attempts to choke Faith with his arm and Faith sticks to her story that Michael is dead and goes over the details. Jason is about to kill her when Reese barges in and says that Faith is lieing. That she would have to have known he would kill her for what she just said. Jason and Reese leave the room and Reese explains that Faith is hiding something, but she can't figure out what. Jason says Faith told Alcazar the same thing and Reese says it was because she knew it would get back to him and Sonny through Carly. Reese says that the search team has gone through the swamp and they haven't found anything, not a sneaker, a sweater, or a body. Sam asks Jason thinks the possibly that Michael is alive could be true. Jason says he doesn't know. Faith was so vivd in her story that he can't even think straight. Jason goes to Sonny's and Carly says that Sonny is going to kill Faith. Jason yells at Sonny to think about it. Faith had no reason to admit to killing Michael other than knowing he would kill her and go down for that. Sonny asks Jason if he believes Michael could still be alive and Jason says yes. Sonny invites Luke over and asks what his involvement with Faith was. Sonny says that Faith laundered money through the casino and that Luke had to have heard a name. Luke says he looked the other way when Faith moved her money, he's give Sonny names, but he doesn't have any. But he does have the bank accounts, money transfers. Sonny says that he needs that today if possible and Luke says to give him half a hour. Sonny asks Jason to leave them alone for a minute and Jason goes out to the foyer and guards the door. Carly comes down the stairs and says she needs to talk to Sonny. Jason says he is busy and Carly says she saw Luke come in and Jason tells her Luke is there, he is in with Sonny. Carly says she knows they don't always get along but he is her uncle and if he has information she wants to know. Jason stops Carly from interrupting Sonny and tells her to stop. Carly figures out that Luke broke Faith out of prison gets upset. Jason tells her Sonny is handling it. Luke leaves and Jason re-joins Sonny. Sonny says that Luke is going to give them the information he has, and then Sonny starts to question Luke's loyalty to their past friendship. Sonny says they used to be good friends and business partners up until they thought Lucky died in that fire. Sonny asks Jason if he remembers what Luke had said that night. What is a dead son between friends. Jason asks Sonny if he thinks Luke should pay for helping Faith. Sonny pauses then tells Jason to go get the information from Luke, and to thank him for that. Jason takes the paperwork to his penthouse and he and Sam start going through it looking for signs on where Michael might be. Sam brings Jason some left overs from the kitchen and Jason takes her hand and thanks her for being so good to him. As they are going through the numbers Jason says he doesn't understand why Faith moved her money around so much. Something pops in his head and says unless someone was helping her. Alan shows up at Jason's and bangs on the door. Jason answers and tells him to keep it down, there are other people living there. Sam is laying on the sofa. Alan says that he stole his brother's son and wife and now Michael is dead, and punches Jason. Alan rants to Jason hwo ironic it is that Courtney, the woman stole from AJ is the one who killed him, and Michael, the son he stole, is dead. Alan says that Jason took Michael and kept him from AJ even tough AJ was right around the corner. Sam steps in and says that's the way Carly wanted it. Alan mocks Carly, calling her "The-Mother-of-the-Millennium". Alan says that Michael is dead because Jason allowed Michael to be introduced to a world of violence and crime. Alan says that means Jason is responsible for Michael's death and tells him to live with that guilt, he couldn't think of a more deserving son. Sam tells Jason not to listen to a word his father just said. Jason gets frustrated that they aren't going to find anything in the paper trails and says what's the point in going through them if Michael is dead. jason glances over the paperwork one more time and notices a $2,000,000 deposit in Faith's account when Krisitna was taken. Jason goes to Faith's hearing and stops her and asks who she is working with. Faith says she doesn't know what Jason is talking about and Jason says he found her money trail. $2,000,000 when Kristina was taken, another $4,000,000 when Michael and Morgan were taken. Faith asks her attorney if he's just going to let Jason attack her like that. Ric kicks Jaosn out of the courthouse. In court, Faith pleads not guilty to the charges.  Jason goes to Sonny's and tells him about the paper trails as well. Sonny turns on the TV to see if Faith says anything.  Alan in confronting Faith on Michael's murder and just as Faith stands, a sniper shoots her and takes her down. Jason, Sonny and Carly rush to the ER to meet Faith as she is brought in. Sonny tells Tony to save Faith because she knows where Michael is.  Tony says he'll do whatever he can. Tony is able to bring back Faith asks to speak to Sonny. Sam comes into the ER and says she saw Faith get shot on the news. Sam tries to encourage Jason that they will still be able to find Michael because even if Faith dies, the shooter may know where he is. Faith tries to tell Sonny the name of her accomplaince, but dies before she can. Sam offers to get Jason some coffee. Jason and Reese go and investigate the room where the shooter fired at Faith.  Reese, Sonny and Carly are all at the police station when Jason comes in and explains what he found.Jason says the scope is customed made which means it had to be ordered, whoever oredered the scope must have also worked with Faith. Sonny comes up with the name Peter Aaron. Jason says that's exactly who he was thinking. Reese reconizes the name as well  and pulls up his address from the police files. Jaosn and Reese go to Aaron's address and Jason notices a suspicious man walking away and tries to stop him. Aaron fires and Jason and Jason shoots back and kills him. Reese inspects Aaron's body and finds an envelope with Sonny's name on it. Jason says he'll take it to him and Reese says it's evidence and opens it. Reese becomes upset over the picture and Jason takes it from her, Tears well up in Jason's eyes and he looks as though he can't believe the image in the picture. It is a picture of what appears to be Michael's dead body, thrown out in the swamp, exactly how Faith had said he would be. Jason is overwhelmed by the picture and Reese tells him no charges will be filed in shooting Aaron, it was clearly self defense. Reese says that they need to break it to Sonny, without showing him the picture just as Sonny arrives. Jason tries to tell Sonny about the picture but he wants to see it. Reluctantly Jason gives the picture to Sonny whon almost collapses in disbelief. Sam runs up to Jason saying she heard someone had gotten shot at that address and thought it was him. Jason says it wasn't him. Sam asks if he was able to get any information on Michael and in a haunted voice Jason tells her Michael is gone. Sam says there has always been hope before and asks what changed. Jason tells her about the picture and says Morgan and Kristina came home, Michael should have too. Sam asks where Sonny is and he says he went to the police station to tell Carly. Jason says he should have gone with him buthe couldn't watch Carly lose Michael forever. Sam begs Jason to let her take him home. Jason says he can't leave yet, because when he does, his life will go on, his life without Michael. Sam says he was Michael's father too, and he has suffered a loss as well. JAson is in tears as he looks at a picture of Michael as Emily is knocking on his door. When he realizes she isn't going away, he lets her in. Emily says she has been so worried about him and is glad he okay. Jason tells her about Michael being dead. Sam goes to the hospital to tell Alan about Michael. Alan says Michael has been dead for years. Sam says that she thinks he doesn't understand, that there has been confirmation that Faith killed him. Alan tells Sam he is amazed out how she, Carly and even Emuily think that Sonny and Jason can do no wrong and says that he feels sorry for her for being with him. Jason is cold, and heartless and a known criminal. Sam defends him by saying she loves Jason because of, not in spite of, the person he is and goes on to tell him what she sees in Jason. Alanb tells her she is fooling herself and walks away. Sam goes home to fnid Jason sitting on the stairs  looking at photos of Michael. Sam asks how come she hasn't seen any of them before and Jason shuts the box saying it is pointless. Jason telsl her all the things he told her, when she lost her daughter, he doesn't know how to make them work for himself. He doesn't know what to do with the loss of Michael. Sam tells him he doesn't have to go through it alone, she is there to help him and says that when her daughter died, she wasn't able to make the memorial arraingments. He did it for her and now she would like to do the same for them. Sam asks if he has a recent photo of Michael and picks one out and Jason says no because Carly used that for a Christmas card one year. Jason picks one out and fights hard to hold back his emotions. Monica shows up to tell Jason how sorry she is Michael is gone. Monica tells him that although she had never said so, she thought he was the better father for Michael and jokes that lightening didn't strike them. Monica tells Jason to remember the last time he saw Michaela and hold onto that memoiry forever, hold it in his heart. Monica says they need to tell one another how they feel and tells Jason she loves him, and thanks Sam for loving him as well. Sam says he didn't give ehr much choice. Monica says she has to go and leaves. Jasopn tells Sam he can't remember the last time he saw Michael before he was taken. It was Christmas time and then Kristina was kidnapped, and everything turned into a blur, and asks her what if he can never get that back. Jason goes to see Carly at Sonny's and she runs right into his arms. Carly tells him Michael loved him so much and Jason says he was the best thing that ever happened to him, and it was because of her. Carly tells him she thinks it's all a dream until she hears a noise, or sees something and realizes Michael is gone. Jason fights hard to keep his emotions inside and asks in a choked up voice what he can do for her. Carly tells him he can't fix this, Michael is gone and they are just going to go on missing him forever. Jason pulls Carly into his arms and they cry together. Jason goes out onto the terrace and Sam says that she and Jason have been talking and were going to set up the memorial. Carly realizes that needs to be done and says that she is Michael's mother, she'll call the church and arrange everything. Jason fights back tears as he remembers a time where he and Michael were out on the terrace and Michael asks him if he beileves in heaven. Jason says some people believe you become one with everything, the sun, the rain, and Michael asks even the snow, and Jason says yes, so that you can be around your loved ones all the time. It begins to snow and Jason holds out his hands to catch the snowflakes. Jason wakes up suddenly from where he and Sam are taking a nap on the sofa. Sam tells him it's okay and he says Michael was calling him. Sam asks Jason if he is alright and Jason says there was something so real about the dream. Jason tells her he was in Sonny's old Penthouse, and Michael was calling him so he went to his room, and once inside the room, he was back in that swamp in Louisiana again and Carly and Sonny were burying some of Michael's toys. Sam asks if he thinks that it is because there was something in the file not cleared up, and Jason says no. Then Sam asks if he blames Sonny or Reese, and again Jason tells her no. Sam asks Jason if he blames himself then goes on to try to convince him that he did everything he could to find Sonny's kids, even risking his life. Sam helps Jason get ready for Michael's memorial and Carly shows up so Sam says she's going to head to the church early. Jason asks how Sonny is and Carly tells him he's withdrawn. The only time he's really there is when he's playing with Morgan, and the other time he locks himself up in the living room. Jason says he'll talk to him and Carly worries that Sonny will withdrawl inside himself so deeply, he won't be able to get back. Jason and Carly go to Sonny's to take him to the memorial and find him playing one of Michael's video games. Sonny says Michael used to get like 590, and he can't even get 300. Carly says it's time to go to the church and says they should all ride together. Sonny agrees and tells Jason and Carly that he wasn't there for Michael's birth or baptism, but they allowed him to be a part of Michael's life, and he'll always be grateful for that. Friends and family gather at St. Timothy's church to remember Michael. Emily does a reading and Jason, Sonny and Carly remember Michael. Jason remembers the first time he was allowed to hold Michael after he had his heart surgery. Sonny remembers when Carly and Michael came to live with him and Michael asks i they are a family, why he can't call Sonny daddy and Sonny says he can call him whatever he likes, and he would like him to call him dad. Carly remembers when she and Michael had their talk after Kristina was taken and Michael told her how much he loved her. Everyone gathers at Sonny's for the reception. Jason is headed towards the living to talk to Sonny when Carly stops him. Carly voices her concerns again, and Jason reassures her Sonny is fine. Jason joins Sonny in the living room and tells him about one of his enemies that is gearing up for an attack against them. Jason explains that everyone knows Luke helped Faith get out of prison and that allowed her to attack against him. That makes them look weak. Sonny says that he and Luke used to be friends, and that he watched Lucky grow up, and that Luke had killed Frank Smith, which allowed him to move in and take over the territory. Sonny asks Jason why he isn't allowed to pass this mistake of Luke's by. Jason tells him again that it makes their organization look weak. Sonny says that Jason wants Luke to die because it's about the business, not about betrayel and Jason admits to that. Jason presses that issue and Sonny tells him to do it.  Sam finds Reese at the hsopital and asks to see the picture of Michael. Reese firgures out that Jason doesn't believe Michael is dead. Reese assures Sam that the photo wasn't staged or doctored in any way and appears to be real. Sam says that Jason just can't let it go of the fact that there was no body found. Jason is at the penthouse when Sam comes home from the hospital. She asks what Jason is doing and he says trying to find something in Faith's records. Sam asks if he still thinks she had an accomplaince and he says there had to have been someone helping her. Sam tells Jason about seeing Reese at the hospital and talking to her about the case. Jason says that he needs her help tracking Faith's money back to whoever it came from. Sam asks if he's told Sonny and Carly about what he's doing and he says he can't When Sam asks why, Jason says that Carly will get her hopes up that Michael may be alive, and if he isn't, she will have to go through losing Michael all over again. Jason says he can't stop looking for Michael until he has found a body or every lead has been eliminated. Sam tells Jason she trusts his instincts and if he thinks there is a chance Michael is out there, she will help him.  Jason thanks her, and then tells her he has to work tonight. Jason pulls his gun out of the closet and tells Sam he needs to get ready. Sam goes upstairs looking a bit worried about what's going down. Jason is about to leave and Sam goes back downstairs and begs Jason to be careful. Jason tells her it's going to be a dangerous time, and that she needs to be careful. Jason leaves and Sam looks worried as to what is going to happen to him. Sam goes to Kelly's but Lucky stops her and tells her to give Jason a message, that his dad is leaving town, and not to retaliate against him for helping Faith. Sam tries to tell Lucky she doesn't get involved in Jason's business but Lucky blocks her path and she tells him she will pass on her message. Sam returns to the penthouse and Reese stops by with the folder on Michael. Reese tells Sam about the offer she made Sonny and says she can provide Jason with a similiar setup. Sam coldly says she doesn't know what Reese is talking about, Sonny and Jason are in the coffee business. Reese says she respects Sam's loyalty but that Michael has already died because of their profession and says to get Jason to push Sonny into resigning from the mob and to accept her offer and leaves. Sam goes to Sonny's and finds Carly sitting in the living room in the dark> Carly tells her Sonny isn't seeing anyone and adds that people just keep coming by. Sam asks who came by and Carly tells her Skye did. Sam says that's great, Skye knows too and tells her about Lucky approching her at Kelly's. Carly tries to warn Sam to stay out of it but Sam says something is wrong, too many people know about Luke being in danger. Sam tells Carly about her conversation with Reese and how she offered Sonny a deal. Carly says that's never going to happen. Carly tells Sam to stay out of it, Jason knows when to act, and when not to. Sam returns home and Lucky's words reply in her head. Someone knocks on the door and Sam answers, it's Skye. Skye tells Sam she needs her help to save Luke's life.  Sam says that she has already told Lucky, she doesn't get involved in Jason or Sonny's business. Skye asks how she can stand back knowing they are going to kill Luke, what doesn't she understand about that. Sam says Skye is the one who doesn't understand and again tells her she doesn't interfere. Sam says life is tough sometimes and so is payback. Skye slaps Sam. Sam asks Skye if she is through and Skye tells her if Sonny considers Michael's blood on Luke's hands, she considers Luke's on hers. Skye stops at the door and says for the record... Luke isn't the reason Faith kidnapped Sonny's kids. Sonny is to blame, all on his own. Sam is looking over the FBI file when Jason comes home. Sam tells him Reese dropped off the file and she has been staring at it for hours, and can't find anything that will help them find out what happened to Michael. Jason flips through it and says he just did. Jason calls Sonny and tells him that Reese did include anything in the file that would incriminate them. Sam tells Jason about the offer Reese had told her she made Sonny and Jason says it'll never happen. Sonny will never leave the business and as long as Sonny is in, he is as well, if that's what she was asking. Sam says it wasn't, and says she had a few decisions of her own to make. Jason asked what happened and Sam tells him about Lucky, and then Skye's visit and then tells him he isn't going to be happy about what she did next and explains she went to Carly to see if she could help stop him from making a mistake. Sam says she just didn't want to keep secrets from him and Jason says he appreciates that. Jason tells her that Luke is still alive. Sam asks Jason if there is anything she can do for him and Jason says there is one thing. Tell him he is chasing a ghost and Michael is really dead. Sam says that she knows she said she wanted to do something for him, but she can't tell him to stop looking for Michael or what happened to him. She says he's following his instincts and that he needs to search until he gets an answer. Sam says no one else needs to know about this, he doesn't have to tell anyone and assures him they are in this together and Jason and Sam kiss. Sam comes homes as Jason is on the phone with Stan telling him to hack into Faith's credit card accounts and find out where she spent her money. Sam says that she thought they were searching for Michael's body, but the way he sounded on the phone, he must think Michael is alive. Jason says he can shake the feeling that Faith was working with someone. There has to be some kind of lead somewhere and he needs to find it. Emily stops by and Sam can tell they would like to talk alone so she says she has to get the file back to Reese. Sam stops in the hall and listens as Reese tells Durant that she is playing Sonny, not falling for him, in order to get the information she needs to take him down. Durant leaves and Sam knocks on Reese's door. Sam says that she waited for him to leave to return the file because she was sure Reese didn't want Durant to know they had it. Reese says that was probably a good idea. Sam says that Durant will do anything to take Sonny down and asks what about her. Reese says her aasignment was to find Sonny's children but now it is to get enough proof of illegal activity to send him and Jason to prison. Reese says that she woould like nothing more than to tell her superiors that Sonny and Jason are nothing more than coffee importers. Sam says she is in luck because that is all they are. The telephone rings and Reese says she will have to get that alone and Sam leaves. Sam goes home and can tell there is something wrong with Jason. She asks if he's okay and he says he was just thinking about how things happen for a reason. Sam says she thought it would help him to talk to Emily and JAson says iut has. It's made him decide that he has to continue on investigating Michael's death until he finds out what really happened to him. Jason is standing by the balcony doors out into the night. Sam tells him she understands that he has to find out what happened to Michael but he can't do it all in one night and says he needs to rest. Jason says he is fine and Sam says no he isn't and says they could take a walk. Jason says he'll be okay and Sam assumes he wants to be alone and starts to head upstairs but Jason stops her and asks her to stay with him. Jason is laying in Sam's lap and Sam carreses his hair and tells him she ordered some take out and asks if there is anything else he needs. Jason says just having her near him helps alot and Sam says that is the best compliment anyone has ever given her. Sam says that is good because if he started flattering her by telling her romantic things she would probably run for the door because she wouldn't want to disappoint him. Jason sits up and asks how and Sam says she could make a list and then hesitates and says it wouldn't be accurate because he has never made her feel as though she wasn't good enough. Jason and Sam kiss, but are interupted by his cell phone ringing. Jason says he has to go because it's business and Sam says ok. Jason goes to Sonny's and tells him that the Sandovals have hijacked 3 shipments. Sonny asks if anyone was hurt and Jason says it's not bad. Sonny says that in letting Luke live, it has made him look weak and the Sandovals are using that to attack against him. At the same time, two men in mask are attacking Mike at Kelly's and mention they are sending a message to Sonny. Sam interupts them and says to leave now before Sonny kills them. Sonny tells Jason that they have to take out the Sandovals and that what happened to Michael, can never happen again. Jason agrees and Sonny says they need to set it up carefully, make sure the alibi is solid. The men turn their attention on Sam, who tries to get away but is unable. The men throw Sam around a little and tells her they are sending a message to sonny. Just as it looks as though they are going to rape her, Emily pulls out Mike's shotgun and warns them to let her go. Sam gets free and tells Emily to put the gun down. Jason shows up and tells Emily he is there now and it's okay to put the gun away. Emily says they were hurting Sam and Jason says he knows and he's going to take care of it. (Emily told Jason about her rape days earlier) Jason manages to get Emily to hand him the gun and asks if she can get home on her own. Emily wants to stay and give a statement to the police but Jason tells her he is going to take care of all that and he just needs her to go straight home and not to tell anyone she was there. The men use this oppurtunity to run.  Emily agrees and leaves and Jason wipes her prints of the gun and put his own there. Sam asks what hye's doing and Jason says no one can know Emily was ever there and Sam asks why and Jason says she just need to trust him.  The ambulance and police show up and take Mike to the hospital. Mac is questioning Jason as police are questioning Sam. Both Sam and Jason's story's are indenticle and Sam motions to Jason that she wants to leave. Jason says he needs to get Sam home and that if Mac has any more questions he can find him at home. Jason takes Sam home and calls Sonny and tells him about the attack on Mike and Sam. Sam comes downstairs and Jason asks if she is alright. Sam says she ran a bath and tried to get undressed herself but is too sore and her whole body aches. Jason helps her off with her jacket and asks if he's hurting her. Sam says what hurt was trying to get it off by herself. Jason says she is pretty banged up and Sam tries to cover by saying she bruises easy. Jason asks if she's sure she is alright and Sam says she thought so and doesn't know if it's a delayed reaction and that her whole body is wiped out. Jason says it's okay and he'll take care of her. Jason helps Sam off with her shirt and realizes just how badly she was hurt by the bruises all over her body. Jason looks as though he feels really guilty over Sam being hurt and tries to hug her but is unsure of where to touch her. Jason tells her he is going to take care of everything. Carly and Sam are preparing for the playground donation ceremony and Carly says she has to go over the guest list with Sonny and is headed up the stairs when Jason stops her. Jason tells Carly Sonny is busy with business right now and can't be seen. Max comes in and says he needs to see Jason right away. Sam tries to convince Carly to let Jason handle Sonny and protect her family. Sam says they should just focus on the playground because that is really what matters today. Reese is at the main gate and wants in to see Sonny. Jason says that Sonny is busy and Reese says Sonny knows he can trust her. Jason again tells her he is busy. Reese says she gets it, now that the kinapping case is over she's back to being the FED that's out to bust him and says it's not reu, she there's to help him. Carly tells Sam she can admit that she worried about Jason. Sam says she was just thinking that people should be showing up at the park any time now. Carly says she knows the drill. She's lived it for years. You to ignore everything that's going on around, and if you're scared... don't show it... and above al, don't ask any questions. Carly says right now she is doing a good job, but it's an act. Sam says Jason has been good to her and she is respecting his wishes to stay out of it. Carly says even if it gets Jason killed. Sam says that this life is Jason's job, and and accepting it is the price to pay for being with him. Carly says she really used to believe that. That there was a way deal with the danger and live a normal life. No one she loved was actually going to die... until Michael was killed. At the gate, Reese tells Jason that if she had really wanted to take him down, she could have used the information she obtained but she kept it out of the file. Jason says she's a kidnapping specialist and asks why she hasn't been reassigned. Reese says the beaureu things she could do more good there and Jaosn proves his point, to take down Sonny. Reese says her job is to investigate criminal activity and if Sonny doesn't break the law, she has no reason to investigate him. Jason says that Sonny is mourning Michael. They are planning a playground ceremony at the park and that's why she can't see him, and walks away back towards the house. Sam is trying to pick up a newspaper when Jason comes back in and helps her. Jason asks if her bruises are buggin her and Sam says not too bad. Jason tells her he doesn't want her to push herself and asks if Carly left. Sam says Carly's trying really hard to concentrate on the playground dedication and not worry about he him and Sonny. Jason thanks Sam for helping and she asks for which Carly or the layground dedication and Jason says both. Sam says she will do anything to help him and she means anything. Sam says that she was sitting there and came to the conclusion that every moment is precious and she wants to cherish every moment they have together. Sam asks Jason to proomise her something, and says to take care of himself. She tells him she will never fight his work be she is counting on him being there for a very long time. They hug and Sam goes on to say she doesn't expect him to change into a over cautious person but that she loves him and he makes her life mean something. Jason says he wants to come home to her and protect their life together. Sam tries to say they can protect each other but Jason tells her he ahs to do better than that. Jason reminds Sam she was attacked the night before because of him and he is going to do everything he can to make sure that never happens again. Sam and Carly are at the park getting ready for the ceremony when Reese warns Carly to call it off because it is an alibi for Sonny and Jason. Reese says she just wants to help. Carly calls ove Sam and says that Reese wants to help and sarcastically adds to give her a balloon to blow up. Sam asks if there is a problem and Reese re-hashes her warning that the whole ceremony is carefully set up to be an alilbi when Sonny strikes against the Sandovals and that if that happens Sonny will be arrested and so will Jason. For murder. Jaosn shows up at the park and Sam asks him to help her with the streamers since she only has one arm to use. Jason grabs a role and pauses as though he's remembering something. Sam asks him if he's okay and he says that it reminds him of Christmas decorating and how he would walk in the door and someone would hand him a string of lights to untangle and how Michael would always say it was going to look so cool when they were finished. Sam asks if Jason thinks Michael would like the balloons and streamers or would he think it was baby'ish. Jason says Michael would know that his sister and brother would like the decorations and Sam says Michael got that from him. Jason says what and Sam says Sonny and Carly are a lot of things but selfless isn't one of them. Sam says that Michael learned to look after his mom. dad and brother and sister because Jason always looked out for his whole family. She says he is a lot like Carly on SOnny on the surface but deep down in his heart he was exactly like Jason. Carly tells Jason about Reese's warnings about the ceremony being an alibi and Jason says it's taken care of. Carly warns that not only Reese, but Ric and her father are also onto them and suspecting that there will be a counter attack. Carly tells Jason they are about to start and says that Courtney and Jax are late. Jason asks where they are and when Carly says Metro Court, Jason takes off running. Steven Webber and the forensics team is investgating Metro Court after 6 of the Sandoval were shot when Reese arrives.  Steven does a synopsis of the situation and explains Jason was applying first aid to Dr. Rachel O'Dare when the police arrived. Reese asks Jason what he's doing there and Jason says he was there to pick up Courtney. Reese asks if Courtney verified the information and Officer Murphy says she didn't contrdict it, but she edidn't elaborate either. Reese says she's going to send an officer down to General Hospital to take Courtney's statement, if it matches his, he's free to go. If not Reese instructs Murphy to arrest him for murder. Courtney verifies Jason's alibi and Reese is forced to let Jason go. Jason returns to his penthouse and finds a note from Sam to meet him somewhere. Up on the roof Sam has a romantic dinner set up and Jason sees her sitting at the table and walks over to her and gives her a kiss. Music starts and Jason and Sam begin to dance and Sam says she loves dancing with him and it starts to rain on them. Sam tries to rescue the meal but with a sexy grin on his face, Jason holds out his hand to have Sam join him and continue to dance. The rain stops and Sam is upset her perfect dinner got ruined. Jason asks if she actually cooked all the food and Sam says no, that she called the restaurant and told them exactly how he likes his pasta. Jason says that is all well and good but how often do they get to kiss in the rain and kisses her again. Jason carries Sam back down to the penthouse but they are interupted by Sonny. Sam says she is going upstairs to change and Sonny tells Jason that whatever Reese says she has on them, she may use it after what happened. Sonny explaines that he had dinner with her in attempt to find out if she's working him. He says things got hot and then Reese pulled away and left but he could tell she was hurt. Sam is standing by the fire when Jason rejoins her and asks if she needs help. She says no and tells him she called the Golden Dragon and the food is on it's way. Sam says Sonny seemed pretty upset and Jason says that he is worried because Reese brought Jason in for a line up. Sam asks why he never told her he was brought in for a line up and Jaosn says it was no big deal. No one identified him at Metro Court for the shooting and he was out of there in twenty minutes. Jason tells her the same thing Sonny told him and Sam says she agrees Reese is a threat. Obviously she let herself care about Sonny throughout the kidnapping case and because he doesn't return the feeling Reese feels a little betrayed. Sam and Jason share chinese food and Sam says that if her romantic evenings keep getting ruined he will get to try everything on the Golden Dragon menu. Stan comes by and tells Jason that he was able to trace one of Faith's money trials to someone who might have taken Michael. Jason asks him what and Stan says he doesn't think Jason will like it... and explains that the link lead him back to one of the Sandoval guys, who is now lying in the morgue. Jason is upset he is telling him the only lead they had is now a dead end and Stan leaves. Jason rants that it is over, there is no chance of finding Michael now. Sam says that if he truly believes that, she will support him, but if not, he still has to search for Michael. Sam asks if Jason feels that Michael is dead and Jason says no. Sam says that's his instincts and he should trust them, he lives by them and so does she. Jason says he gets what she's trying to do but there is no where left to search that will lead him to Michael. Sam convinces Jason to look again at the picture of Michael and they try to find some kind of clue that he is alive. Sam says she wishes they could see Michael's eyes because they always said so much and Jason says maybe they still can. Jason enlarges the picture and learns that Michael's eyes weren't closed when the photo was taken. Jason enlarges it even more and says that Michael's pupils aren't dialated. Sam says she doesn't know what that means and Jason says that Michael was alive in the photo. Sam and Jason celebrate over the fact that Michael is alive and Sam says she knew Jason would find a clue that would tell them Michael was alive and asks what now. Jason says that they have to track Faith's steps. Carly shows up and says that she needs to talk to Jason about Michael. Sam excuses herself and Jason asks what's wrong. Carly says she just misses Michael and asks Jason if he'll take her and Morgan to the playground construction site because she wants to make sure they get a good start. Jason says sure and Carly says she just can't get used to the idea of living without him and says she knows he loved him too. Sam comes back downstairs and asks if Carly left and Jason says yes, and that she really misses Michael. Sam says but he doesn't want to tell her they think Michael is alive. Jason says Carly will get her hopes up and start searching for Michael herself, and that could scare off whoever really has him. Sam says she knows Jason hates keeping it from Carly and Sonny and Jason says it'll will be worth it when they bring Michael home. Jason continues to track Faith's money trails and says that there is one credit card payment and if Stan can access where that was  made to, that will give them a start. Jason says he can't believe it, it's like a miracle that they know he is actually out there somewhere, and it is because of her he did not give up. Sam tries to deny it but Jason says that she kept him going, stayed objective, and Sam says that the proof was in Micahel's eyes, literally. Sam says that she doesn't mean to be pushy, as she takes the the laptop from him, and Jason says "pushy... since when". Sam asks when was the last time he had more than 3 hours of sleep and Jason says that he can't help it. He's just so excited about Michael and Sam says that is all well and good but he shoudl relax. Jason jokingly asks if that's what she wants her to do... relax and they kiss. The telephone rings and Jason he should get that because bit might be something about Michael. It's Stan and he tells Jason that Faith's credit card shows that she stayed in a hotel... in the Bahamas. Jason comes back from errands and asks Sam if she is ready to take a trip and when Sam seems confused, Jason says to the Bahamas. Sam says as much as she would love to lay around in a bikini (trying to sidtract Jason from the computer again) she knows their trip is only to find Michael. Jason says as much as he would like it to be, it's not a vacation. Jason says tghey need to find out if Faith satyed alone and if not who stayed with her, who called her and who visited her. Sam asks if he's going to tell Carly and Sonny about this and Jason says not yet. Sam leaves to do errands and Reese shows up at Jason's. Jason asks what she wants and Reese notices the bags and asks if he's leaving town. Jason asks does he need to call his lawyer. Reese hounds Jason for being so stupid during the Sandoval attack by being seen by someone. Jason wants to know what Reese is talking about and Reese tells him she has solid evidence that he ordered the hits on the Sandoval family. Jason says he's calling his lawyer and Reese asks why, she hasn'y even told him not to leave town yet. Reese says that he wshould have been smarter, and protected Sonny more. That Sonny was grieving and not thinking clearing but Jason could have stopped the whole thing. Jason shouts that if she has the evidence, why hasn't she arrested them yet. Reese says she can't, (meaning she has feelings for Sonny). Jason and Reese continue their argument and Sonny walks in and shouts out her to arrest him then and to stop playing games. Sonny accuses Reese of hanging around, feeling sorry for Sonny and saying how sorry she is about Michael. Reese says she is not just a badge, she does have feelings. Sonny shouts he knows what her feelings are and says that she's just waiting for him or Jason to mess up and say something that could incrimidate them both. Reese says she understands and Sonny says she doesn't know what he's going through losing a child. ( Reese is hurt because she told Carly about losing her son when he was 9. Sonny doesn't know this yet.) Sonny says that if she doesn't have enough to arrest them, to get out and Reese leaves. Jason says that may have been a mistake and explains how he thinks Reese has feelings for him and now she's hurt and has even more reason to go after them. Sam walks in saying she got the plane tickets and Sonny asks if they are going somewhere. Jason says they are going to the Island and Sonny asks why. Jason is about to tell him about Michael and Sam covers by saying Jason needs to relax and rest and Sonny asks Jason why he hasn't been sleeping. Jason says he has to know who was working with Faith. Sam says it was her idea and asks if they can drop the subject because she doesn't want a fight. Sonny agrees and thanks Sam for looking out for Jason. Sonny leaves and Jason and Sam fly to the Bahamas. Sam dresses down into a bikini and says that while Jason questions the staff, she will work on the guests. Jason tries to object and Sam is flattered he is jealous and asks if he thinks it's a bad idea. Jason says yes. Sam says that guys are more willing to talk to beautiful women and that she can work the guests to get informatrion about Faith. Jason reluctantly agrees and Sam starts talking to one of the guests as Jaosn talks to an staff member and behind him AJ and Michaael head back to their room. Jason doesn't see them. Jason says that the manager remembered Faith but he couldn't tell him anything about her visitors so he is just going to question the staff. Jason says he also told him about a bar down by the water that everyone hangs out at so he is going to go down there. Sam says she will go change but Jason says he is going alone. Sam asks if he is afraid she will get all the attention and Jason says he's afraid he'll have to hurt someone. Sam asks is it her imagination or he he hitting on her right there. Jason jokes and says it's her imagination. Jason says that this is a vacation and grabs a drink from the waiter walking by and tells Sam to enjoy herself while he's gone, and to stay out of trouble. One of the staff comments that is no way to treat a lady after Jason is gone. Sam introduces herself and the man says his sane is Kristoff. Sam mentions Faith's name and Kristoff says he might know her and asks what is it she wants. Sam says that she wants them to get to know one another better and for him to tell her everything he knows about Faith. Kristoff tells Sam all about Faith and then says that he can take her to the most romantic place on the island where they can be alone. Sam is looking a little worried then Jason shows up and pulls Kristoff away from her and says if he starts swimming he may get there in time. Sam tells Jason that he told her Faith was a very busy woman on the Island and says how Kristoff went into to more details that was not needed and that he remembered Faith getting a calll that interupted them and told him it was a very rich friend from Port Charles. Jason tries to think of who that could be. Sonny calls Jason and Sam home and tells Jason how Carly told him that Reese had a son that was kidnapped and killed as well. Jason says that explains why she got so involved in the kidnapping. Sonny says that he found Reese in a bar, drunk, and went to apologize but took her back to his house. Sonny says that things got a little too familiar and he thought she was wearing a wire and so he ripped open her blouse, but there was no wire. Sonny tells Jason he wants Sam and Jason to disappear for a while because Reese feels betrayed and that's going to give her more reason to use whatever she has to put them in prison. Sam finds Carly at the park and apologizes for startling her. Carly says it's okay because she was comiug to find Jason anyway because she needs his help with something. Sam asks if she wants to tell her and Carly says she can't because she will think she's crazy. Sam says to try her and Carly says she believes Michael is still alive. Sam says that she's not crazy, that she and Jason know he is. Carly rushes over to Jason's and hugs him as he opens the door. Jason asks what's wrong and Carly tells him Sam told her they think Michael is alive. Carly says from the moment she started having visions of Michael she knew he was alive, but she had no proof and asks Jaosn about the picture he and Sam enlarged. Jason says he is no forensics expert but from what he saw, Michael was definitely alive but he couldn't tell her because he wasn't a 100% sure and there was no proof. Carly says she knows he was protecting her, and says she was doing the same, and kept things from him. Jason asks if he needs to sit down for this and Carly tells Jaosn about having more than just one vision of Michael and that he spoke to her. Carly says she didn't tell him because she didn't want to add to his pain, and she didn't want him to think she was crazy and says it's unbelievable how connected they are, that they came to the same conclusion about Michael at the same time. Jason says whoever faked Michael's death thinks they got away with it. And that might acutally help the search for Michael because the kidnapper won't know they are looking so they won't run. Jason says that if they kidnapper knows they are onto "them", they could take Michael somewhere where they'll never find him... or kill him to cover their tracks. Carly says she's not going to do anything to jeopardize his search but says she is Michaael's mother, and needs to be involved and asks about the lead Sam mentioned. Jason says they tracked Faith to the Bahamas and Sam was able to get some information from a guy that Faith was connected to a rich guy from Port Charles. Carly asks who he thinks the rich guy is and Jason says she isn't going to like it, and mentions Alcazar. Carly says they have already been down the raod and it was proven that Alcazar had nothing to do with the kidnappings. Jason asks Carly who else she thinks the rich guy could be.  Carly says it could be anyone, and that Alcazar wouldn't take her son for his own agenda. Jason asks if Carly told Alcazar about her feelings on Michaael being alive. Carly says yes and Jason asks how he reacted. Carly says Alcazar encouraged her to look for Michael and even offered to help. Jason says so he could be the one to find Michael. Carly says if he is right, and is about to storm out but Jason stops her and asks if she didn't listen to anything he said. If she goes and accuses Alcazar to his face he could panic and they will lose Michael forever.  Carly says she knows how to handle Alcazar and Jason says he's trusting her not to lose her cool. Carly says Jason has to promise her somethign as well. To not tell Sonny. Jason says he has a right to know. Carly says that Sonny will go after Alcazar and do exactly what Jason told her not to ddo. Jason agrees to keep quiet for the moment and Carly leaves. Sam returns and says she assumes Carly has already come and gone. Jason says she just left. Sam apologizes for telling Carly the truth about Michael and Jason says it's okay. Carly has promised not to do anything to jeopardize their search. Jason tells Sam it's okay, he understands why she told her. Jason says it doesn matter anyway because Sonny wants him to leave the country. Sam says she will go with him and Jaosn asks her to stay and keep a lookout on Carly. Jason says one wrongmove and Carly could scare whoever took Michael and they will never be able to find him. Sma agrees to stay but promises to join him soon. Sonny calls Jaosn and tells him he doesn't have to leave after all. reese gave up the evidence she had against him. Jason asks what about Reese and Sonny says she's gone. Jason tells Sam he can stay and look for Michael. Sam tells Jason she thinks they should go back to the Island and question more people. Jason says that it's not neccesary because whoever has Michael has roots in Port Charles and staying in town is their best chance of finding them Carly rushed in and asks if she can speak to Jason alone. Jason says that whatever she has to say she can say it in front of Sam. Carly says that Jason is her best friend and it's no offense to Sam, but she is not comfortable talkign about her personal problems in front of someone else. Sam says it's okay, she had some errands to run anyway. Carly tells Jason she's sure Alcazar didn't take Michaael. Jason says he has fooled her before and Carly tells how she went to him and accused him, and unlike last time, this time it really hurt him that she didn't trust him. Jason says he'll trust her instinct this time. Jason goes to the hospital and learns about Reese's car exploding. Durant walks up to Jason and asks where he was when Agent Marhsall's car blew up and Jason says with Carly.  Durant says Jason better hope Carly will verify that then adds of course she will because Carly will always protect him. Jason says he isn't saying anything else without his lawyer present. Ric is the next to question Jason about Reese's car bomb. Jason said he wasn't anywhere near Sonny's that night, nor did he have any reason to want Reese dead and says he told Durant the same thing. Ric is thrown off that Durant had already questioned him. Jason asks Ric if he and Durant are working together and Ric says just the opposite and knows Sonny well enough to know he wouldn't use a car bomb to kill anyone, especially a woman, but Durant's whole goal is to put Sonny in prison. Jason says Ric wants the same thing. Ric says that although he believes Sonny deserves to be in prison, does he want to put him there, he's not so sure anymore and then sarcastically ass Jason on the other hand, he can't wait to convict. Jason finds Sma and tells him about Reese and how he helped Sonny sneak Reese out of the hospital because Durant might be after her. In Reese's room, Durant shows up and look angry when all he finds is a pile of pillows under the sheets. Jason flips on the light and asks if he is there to finish the job. Durant says it's ironic that Jason, "Sonny's Killing Machine" is accusing him of murder and Jason asks what he is doing there. Durant says he came to ask Reese if she remembered anything the night of the explosion and asks Jason where he hid her. Jason says she was gone when he got there. Ric finds Jason talking to Sam and asks if he knows what happened to Agent Marshall. Jason says he has no idea where she's disappeared to. Carly shows up at the hospital and asks Jaosn if Sonny could ask him to look for whoever put the bomb in Reese's car. Jason says it's a possibility and Carly says that maybe it's time to tell Sonny about Michael, just as Sonny walks up and asks what about Michael. Sam covers by saying Carly was just saying how hard of a time she is having letting go of Michael. Sonny says he thought they have been over this, it's time to let Michael go. He's gone and not coming back. Jason and Sonny step away to talk and Carly thanks Sam for the cover. Jason and Carly start talking again and ourtney walks up to them and tells them AJ is alive. Courtney tells them how AJ called Rache's phone and Courtney answered it and heard AJ's voice. Jason figures out that AJ is the rich guy from Port Charles and that AJ paid Faith to kidnap Morgan and Kristina as a smokescreen so he could get to Michael. Jason, Sam and Carly rush to Rachel's room and tell her they believe her when she says Michael is alive. Jason asks where AJ is now and Rachel says the last time she knew he was still in the Bahamas. Rachel describes AJ's villa and Sam and Jason return to the Bahamas to fnd AJ and Michael. Jason breaks into AJ's villa and Sam sees the packed bags by the sofa and says they were almost out of there. Jason wonders what AJ has done with Michael. Jason tells Sam to look there for clues while he looks around the house. Sam goes through the bags and finds pictures of Michael and AJ and a letter Michael had wrote to Jason. Jason comes back and says that they are wasteing time, AJ has probably seen them and left somewhere by now. Sam shows Jason the letter and Jason asks her to read it to him. Jason is disgusted at what AJ has been trying to make Michael believe and  says he's going to search the rest of the house. A few minutes later Jaosn returns and asks Sam if she wants to speak to Sonny. Sam doesn't understand why and Jason says the phone is going to ring and tells her to put it on speaker phone. The phone rings and Sam puts it on speaker phone and Jaosn comes back. They hear Sonny's voice telling them he doesn't want to see Michael anymore. Sam asks what is she missing. Jason tells her there is a computer in the back rigged to Sonny' voice and that AJ must have used it to convince Michael his parents don't want him anymore. Jason and Sam look through a book at the desk and assume AJ took Michael to Italy because it is circled and that's also a place Michael did a report on in school. Jason and Sam head to Italy, but when they can't find AJ, they head to Italy, then return to Port Charles when they don't find AJ or Michael. Carly goes to Jason's and Jason and Sam go over the events of questioning the pilot who Jason got to admit AJ faked going to Italy as a decoy, and says that AJ and Michael have returned to Port Charles and might be hiding out at the Quartermaines. Carly says Monica would never hide Michael from Jason and he Jason says that's why he is going to talk to her. Carly is about to rush over to the Quartermaine mansion but Carly stops her saying Jason tld her all abotu Carly's "plans". They usually end up with someone going to jail. Carly says she can't believe Jason would say that about her and she doesn't need a lesson on Jason from Sam.  Carly leaves. Jason goes to the hospital to talk to Monica about AJ. Monica can't believe AJ would fake his death then take Michael and brainwash him. Jason shows Monica the letter Michael wrote to him. Monica promises that if she see AJ, she will let Jason know. Jason walks over to Alan at the nurses' station and tells him AJ will pay for what he's done to Michael, as will anyone who's helping him. Alan asks if that is a threat and Jason says AJ knows Alan feels bad for the way he treated him, and will use that vulnerbility against him for his own purpose. Sam is unpacking her bags when she finds a velvet box with a note saying " Open me" on it. Sam opens the box to find a diamond star pendant on a chain a thinks back to when they were on the Island and they saw a shooting star while standing on AJ's villa patio. At that time, Sam said she would give anything to have Michael back home safe and sound and to see a shooting star with Jason in Port Charles. Jason goes to the Quartermaine Mansion to look for Aj and asks for Emily's help. Emily says she was thinking about moving back into the mansion anyway, and that she will tell Jason if anything seems off. Jason and Emily find Skye going through a desk in the family room and she seems kind of nervous. Skye says she is looking for stamps but made a mistake and realizes she has stamps in her car and leaves. Emily says that Skye has been feeling really guilty over helping Faith, who turned around and took Sonny's kids. Jason picks up on something and leaves and breaks in to Skye's, and waits for her to come home. Skye is startled by Jason as she arrives home and says she is going to call the police. Jason asks what does she have against Michael and tells her about AJ kidnapping Michael and brainwashing him, and lets her read the letter. Skye says AJ approached her in the park and asked for her help and she agreed, but now she doesn't want to help him. Jason asks what AJ asked her to do and Akye says transfer money from his account to a fake account and contact him when it's done. Skye agrees to call Jason when she and AJ have set up a time and place to meet. Jason heads straight to Sonny's and finds Carly and Sonny together and tells them Skye's story. Carly asks if Jaosn trusts her. Jason says not really but it's all they got and Skye did seem to really want to help bring Michael home. Skye calls Jason and tells him AJ will be waiting on the tar mat for private jets at the airport. Jason goes back to the penthouse to get ready to apprehend AJ. Monica shows up and begs Jason not to kill AJ. Jason says AJ has brainwashed Michael in the worse way, and needs to be stopped by any means possible. Jason and Sam go to the Quartermaines and Sam says it's really quiet. Jason hands her the gun and when she object, Jason says he doesn't want to fight AJ with a gun in case Michael is around. Sam takes the gun and they split up to look for Michael. Jason heads up the stairs and is greeted by a gun-pointing AJ. Jason asks where Michael is and AJ says gone, he's never going to be with Carly and Sonny again and he and Michael are leaving for good but there's still one more thing he has to do and points the gun at Jason. Jason taunts AJ to kill him, saying he would die if it meant AJ would never get near Michael again. Michael barges in and distracts AJ, Jason and AJ struggle and fall over the stairs banister. Carly, Jason, Reese, Sonny and Monica all watch a motionless Jason and AJ until Jason gets up. Monica tells AJ not to move. AJ calls Jason a bastard and says he broke his back. Michael runs off and Carly and Sonny go after him. Jason hurt his hand in the fall and the EMT's arrive saying they were called there for a gunshot victom and Monica asks AJ how he could shoot Alan in the back and takes the EMT's to Alan and Emily. Jason goes up to AJ and tells him he's nothing. Reese approaches AJ and he asks for her help but she says she can't, the EMT's and even Monica says he can't be moved. When the sceond ambulance arrives, Reese reads AJ his rights as he is being taken out on a stretcher. Reese t ries to question Jason and he doesn't say much. Reese says he can wait for his lawyer and that she knows it's a hard concept for him to grasp, but he's not a suspect, he's actually the one who brought Michael home. AJ is taken to the hospital and Jason needs to be seen for his wrist. Sam breaks down while they are waiting and Jason tells her it's okay. Sam says that when she saw AJ and Jason fall to the ground, her heart stopped and it didn't start again until she saw him move and says how much she loves him. Sam asks if there is anything she can do and Jason asks her to go check on Michael. Sam comes back to the ER and Jason is gone. A musical montage shows Jason, Carly, Sonny, Ric, Durant, Emily, Monica and Courtney all walking throughout the hospital as someone slips into AJ's room and smothers him with a pillow. Jason returns back to the ER and Sam asks where he went and he said to ceheck on Michael himself.  Jason and Sam are about to leave when Carly rushes over and asks to speak to Jason privately and Jason tells her not to  excuse Sam like that. Sam says that Jason needs to go home and rest but Carly is persistant. Sam leaves and Jason tries to warn Carly about dismissing Sam and Carly asks Jason to forget about AJ for one second and Jason knows Carly has done something. Carly says she's done something he's not going to like. Carly tells Jason about going to AJ's room while he was alive and telling him he was never going to see Michael again. AJ threatened to take Carly to court for visitation and Carly says she told AJ he wouldn't get the chance because she was going to kill him. Jason asks if anyone heard her says that and Carly says AJ told Liz when she came to give him a sedative. Jason asks what happened then and Carly says she left to give the sedative time to work, and went back to the room to kill AJ. Jason grabs Carly by the arm and drags her out of the hospital and back to Sonny's to prevent her from being questioned by the police. Jason takes Carly back to Sonny's and tells her to tell him everything that happened from the time she went into AJ's room the first time, till she went back. Jason tells her not to leave anything out and not to lie to him. Carly tells Jason that even after falling and breaking his back, AJ was still spewing threats and said he would get visitation to see Michael and Carly told him not to count on it because she was going to kill him before that could happen. Jason asks if anyone heard her say that and she says no, but AJ told Liz when she came in to give him a sedative.  Carly says she walked the hospital corridors to give the sedative time to work and went back, saw the pillow on the floor as a sign to kill AJ, but before she could she noticed he wasn't breathing and ran out of the room. Jason asks if anyone saw her leave and Carly says she's not sure. Jason brings Michael home and Carly is glad to see him. Jason tells Carly to give Michael some room. Jason and Sam step out into the foyer and Sam tells Jason how Ric was questioning her about his whereabouts the time AJ was murdered. Sam says she covered for him of course. Jason says if he asks again to tell him the truth, she didn't know where Jaosn was when AJ was murdered. Sam is about to object then figures out that Jason will make himself look guilty to protect Carly. Jason says Carly didn't kill AJ, but admits to be in the room with him. Sam asks if Carly didn't kill him who did. Jason says he's going to find out who did to protect Carly. Sam is disappointed that Jason is going nto protect Carly regardless what it will cost him. Jason goes up to see Michael and tells him he understands that Michael wants some time and space to sort things out and says that's okay, he just wanted to let him know he's there if Michael needs him and he loves him. Jason sets a blue ball on the floor and walks out. Michael picks up the ball and begins rolling it back and forth like he did when Ric kidnapped Carly. Jason goes downstairs and tells Sonny and Carly about his idea about the ball and Carly wants to go up and see Michael but Jason and Sonny try to stop her. Carly wants to take Morgan up to see Michael but Sonny says AJ damaged Michael's trust in them and that pushing Michael is only going to have negative results. Sam offers to take Morgan up but Carly objects. Jason and Sonny both say it's a good idea and Carly says she won't have Sam doing her job as Michael and Morgan's mother. Sonny says Michael is confused about them as parents, and that he never really knew Sam so he might open up to her. Carly lets Sam take Morgan up and Sam asks for Michael's help with "Morgan duty". Michael rolls the ball over to Morgan and Sam whispers "Good Job" in Morgan's ears as she watches them play. Sam goes downstairs and relays the good news. Carly can't resist and runs up stairs to paly with her sons. Reese  comes in and tells Jason, Sam and Sonny that Ric and the police are on their way with a warrant for Carly's arrest. Sonny asks what they have and Reese says a witness that saw Carly in the room, heard AJ say she threatened him, and her DNA on the pillow, an easy Murder 1 convitction. Mac and Ric show up and aren't surprised that Reese is there and Ric hands Sonny the warrant. Jason and Sam go up to Michael's room and Jason tells Carly the police are downstairs and they have to go. Carly says she isn't leaving her sons. Jason pulls Carly off the floor and says that they have to leave before the police come up and arrest her in front of Michael, causing him trouble all over again. Downstairs Sonny is arguing to let him get Michael out before they arrest Carly and Mac says he's stalling and they go in now. Mac enters the room and Sam is there playing with the boys, but Michael's window is open. Jason takes Carly to a safehouse and she demands to know how long they are going to keep her there. Jason says until he can find the real killer. Carly says she was wmakign progress with Michael and needs to be with her son and tries to pout but Jason sees it coming and tells her not to pull one of her tricks. Sonny is arrested for not telling the police or Ric where Carly is. Sam calls Mike and asks him to look over Michael while she does some things for Jason. Sam goes to the safe house and tells Jason Michael needs his mother now because he was taken back to the hospital. Carly asks Jason to take her to her son. Sam and Jason sneak Carly into the hospital and get her some alone time for Michael. Just as Michael reaches out and touches Carly's hair, the police show up and want to arrest her. Carly and Michael break down as the police arrest her and haul her away. Jason follows Carly to the police station and as soon as they walk in, Carly sees Ric talking to Liz. Carly accuses Liz and Ric of rehearsing testimony and Jason tells ehr to knock it off before she gets into any more trouble and he won't be able to get her out. Carly is booked into jail and Jason goes to the Quatermaines looking for Justus so he can denfend Carly. Edward says not is not the time, the family needs him and Jason says Carly needs him and convinces Justus to go to the police station and sit with Carly. Sam starts to say something and then stops. Jason tells her to go ahead and say it, he trusts her instincts. Sam says what if Carly really did kill AJ. Jason says Carly swears she didn't and he believes her.  Sam agrees and asks what they should do next and Emily comes in. Emily seems as though she wants to talk to Jason privately and so Sam excuses herself saying she is going to call Michael like he asked. Jason goes to the hospital and tries to get a feel if any of the Quartermaines killed AJ. Sam interupts them saying she needs Jason to come with her now and takes him back to Michael's room. Reese says that Michael became upset when he had a bad dream and that they need to get him out of the hospital before he tells anyone else what he told her, that he saw his mom kill AJ and remembered it in a dream. Jason, Sama nd Reese take Michael home and SOnny shows up and asks Jason to go to the "cop shop" and settle her down. Jason agrees and Sonny is about to go up to see Michael and they tell him about Michael having a bad dream and how Reese was the only one able to calm him down. Sam brings up Carly really being the one who killed Michael as they are leaving and Jason says he still thinks it may be one of the Quartermaines. Jason goes to the police department and Alcazar is there. Jason asks to speak to Carly alone and Carly asks him not to dismiss Alcazar like that and Jaosn tells her it's important. After Alcazar leaves Jason tells her about Michael saying he saw her in AJ's room and asks her again if she is sure no one was there. Carly says no and Jason says Michael says he saw her do it. Carly is uspet that Michael "saw" her.  Jason begs Carly not to take Alcazar up on his offer to help and just let Sonny handle it. Carly says she needs to be with Michael, and if he and Sonny can't get her out immediately, Alcazar will. Sam tells Alcazar she can't believe he doesn't get it yet. Alcazar tells her to explain and says that Jason and Carly have always had and always will have a connection, one even more so than the one she has with Sonny and if he is going to be in her life he should learn to live with it. Alcazar says just as she has and Sam says Jason had a life before she came into it, she respects his relationships with other people. Alcazar says time will tell and Carly will see who she can trust and not turst. Sam brings Kristina in from playing in the tree house and tells Jason about how they played. Jason says maybe in time, Michael will be able to play with her out there again. Sam comes down from playing with the kids upstairs and says it's amazing how Michael won't react to any of them but all three kids are up there playing like nothing ever happened. Sam says that's all good and well, but Kristina is going to start missing her mom soon and asks what should they do when that happens. Jason tells Sam Kristina not seeing her mom is only temparary, that Sonny and Ric have a deal. Ric is to have the case thrown out of court, in trades for Sonny going back to the shared custody agreement. Jason says the only problem is he doesn't trust Ric. Ric has hated Sonny his whole life and although he seems to have put that behind him, he could get those feelings back and if that happens, Carly could go to prison for the rest of her life. Sam and Jason go out onto the terrace and Jason tells Sam either Ric and Carly could mess this up, Carly because she is not patient enough to sit in jail and wait for the case to go to trial. Sam asks what Jason's plan is and he says to protect Carly by finding the real killer. Sam brings up the fact that Carly might have been the one who really killed AJ and Jason starts defending her again. Jason goes back to the police station to see Carly but she's in a better mood. Jason asks her what she did and she says she didn't do anything Alcazar did.  Jason begs Carly to stay in jail because Ric and Sonny have a deal set up and that Carly getting out because Alcazar bought out a judge might come back and hurt her case even more. Carly says that she has to do what she believes is right and right now that is being with Michael. Alcazar shows up and Jason asks her if she has to leave to just go back to the apartment, not to go see Michael. Carly says she has to tell him the truth and leaves. Jason goes to the hospital and talks with Monica again and Monica admits she is hiding something but can't tell him what. Ric finds Jason and tells him he knows Carly was released and all deals are off and he plans to prosecute Carly to the full content of the law. Jason says he and Sonny had nothing to do with Carly being released and Ric says they should have done a better job on keeping Carlyand Alcazar under control and waited for their deal to work out. Jason says that's over reacting even for Ric. Probably because he's got his own suspect to protect, Alexis. Ric says Alexis wasn't even in the country when AJ was murdered. Jason says that doesn't matter because Alexis would do anything to protect her daughter and says that Luis Alcazar wasn't even a direct threat but Alexis' scarey mind perceived him as one and she stuck him with a steak knife and shoved him off a 14th floor balcony. Ric tells Jason to save them all some time and just admit Carly is guilty. Ric warns that it doesn't even matter that Carly is out because he is going to create the air tight case against her and that's all that matters. Sam says he just wants to get revenge because Sonny took Kristina away and Ric says he doesn't care if AJ is pond scum he still deserves to have his killer brought to justus and leaves. Sam asks Jason if it never stops for him does it. It's been one disaster after another for them since they met and she's never seen him take a break. Alexis walks up and asks if they have seen Ric and Jason says he just left. Jason asks Alexis where she was the night AJ died and asks if she killed him. Alexis says that was blunt, apalling... but blunt. Alexis says she does believe she wasn't even in the country that night, besides she has no motve> Jason says but she does, if Sonny takes the wrap for Carly and gets convicted of murder, she gets Kristina back. Alexis says covering for everyone is clouding is normally rational mind and says if she was wanting Sonny to be charged for the murder, one would think that she would find some proof. Alexis adds that she is confident Carly killed AJ and will be prosecuted and put away, tells Sam it was nice to see her and walks away. Sam says that was surreal and that she has never seen Alexis that calm. Jason says he doesn't feel that she killed AJ or had anything to do with it, and her being calm means she is up to something and thinks she is going to get away with it. Jason and Sam go to Sonny and Jason tells everyone all bets are off with Ric, he's out for blood. Sam says they'll never guess who's riding shotgun and Sonny says Alexis. Jason says he doesn't think Alexis had anything to do with AJ's murder but she is up to something. Sam says she is going to check on Michael and Reese stops her and says maybe she can find his little ball. It seems to calm him down a little bit and Sam says sure and heads up. Jason and Sonny talk in the foyer and Jason says they just need to get Carly out of the country for awhile. Sonny says she won't go and Jason says make her go. Sonny asks what is he going to do... drug her... tie her up and tells him he knows she is just going to drive him crazy by trying to escape every 5 minutes and Jason agrees. Sonny says he thinks that this might have been done in the heat of the moment kind of thing and says maybe AJ said the wrong thing to someone and they killed him. Jason says Monica has been acting weird lately. Sonny says Monica would have motive. AJ kidnapped her grandson, shot her husband in the back and hurt Emily but he wants to know if it is Monica, is Jason going to have a problem turning his own mother in. Sam goes up to Michaael's room and Michael is gone but there is a pillow torn apart all over his bed. Jason catches Michael at the gate and tells him he looked for him from the first day he was taken and asks him not to leave again. Michael hugs Jason and says he saw his mom kill AJ. Jason takes Michael back to the house and has to force him to go upstairs with him, bypassing Carly. Ric arrives at the gate and says his men called him to tell him his own wife is stalking the gate. Alexis tells Ric there is a witness who saw Carly kill AJ, Michael. Sam talks with Reese at the top of the stairs and asks if she is okay. reese says not really. She is a FBI agent turned into a nany for a mob boss no less and asks if she thinks she's gotten too personal. Sam says she just thinks Reese is finding out how easy it is to fall in love with Sonny. Jason takes Michael to his room and tells him they thought they lost him again and asks Michaek if he wants to tell him where he was going and who he was running from. Michael becomes silent and starts bouncing his ball. Jason says he knows it's hard for him right now but he has a lot of people who love him that he can turn to, most of all his mom and dad. Ric asks Alexis how she knows Michael saw Carly and she says she heard him say it. Ric says that Michael is a 9 year old little boy who has been mentally abused and traumatized and she expects him to put Michael on the stand. Ric says that if she thinks by Carly being charged with murder that Sonny will willingly give Kristina back she is sadly mistaken. Reese says she won't fall for Sonny. She's just there to do a job and that's it. Sam says it's not going to be that easy because she's living in his house and taking care of Michael. Jason and Carly go to see Michael before he falls asleep and Jaosn says maybe tomorrow he'll come over and they can throw the ball around. Carly tells Michael he's settling back into his old life, with the people that love him surronding him and it's safe. Carly says she would never do anything that would get her taken away from him and the truth is going to come out... she did not kill AJ. Sam goes to talk to Sonny and says he can tell her it's none of her business and to shut up but she thinks Reese has feelings for him and is no longer looking to put him in prison. Sonny says for the record, it is none of her business but... she doesn't have to tell him what he already knows. Jason and Carly come down and Ric arrives with a court order for Michael to testify. Reese asks for what and Ric says they have reason to believe he saw Carly kill AJ. Carly calls Ric a sick freak and says that she is not going to let him and Alexis to use Michael to get Kristina back. Carly loses it and yells at Ric and Jaosn has to pull her out of the room. Ric says that temper of hers is not going to serve her well in court. Sam asks if that's what he is counting on and says Michael and Kristina are brother and sister and love each other even though the adults in their lives are using them as pawns in a tug-o-war. Sonny tells Sam that it's okay and he wants to talk to his brother alone. Jason takes Carly out to the gate and tells her that's enough. She can't just go around attacking people like that.