Jason & Sam #6

September 2, 2005 to the Present
This tape will contain Kimberely McCoullough's return in October as Robin Scorpio. It also continues the storyline of Jason being unable to remember all of his past but will start having flashbacks of different parts of his life. There will also be a seperate Robin Scorpio Edit(s) that will contain scenes with Jason as well.

 Sam is able to convince Jason to return to the hospital where Sam, Monica and Alan learn Jason's condition is terminal if not treatable by medicine. Durant has Jason arrested and will not release him unless Carly is released in his care. Sonny refuses to give up Carly (she's having a nervous breakdown) in exchange for Jason's release. Sam tries to convince Durant Jason needs medical care but Durant refuses to allow her to see him. Durant makes a deal with Sam that he will make sure Jason gets the medication if she turns Carly over to him. Sonny's house gets shot out by rivals from Miami and Max and Ric are shot. With Sonny at the hospital with Ric, Sam is alone with Carly and manages to get her to agree to turn herself in for Jason. Carly tells Sam she is tired and just wants to rest for a while and says that is what Jason would want. Sam apologizes for pushing Carly too hard and takes her back to bed. Justus manages to get Jason released and Jason goes to Sonny's and refuses when Sonny asks him to take care of the situation with the Ruiz, saying he isn't going to kill anyone for him anymore. Sonny apologizes saying he didn't realize how lost Jason was. Ric tries to take down Ruiz and his men in the park and when things go bad Jason's instincts kick in and he shoots Ruiz and his two guards then tells Ric and Reese to get lost. Jason becomes more angry about the life he once lived and doesn't understand how Sam could love him after what he has done and how many people he's killed. Jason and Sam run into Michael and Emily and it is hard for Jason not knowing Michael. Sam is deeply affected by seeing Jason shoot Ruiz and his men and fears Jason will take off without her and she'll never be able to find him. Sonny and Jason are both arrested and at the police station Jason doesn't implicate Sonny in the attack against Ruiz.