Jason & Sam #5

July 13th - September 2nd 2005
This tape contains Jason and Sam having to take Michael on the run because Durant breaks into Dr.Thomas' office and steals a tape revealing Michael may have killed AJ. This tape also contain Jason killing Dr.Thomas and Jason and Sam's ordeal with Allegra and Alicia. This begins the storyline of Jason's memory loss as a possible side effect from the experimental drug he took trying to remember the connection between AJ and Dr.Thomas.

 Sam challenges Jason to a game a dominos and says for every round she wins he will have to take a shot of tequila. Jason wins all the rounds and Sam ends up drunk of the tequila and Sam says either he can see through the dominos or he is psychic. Sam says whatever is is he better be prepared to play all night long and pours herself another shot. Jason's says she has had 6 shots of tequila and some wine and now it's time to stop or she is going to get sick. Sam accidentally spits on Jason when she says then to do her a favor and let her drink. Sam tells Jason he knows all he has to do is say three words. "You win, Sam." and Jason says them and Sam tackles him and says she told him she would win. (Very cute JaSam moment!!!)  A music montage of "When a man loves a woman" plays as it shows all the Port Charles couples sharing intimate moments. Jason lays Sam on the sofa and runs upstairs when Michael calls out from having a nightmare. Dr.Thomas comes in and sits next to Sam. Jason walks to the top of the stairs and asks what he's doing and he says checking Sam's pulse, she's unconscious. Jason says she's sleeping... so what and Dr.Thomas says she's passed out and Jason says they had a few drinks and Dr.Thomas asks if they do that often and Jason's says no. Michael tells Dr.Thomas he had a nightmare and Jason suggested he talk to him about it and they are about to go up to Michael's room and Jason says wait. Jason tells Michael to go upstairs and Dr.Thomas will be right up. Dr.Thomas says he'll give him this much... he's consistent with his indecision about therapy and says he encourages Michael to talk to Dr.Thomas and then shuts him down. Dr.Thomas asks if unless he his stopping Michael from letting Dr.Thomas help him in order to nurse his selfish need of being Michael's only confidant. Sam wakes up and asks what's going on and and Dr.Thomas steps in and tells her that Michael had a nightmare and Jason is stopping him from letting him talk to Michael. Sam tells Jason he knows how much these nightmares bother Michael and Jason says Dr.Thomas can go up. Sam asks what happened and Jason tells her she passed out and she asks on the sofa and Jason says on the floor and he put her on the sofa and then Michael had a nightmare so he ran up to check on him and when he came back down Dr.Thomas was sitting next to her. Sam says that's weird and Jason tells her he claims he was taking her pulse because she was unconscious and asks if she remembers anything and she says no. Sam says he must think she is a lush because she smells of tequila. Jason says it just bothered him seeing Dr.Thomas so close to her and says maybe he "wanted" to see something for a reason to doubt him and Sam says she trusts his instincts.. Jason says whatever it is, he just doesn't trust the guy. Sam says she didn't pass out she just took a little nap and Jason says she was unconscious and Sam says she sleeps soundly. Jason says sure she would after 6 or 7 shots of tequila and some wine and Sam says she'll have him know she used to drink men 3 times his size when she was doing salvage work and that maybe being with him has turned her soft. Jason says that's a good thing right and Sam says they did establish she won and Jason says sort of and Sam says she deserves a prize and they kiss. Dr.Thomas comes down and interrupts them and says Michael wants to speak with him. Upstairs Michael show Jason Dr.Thomas' IPod and Jason tells Michael to stay there and goes back downstairs and asks where Dr.Thomas went. Sam says he decided to try and brave the storm and asks why and Jason tells her Dr.Thomas has a appointment with Mac Scorpio and is most likely going to tell him Michael killed AJ and Jason leaves to go after him.Jason goes to Dr.Thomas' office and catches him in the midst of a phone call to Mac Scorpio and hangs up the phone and tells him he will cut off his hands before he lets him turn Michael into the police for killing AJ. Dr.Thomas says he wasn't calling Mac to tell him about Michael killing AJ and assures Jason he believes he can help Michael, not to mention the fact that he'd like to see his next birthday. Jason asks if anyone is threatening him and Dr.Thomas says he's sure threatening to cut off his hands counts as a threat. Dr.Thomas says he took on Michael as a case because he truly believes he can help him. That's what he does. He takes people who are suffering from emotional or physical trauma and restores their lives and apologizes for Jason not being one of his success cases and Jason says his life is just fine and Dr.Thomas says  just the fact he thinks that is proof and Jason says he knows nothing how he thinks. Just then Mac Scorpio knocks on the door and Jason OK's it for Dr.Thomas to answer. Jason stands behind the door with his gun drawn while Mac tries to get Dr.Thomas to release a confession from another client of his but Dr.Thomas refuses. mac threatens to get a warrant and Dr. Thomas tells him to do what he sees fit and Mac leaves. Dr.Thomas asks Jason if the conversation was amusing for him and Jason says he could have said what he wanted to hear. Dr.Thomas tells Jason that in order for him to help Michael completely, maybe he should stay away from Michael's therapy. Dr.Thomas records on a tape that Michael still hasn't confessed to killing AJ much because of the people around him and their influence. There is a knock on the door and Durant wheels himself in and asks if he has any information that would prove Michael's current living situation is causing his mental health problems. Dr.Thomas asks what is it that everyone in town doesn't understand about patient doctor confidentiality and tells him he is not at liberty to discuss his case. Durant asks how he can change that. Dr.Thomas says he has had a long day and it's over and wheels Durant out and locks his door. Later Durant has a janitor let him in and Durant steals the file and tape on Michael. Jason takes Michael a bagel for breakfast and tells Michael about his mom. Michael asks if Jason was at the hospital with Carly and Jason says he was. Michael asks if he made Dr.Thomas go away and Jason says he doesn't have to worry about Dr.Thomas, he isn't going to tell anyone how AJ died. Michael asks if Dr.Thomas is a good guy why Jason doesn't him and Jason tells Michael about how Dr.Thomas didn't realize Jason's brain was damaged and that every time he went to see him Dr.Thomas kept pushing him to  feel and think like he did before the car wreck. Michael says he must have been mad and Jason says mad and frustrated and now when he sees Dr.Thomas he feels that all over again. Michael says so then he should stop seeing Dr.Thomas and Jason says no. Dr.Thomas helps people by having them talk about how they feel and every time Michael goes and talks about his feelings he feels better and so he should keep going to therapy. Just then Dr.Thomas walks in and asks to speak to Jason alone and Michael says Jason doesn't like to see him because it reminds him of a bad time. Jason tells Michael it's OK and Michael goes upstairs. Dr.Thomas starts apologizing for something and Jason tells him to cut to the case and Dr.Thomas says when Michael first started going to him he was being influenced by someone about Michael's living situation. Jason asks who and Dr.Thomas tells him Alan Quartermaine. Jason says Alan has no insight on Michael's living situation and Dr.Thomas says he was being told by Alan to make Michael want to live at the Quartermaines. Jason says no wonder Michael was always running out of his office and says he was scaring him but telling him to go live with AJ's family. Dr.Thomas says he realized that Michael was fine with Sonny and Carly and him and Sam and has since severed all ties to Alan but... Jason asks what the but is and Dr.Thomas says Alan stole the Michael's file out of his office and in the file was a tape of his own reflection of Michael's therapy. Including a statement that Michael is the one who killed AJ. Durant listens to the tape again and makes a call to a judge. Jason yells at Dr.Thomas that he said he would protect Michael and now he's making tapes of him and Dr.Thomas says he tapes all his cases for his diagnostic reason and Jason says this isn't a normal case. Michael is a 9 year old boy who is now at serious risk and Dr.Thomas says the file was locked in his desk and nothing has ever been stolen before. Jason asks if that's suppose to make him feel better and says Alan would have every reason to steal that file and Dr.Thomas says he has been consistent in trying to get Michael placed with the Quartermaines. Jason tells Dr.Thomas to tell Leticia and Michael he had t go out on an errand and Dr.Thomas asks what he's going to do as Jason is running out. Jason interrupts a ELQ board meeting and tells Alan he needs to speak with him and Alan and Monica go out to the terrace and Jason says he turned AJ into something terrible  and he isn't going to let him do the same with Michael and Alan asks what he's talking about. Jason says Dr.Thomas admitted that Alan ordered him to help him get Michael placed with them and Monica is shocked Alan tried to influence Michael's therapist and Alan says Michael needs them, they're his family. Jason says he knows he stole Michael's file and the tape and wants it back and Alan asks what he's talking about. Jason asks what Alan was going to do with it... make it public or make Sonny and Carly give up Michael so he'd live at the Quartermaines and Jason says he won't let it happen. Alan asks what is on the tape and then comes to the conclusion Michael saw Jason smother AJ and that's why they have been trying to keep Michael silent. Alan says he has been saying that all along. Monica steps in and says AJ kidnapped Michael and caused him severe trauma and they argue about Monica protecting Jason over AJ. Jason tells Monica not to bother because Alan is going to believe what he wants and Alan says he hopes whoever has the tape turns Jason in for killing his brother and they go inside. Dr.Thomas' secretary calls Jason and tells him Dr.Thomas told her to tell him that Durant sent a uniformed cop to escort him to the police station and that Jason would know what that means and Jason thanks her. Jason goes to Carly's and tells Michael they have to go and Carly says Michael isn't going anywhere. Durant pulls Dr.Thomas into questioning and tells him he has solid evidence Michael killed AJ and all he needs is to write a statement saying so and warns Dr.Thomas not to hide behind his patient/doctor confidentiality ethnic and Dr.Thomas figures out Durant is the one who broke into his office and stole the file. Durant says as District Attorney he has every right to any evidence pertaining to a crime and Dr.Thomas says as DA he should knows of a thing called needing a search warrant and asks if he got one. Durant says his client committed murder. Dr.Thomas says is Michael is his grandson and asks if that doesn't cause the slightest twinge of conscience or does he not care he using his power as DA to destroy him. Durant says it is in Michael's best interest that the truth of AJ's death come out and Dr.Thomas asks what kind of man is he that he wants his own grandson branded a murderer. Durant says he is trying to do what';s best for both Michael and Carly and Dr.Thomas asks how this is about Carly. Durant says that Carly is a wonderful mother except where her thinking of what's right in parenting comes along and Dr.Thomas figures out that Durant is going to throw his weight around and use Michael to force Carly isn't staying away from Sonny. Durant's says he will do whatever it takes to keep his daughter and grandsons away from that man. Carly says she was just getting ready to ask if Michael wanted to go for a swim and Michael says he'd like to stay Jason says they really need to go and when Carly pushes it further Jason blurts out that he thinks Durant has a tape of Michael's therapy and Michael asks why Dr.Thomas would tape their conversation and Jason says to help him. Michael starts to get scared and ask if he's going to jail and Jason says no but they need to go. Carly says even if Durant has the tape he's not going to do anything with it just as the police come in and tell Michael they are they to arrest him. Jason pulls his gun and tells them if they move he will start shooting. Sam comes in behind them and pulls a shotgun and orders them to put the guns down. The cops do as Sam says and Jason ties them up on chairs in the living room. Jason tells Carly that he and Michael have to go and Carly says she just got Michael back she doesn't want to lose him again. Jason says they don't have a lot of time and Carly tells Michael to go with Jason and Sam. Jason and Sam take Michael back to Sonny's Michael runs into Sonny's arms. Sonny asks what's going on and Michael says the police are after him and Jason tells Michael to hurry upstairs and tell Leticia to pack some things for him. Sonny asks how this could have happened and Jason says the police stormed into Carly's wanting to arrest Michael. Sonny says how that could have happened and Jason says someone must have submitted evidence to the judge and Sonny says they should have never trusted that shrink. Jason says he doesn't think it was Dr.Thomas, but Durant that broke into Dr.Thomas' office and stole a tape of Dr.Thomas saying what he thinks Michael did. Jason says they have no time and there is a jet waiting and they need to get Michael out of the country. Michael comes downstairs and says he is leaving. The police take Carly into the police station and Durant joins Carly in the interrogation room. Carly says she doesn't understand how he can walk and Durant says he got the feelings back in his legs and was going to tell her himself but once again she has one upped him and Carly asks what was she suppose to do... let Michael get arrested. Durant says he is trying to help Michael and Carly asks what Reese was doing there when she was brought in. Durant says he has dropped the suit against the hospital and Bobbie and he was simply informing opposing counsel. Durant tells Carly that Reese is the least of her problems and asks her to tell him where Michael is. Durant asks why the cops brought her in and Carly says it's a long story and Durant says like interfering with a police investigation. Carly asks Durant to tell her Jason is wrong. He wouldn't do this. He wouldn't go after his own grandson... or steal evidence out of the shrink's office or send a cop to her home to arrest Michael. Carly says that if he did this he knows she would hate him for the rest of his life and says he wouldn't risk that and Durant tells her not to count on that. Sonny tells Michael he understands he doesn't want to leave but he needs to go right now. Michael asks why he can't stay with him and Sonny says he has to stay and fix this before the police come back. Michael tells him to make them go away and Sonny says he can do that once, even twice but not a third time and says he needs him to leave with Jason. Michael asks what if he wants to talk to him and Sonny says they'll set up a way he can do that but for now they just need to go and Michael agrees for his dad. The security system goes off and Michael says he doesn't want to go to jail and Sonny promises him he isn't going to jail and he is going to make sure no one else ever hurts him. The cops knock on the door and Sonny asks what they want and they say they have a warrant for Michael. Sonny asks if they have a search warrant and one of the cops says it's on it's way. Sonny tells them to do their job better and not come back until they have a search warrant. Jason says they have the house surrounded by now and Sam says they are going to be waiting outside the door with that warrant. Sonny tells them to go through the cellar and Michael says he knows of a better way and tells Sonny about the hole in the fence and Sam says it could work. Sonny asks where they are going to take him and Jason says he knows of a place no one will ever think to look. Durant says he did this for Michael and Carly says the hell he did. Durant says she and Sonny are too busy with their lives to help him but if she really cares about her son she tell him where he is... but Carly interrupts him and says not a chance. Durant says she probably doesn't even know where Michael is because Jason has spirited him out of the country by now. Carly tells Durant if she tells Sonny he did this he is a dead man and Durant says she is right... but if she doesn't tell him she still has a chance at a life with her son and reminds her she's already lost out on the chance to have a family with Sonny. Carly says he doesn't care about her or Michael. All he cares about is getting back at Sonny and Durant says she is wrong and says he can help Michael by getting him in the "system" and getting him into a good placement for a couple of years and then he'll be out. Carly asks why he couldn't just leave this alone and Durant says if she really wants him out of the picture here's her chance as Sonny arrives with Reese and Sonny walks in and says he can't believe Durant went after his son. Jason and Sam meet up with Emily in the caves on Spoon Island and Emily tells them they'll be safe there and she will make sure they get everything they need. Michael asks if she's mad at him and is going to tell anyone where they are. Emily assures Michael she isn't mad and isn't going to tell anyone where to find them and says she needs to get back before she's missed. Jason tells Michael he's doing a good job of holding up and asks how he feels and Michael says a little tired but he doesn't want to go to sleep. Jason says the police aren't going to find him out there and maybe his nightmares won't either. Sam tells Michael she and Jason are going to watch over him all night and Michael asks if they can play catch in the morning and Jason says they can try and tosses him the ball. Sonny accuses Durant of breaking into the shrink's office and stealing the tape and asks Carly what he told her and Durant says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Carly tries to defend her father by saying he couldn't have broken into Dr.Thomas' office because he was in a wheel chair and Sonny says he's walking right now and Carly says that's her point...anyone could have done it. Carly says Durant wouldn't use his grandson or hurt her to go after anyone, even him and Durant excuses himself and says that Reese should file those papers now that he is dropping his suit against the hospital and Bobbie and Carly and Sonny are left alone. Sonny asks if that's the deal, Durant drops the lawsuit against Bobbie in exchange for Michael and asks who's side is she on. Jason tells Sam she knows he doesn't like her putting herself at risk but thanks her for helping them out. Sam says he and Carly did give her a scare and Jason says that he and Carly have gotten themselves into a lot of situations but it helped having her there. Carly says she not on her father's side or his, she's on Michael's and just wants to know where he is and Sonny asks if she is really willing to send him to prison for killing that piece of trash and Carly says she just wants to know where he is and if he is OK. Sonny asks why... so she can tell the cops and Carly says she would never do that and says he can't have it both ways. he can't be with a woman that is out to hurt her and expect her to be on his side in every situation and tells him to just tell her where her son is and Sonny says he's not sure he can do that because he doesn't know how much he can really trust her right now. Back at home Carly worries and tells Alcazar that Jason must have called Sonny by now and told him where Michael is and Lorenzo says that's a good bet. Carly says she doesn't understand why Sonny hasn't called her yet and is about to leave when Lorenzo stops her and says she shouldn't panic and Carly says she is open to any ideas but make it fast. Lorenzo says as of now Michael killing AJ is on record and she has two options, either surrender Michael to the police, or spirit him how of the country. Reese tells Sonny she made a deal with Durant on Jason and Sam's behalf. If the bring Michael in all charges involving the escape will be dropped and Sonny says he'll still be branded a murderer. Reese tells Sonny Michael is a minor and it'll be a closed hearing and he'll most likely get a suspended sentence and court ordered therapy. Sonny says Michael will still be arrested and treated like a criminal and Reese says they can't do that and Sonny says yes Durant can. Sam says the she guesses at the age of 9, hiding out in a cave can be looked at as a kind of adventure but that after twenty fours hours some kind of decision is going to have to be made. Jason says he can't make that decision, he's just there to protect Michael, Carly and Sonny have to decide what they want to do next. Sam says then they need to figure out a destination to go to if Carly and Sonny say to get Michael out of the country and Jason says he doesn't know which is right for him. take him away from his home and everything he knows, or make him confess to murder and deal with the consequences. Carly says if Jason can get Michael out of the country she will join them with Morgan and says she want Lorenzo to go with her but understands if he can't. Lorenzo says he has interests in Port Charles, lots of them, starting with her and says there is no reason if she goes to the other side of the world that he won't go with her. Carly says it's settled then and is about to make a phone call and Lorenzo asks if she's sure that's what she wants and asks if she prepared to take Michael away from everything he knows, his friends... his school... family and grandparents and Carly says her father can rot in hell before he'll see Michael again and Lorenzo says he meant Bobbie and Mike. Lorenzo reminds Carly he was ready to take her out of the country before but she didn't want to go. Carly says but if they stay Michael will be arrested and what good is it for him to have friends if it's public knowledge he killed AJ. Lorenzo tells her it won't be because there are special laws for minors, he's already had his lawyers check into it. It will be a closed hearing and they will take into account all the trauma Michael has been through and he may not even have to leave home. Carly says she's scared and doesn't know what to do and Lorenzo says whatever she decides he is with her but he honestly believes the best thing is to turn Michael into the police and let justus run it's course. Reese tells Sonny Michael was just starting to trust his doctor and Sonny says it's the doctor's fault Michael is in this trouble now. Reese says Durant stole the file out of Dr.Thomas' office and Dr.Thomas can't be blamed for that and Michael shouldn't have to be punished for it. Sonny says there is a warrant out for his son's arrests and asks isn't that punishment enough. Reese says they could take Durant's deal. Sonny says he's not taking any deal and tells her Jason and Sam are taking care of Michael until this is taken care of. Reese says Jason and Sam both have AP B's out for their arrest and what happens when they are gunned down right in front of Michael. Reese says she knows the idea of his custody is a horrible thought and Sonny asks how she knows and asks if she's ever been arrested. But he means the big time, not for some little misdemeanor when you're a kid. he's talking about when they come into your place of business, and if they want to make an example out of you they throw you up against the bar, cuff you, read you your rights. Sonny says then there's the police station, the mug shots not to mentions the media vultures out to get their next story. Then they throw you in a cell about the size of a closet. Sonny says his son is nine years old and he's not going to have to feel that humiliation and Reese apologizes. Sonny says he needs time to think and Reese tells him there's not a lot of time. Sonny asks her to try and stall Durant and Reese leaves to go to the police station. Emily arrives and asks if they are alone and Sonny says yes. Emily tells Sonny Michael, Jason and Sam are hiding in the tunnels at Wyndemere but they aren't going to be able to stay there much longer and says Jason is waiting on him to make a decision. Sonny tells Emily he doesn't know what to do. Let Michael be taken out of the country and away from everything he knows and loves or let him be taken into custody and play it out. Emily tells Sonny he is Michael's father and tells him to follow his heart. Jason says when he found out Durant had Michael's file all his instincts were telling him one thing... to get this kid out of the country as fast as he could. Sam says she knows him and he was ready to go down fighting when the cops showed up at Carly's and if she hadn't come along he would be running for the death of two cops right now. Jason says he knows and all his life he has known what was best for Michael. He didn't know why, he just new... and now... Sam tells him his instincts told him to run and Jason says he doesn't know. Give Michael a false identity and drag him all over the world filling his head with lies, just like AJ did. Sam says AJ was an emotionally abusive man, and Jason loves and protects Michael with everything he has. Jason says he just doesn't know if taking Michael away from his home is the answer. Sam says OK and says they wait for Sonny's call but tells him no matter what they decide, they are in this together. Durant asks Ric what happened to him. He used to be a upstanding citizen of the court and asks if he lost his intuition. Reese arrives and Durant isn't surprised Sonny isn't with her and Reese says he's coming. Sonny walks in and says that if the deal is real and all charges against Sam and Jason are dropped, and it's put into writing, he'll surrender Michael to the court. Sonny goes to Carly's and says he needs to talk to her about Michael alone. Carly says Lorenzo is her husband and whatever Sonny needs to say he can say it in front of him but Sonny doesn't cooperate. Durant says that Jason and Sam will take Michael to his father's house and then they will all come to the police station. Ric says no police escorts and Durant asks why... because they are all so reliable and finally agrees to no escorts. They will surrender Michael and all charges will be dropped. Reese says how about no charges are filed in the first place and Ric asks about child welfare services. Durant says Michael is a minor so he sees no way to keep them out of it but as long as it is show that Michael isn't living a bad situation there should be no problem. Durant mocks Reese and Ric and says the clock is ticking and Sonny has two hours. Emily goes to see Jason and Sam in the cave and tells them they both have AP B's out for them and Durant has told everyone they kidnapped Michael and should be considered armed and dangerous. Michael says it's not true and that they're trying to help him and Jason tells him it'll be OK. Sam asks if she talked to Sonny and Emily tells them Sonny wants them o get Michael out of the country. Sonny goes to Carly's and says he needs to talk to her alone. Carly says she wants Lorenzo there and this is about Michael and nothing else and Sonny still doesn't talk. Alcazar says that they all agree on one thing that this is about Michael and says this is something his parents should discuss and tells Carly he'll stand by her whatever she decides. Carly tells Sonny she has decided to turn Michael in and Sonny says no and they need to let him go. Carly says they just got Michael back and asks how can she let him go again.Sonny says it isn't for him either, Michael is his heart but doesn't see any other alternative. Carly says Lorenzo checked into and there are special laws for minors and Sonny asks and what happens when Durant lets it leak to the press that Michael is the one who killed AJ. Sonny says he might consider it if Durant wasn't her father but he doesn't trust him. He's willing to do anything to get back at them and Carly agrees to let Michael go but asks Sonny to take her to him. Jason asks Sam if she is ready to do this and Sam says what... travel the world with the guy she loves and a little boy she is crazy about and says to twist her arm and asks what they have planned. Jason says there is a ship waiting for them under a dummy company and it's all legal except he doesn't know how to pilot a ship. Sam asks if he is kidding and says she knows the Caribbean back and forth, that is if they can both accept her as their captain and both Michael and Jason say yes.Jason hears someone coming and pulls his gun. Carly calls out to Michael and Michael runs into her arms. Durant barges into Alcazar's and asks where his daughter is and Alcazar says he doesn't know. Durant tells him not to waste his time by lieing and says that he knows Sonny showed up there and asks if she's with him. Alcazar asks how he knows that and asks if they have cameras planted there and asks if that's legal. Alcazar says he doesn't know what he's talking about because he's been on a conference call and saw no one. Durant warns Alcazar not to let Carly spend too much time with Sonny accuses him of covering for Sonny. Alcazar says he has no reason to cover for Sonny and he doesn't respect him. Durant congratulates Alcazar and says he just wrapped Carly up in a bow and handed her to Sonny. Sonny says good bye to Michael first and tells him it won't be long and they'll set up a way for him to call or email. Sonny promises Michael he is going to fix things and tells him he won't be going to jail. Carly asks Sam to protect Michael and Sam says she will with her life. When it's time for them to go Carly says she can't let Michael go and can't lose him again. Sonny says it's only going to be for a little while and Carly lets Michael go. Reese goes to the police station and Durant says she is looking kind of lonely and tells her to admit Sonny flaked on their deal. Reese says they'll be there and Durant tells her about Sonny goes to Alcazar's and says that Sonny and Carly didn't leave the way that Sonny arrived which mean they left by the lake and there are two police officers on their way to Spoon Island as they speak. Officers arrive in the cave and Sonny asks what they are doing there. One of them asks where Michael is and Sonny says he isn't there at the moment and Carly says they have been under a lot of stress lately and decided to go on a family outing with their youngest son. Jason and Sam make it to the ship and Jason asks what she thinks. Sam says it appears to be in good shape and Michael asks if he can go below deck and Jason says he can pick out a cabin for himself. Sam asks Jason if he's having second thoughts and he says he's OK as long as Michael is safe and asks about her and says now she is facing a kidnapping charge. Sam says it's not the first time she has been accused of something she didn't do and says even if she didn't care about Michael she would be there because she loves him, But she is crazy about Michael and what she wants from this time is for Michael to heal. Michael picks out a cabin and Jodie appears. Michael tells her she can't be there and asks why she is. Jason says there isn't a lot of times where he didn't know what to do and Sam says everything is going to be OK. Jason asks will Michael ever be OK. Jodie tells Michael she followed him and stowed away and Michael asks why and Jodie says she has something to tell Michael. Jodie tells him he's not the one who killed AJ. Jason asks if Sam has ever just wanted to take off and Sam says all the time. That was her whole life, until she met him. Jason says he did everything he could to protect Michael and promised him that no one would ever know he killed AJ. Michael trusted him and now that is shot to hell. Sam says that it not his fault and Jason says that doesn't matter because now he is away from his mom and his family and Sam says Michael has him. Jason says maybe that isn't enough and Sam says they are a family out there and that Michael really needs. Sam picks up on something and asks if he doesn't believe her Jason says it's not that. Something is eating at him in the back of his mind. Something like when he was the only one who thought Michael was alive. Jodie tells Michael she was there when AJ was killed and Michael asks why didn't she tell him before. Jodie says he didn't want him to think she was afraid he would freak out. Jodie tells Michael someone else was in the room and Michael asks her how she knows that. Jodie says she was in AJ's room and Michael asks why he didn't see her and Jodie says he doesn't remember half of what happened but she does and someone else came into the room. Jodie is about to tell Michael who killed AJ but Jason comes into the room to check on Michael and asks if he is OK. Jodie hides under the bed. Durant has his two police officers go to Wyndemere and escort Emily to the police station. Durant warns her she better use her cell phone to make her one call to her attorney. Emily says or to call her brother so he'll come back because he thinks she's in trouble and Durant calls her a smart girl but not smart enough to tell her brother not to leave town with his grandson when he's accused of murder. Emily says no comment and Durant says she'll make one soon and and says he has everyone in town right where he wants them. Michael tells Jason he is OK and Jason says he knows they had to leave suddenly and asks if he misses his mom and dad. Michael says a little but it's going to be cool living on a boat with him and maybe he'll get to see all those places Jason read to him about when he was a baby. Jason says he and Sam will take him to Spain and Kenya and Greece another time but for now they're sailing to the Caribbean and Michael says cool and Jason asks if he's sure he feels OK. Michael says he already feels much better and Jason leaves. Emily calls Sonny and tells him Durant brought her and says she made need a little help. Sam and Jason tuck Michael into bed and as they're leaving the cabin Sam asks Jason what's wrong and he says he still doesn't know yet. Emily asks Durant what makes him think she had anything to do with Michael's disappearance and Durant says nice try. Durant says everyone knows Sonny and Jason have a long history of using women to help commit their crimes and Emily says she doesn't know what he's talking about. Durant says she is close to being charged as an accomplice and Reese and Sonny walk in and Reese says he is very close to to violating a citizen's right by questioning her without legal representation. Emily says he has nothing and Durant says they are stone walling and he has two police officers on their way to Spoon Island to look for Michael. Sonny asks if he has a warrant and Durant says Emily aided known criminals but Reese tells her she is free to go and anything Durant's goons have on her will be inadmissible. Durant starts to accuse her further and Nikolas shows up and says maybe he didn't hear right and says Emily is free to go. Emily leaves with Nikolas. Sam points out the Sea Islands of South Carolina and says they can stop there and pick up some supplies plus she thinks some people there owe her some favors and Jason looks at her funny. Sam asks why he is looking at her like that and he says because of her and Sam asks why because of her and Jason says he thinks she misses this life. Sam says she used to love being at sea because all her life people had let her down. At sea she be free and and be herself and that's where she thinks she felt the safest... until she met him. Jason says the time he spent away from Port Charles he did the same. He traveled all over and if a place caught his eye he would go. He spent days without talking to anyone. Jason says he thinks he talks more than he ever has in his life, with her and Sam says that's good because she likes listening to him. Jason says that's what he missed most. He would see something really amazing and want to tell someone but had no one to call. Jason says he thinks he's been searching for someone he could things like that to. Someone who understood and got it and he's finally found her. Jason and Sam share a hug and Sam notices Michael on deck and says they aren't alone. Jason asks if Michael had another nightmare and Michael tells them he has something to tell them and says they aren't alone on the ship. Jason asks if he saw someone and Michael says his friend Jodie stowed away. Sam says she thought he said that Jodie's parents moved her out of town and Michael says they did but Jodie ran away and he's been hiding her at the house for a couple weeks. Jason asks how Jodie knew they were going to be on that ship because they didn't even know and Michael says he doesn't know, she just always knows where he's going to be. Sam asks why is she there and Michael says Jodie told him she knows who killed AJ. Sonny goes to Wyndemere to check on Emily and Reese brings a court order from Durant and says it's not good. Michael takes Jason and Sam to his cabin to talk to Jodie and tells her to come out from under the bed and tells her to tell Jason and Sam who killed AJ but there is no one there. Jason and Sam our lost for words and Michael tells Jodie it's OK and she can tell them because Jason and Sam are his friends. Jason and Sam are lost for words and then Sam gets down and "tells" Jodie it is nice to finally meet her. Tears well up in Jason's eyes and he still doesn't know what to do. Jodie tells Michael Jason is staring at her and Michael says it's OK because he doesn't smile much but she can trust him. Jodie says Jason doesn't like her and and Sam tells Michael his friend doesn't have to talk to them until she's ready and says that she and Jason are going out on deck and to call them when she's ready. Jason and Sam leave and Jason is devastated and says how could he not have known it was this bad. Sonny tells Emily the court order means is they don't have enough evidence to arrest Emily and Reese says that she can't leave town and Emily says she wasn't planning to. Sonny tells her not to let Durant bully her into giving up Jason and Michael and Emily says Durant must be crazy to go after Michael for murder. He's have the half the town after him and Reese says he already does and asks if Sonny is ready because they can catch a launch together. Sonny says he has some errands to do and will meet up with her later. Sonny tells Emily to go upstairs and pack something because he's taking her home. Emily says she is home and Sonny says to the Quartermaines because that's where she'll be safest. Sam says that Michael started talking about Jodie right around the time that he started going to see Dr.Thomas and maybe so he could have someone to talk to. Jason says he could talk to Dr.Thomas and Sam says but everyone was telling him not to say anything about killing AJ so maybe Jodie was created so he could talk about what happened that night. Sam says she has read about this and children of abuse or traumatic events often create an alter ego- or alter somebody so they can have someone to talk to. Jason says Michael isn't schizophrenic and Sam agrees and says Michael isn't pretending to be Jodie, she's just his invisible friend. Jason says but Michael said that Jodie was there to tell them all what happened the night AJ died. Sam says maybe that's why Jodie exists, to tell them what happened the only way Michael knows how. Sam says If they take Michael back to Port Charles Durant will have him arrested and he will just go back deeper into his survival mode and Jason says and then they may never be able to get him out of it and Sam agrees. Sam says she thinks the truth is with Jodie and tells Jason he needs to encourage Michael to have Jodie tell them who killed AJ. Jason gets up and says he can't, he isn't good at pretending and Sam says he does it with Michael and Morgan all the time. Jason says he can push them on a swing or play games but when it comes to make believe he is unable to do it and says she saw how Michael could tell he was freaked. Sam tries to urge Jason more and he yells he can't and Sam says she will be the one to get the truth out of Jodie. Sam sneaks on shore but calls Jason and says she's been spotted and tells him to take Michael and go. Jason says he isn't going to leave her and the cell phone connection breaks up. Michael comes out and says Jodie is ready to talk to him now. Jason calls Reese and thanks her for checking on anyone named Jodie. Reese tells him she only found one Jodie and she is an 30-ish woman living in Detroit. Jason asks how Michael would know of her and Reese says she went to the same school and won a spelling bee in 1979 and that her picture hangs in the hall. Jason says Michael passes by it everyday and Reese asks if he's going to tell her what's going on. Jason tells her Michael has made up an imaginary friend and says she knows Michael didn't kill AJ. Carly and Alcazar barge into Sonny and ask where Sonny is. Reese says she doesn't know but maybe at the warehouse and Carly says not on the boat with Jason, Sam and Michael and Reese asks how she knows that. Carly says she and Sonny said goodbye to Michael together and knows that Sonny put them on the ship and Alcazar says that his men have been tracking them ever since and that they are headed for the Caribbean. Carly tells Reese she is going to tell her everything and Reese asks why should she. Carly says Michael is her son and has a right to know and Reese blurts out that it may be possible Michael didn't kill AJ and explains that she is the one who assumed Michael had suppressed killing AJ because of the nightmare he had and his actions afterwards. Carly says that's great, Michael thinks he's a killer because of her suspicions and asks who might have killed AJ and Reese says they don't know yet. Jason walks in on Michael trying to convince Jodie to tell him who killed AJ.  Michael tells Jodie Jason isn't like other grown ups and he doesn't say what he thinks they want to hear, he tells the truth. Michael asks Jason to talk to Jodie and tries his best to pretend to be talking to Jodie and tells her if she tells them who she saw kill AJ Michael can go home to be with his family. Jodie still doesn't talk and Jason says maybe she needs a little more time and says that he will leave them alone and Jodie can tell Michael when she's ready. Jason goes on deck and Michael follows him and says he doesn't know why Jodie won't talk. Jason says maybe she isn't ready because it's hard to tell the truth about something that big and Michael agrees. Jason asks if Jodie has known the truth all along why hasn't she already told him and Michael says that she said she was afraid he would freak out. Jason asks would he have and Michael says he was messed up before and says maybe  he has gotten a little better. Michael says he's going to go try to talk to Jodie because even though she seems quiet now, she says a lot to him and says he just wants all of this to be over. Jason says he does too and when Michael leaves Jason looks out over the water with worry in his eyes. Jason calls Dr.Thomas and tells him he has a situation with Michael and Dr.Thomas says a lot of people are looking for them. Jason tells Dr.Thomas about Jodie and Dr.Thomas asks how Jason found out about Jodie and Jason says Michael introduced them but he was talking to the wall. Dr.Thomas asks if Michael is scared or upset and Jason says he says Jodie is and Dr.Thomas explains that Michael is projecting, putting the feelings he doesn't want to feel off on Jodie. Jason asks what eh should do and Dr.Thomas tells him not to confront him, that needs to be done in a controlled setting and says he needs to bring Michael back Port Charles immediately so he can get some help. Jason asks what he does in the meantime, tell Michael the truth or pretend he sees Jodie and says he's never lied to the kid before. Dr.Thomas says it's crucial that Michael doesn't know Jodie only exists in his mind or it might send him into further submission.  When Dr.Thomas hangs up the phone he asks Durant if he's satisfied and Durant says he will be once his grandson is home. Michael comes out and asks who Jason was talking about because he heard him say he didn't want to lie to someone and Jason says he was talking about someone else. Michael turns around and Jodie is there and he asks where she went and Jodie says she ran away because she was scared. Michael tries to get Jodie to talk to Jason but she won't. Michael asks Jason to tell Jodie it's OK and Jason says he doesn't know what to say and Jodie says she told him. She knows he didn't kill AJ but Jason thinks he did. Jodie moves to another spot and Michael asks Jason to talk to her and when he directs his conversation the wrong way Michael figures out Jason can't see her. Jason lies and says he can see her now when Michael becomes upset and Michael calls him a liar and says he has never lied to him before and says he's going crazy. Michael asks Jason to shake Jodie's hand and when Jason is no where near Jodie Michael begins to panic and asks what's wrong with him. Jason tells Michael he isn't going crazy, he's just confused and Michael hugs Jason. Reese goes to the hospital and sees Rachel Adaire in a hospital room and asks if she's remembering what she did. Rachel asks what she means and Reese says she is the forgotten one in AJ's murder and Rachel says she has told police everything she knew about AJ. Reese says that maybe Rachel killed AJ because he dumped her and tricked her into helping him take Michael and fake his death. Jason carries Michael to bed and promises him they are going to get through this and says he is going to protect him and keep him safe. Jason tells Michael if he gets scared again to tell him and they'll get through it together and tells Michael to get some sleep. Rachel tells Reese she didn't kill AJ but she saw someone come out of AJ's room that shouldn't have been there in the first place and Reese says she'll bite and asks who and Rachel says Dr.Thomas. Jason calls Dr.Thomas and tells him Michael figured out that he couldn't see Jodie and Dr.Thomas says that's not good and asks where Michael is and Jason says he put him to bed because he was exhausted. Dr.Thomas says it's crucial he get Michael back and it's more important than any chargers pending against him and Jason says he's just worried Michael isn't going to survive this. As Jason says that he has a memory flashback of when he was in the hospital after his accident and Dr.Thomas is on the phone telling someone he (Jason) isn't going to survive this. Jason closes his eyes and tries to remember more but can't. At the same time Dr.Thomas flashes back to the same memory only it's AJ on the other end of the phone. Jason calls Sonny and tells him about Michael creating Jodie and Sonny says he doesn't want to believe and Jason says Michael introduced them but he was talking to air. Jason explains where Michael got the name Jodie and Sonny says what happened is Michael snapped one night. Being kidnapped and brainwashed was too much for him and Jason says he told Dr.Thomas about Jodie and Dr.Thomas told them to come home. Jason asks if he's heard anything on Sam and Sonny says Durant had her brought back to Port Charles this morning and Jason says other than that. Sonny says that he knows she's being processed but he hasn't seen or talked to her. Sonny tells Jason to come back to Port Charles but don't dock until he tells him to because he has an idea. Michael wakes up and Jodie is standing by him with a pillow and he asks her what she id doing. Jodie said he dropped it and must have been having a nightmare and Michael says he was about her and says she isn't real. Jodie is hurt and tells him not to say that and Michael says he made her up in his head and tells her to go away and Jodie says he doesn't mean that and Michael says he does. Jodie says if she leaves now he will never know who killed his father and Michael corrects her and says AJ wasn't his father, he was just AJ and yells at her to go away again. Jason hears Michael yelling and runs into the cabin. As Dr.Thomas eavesdrops Reese tells Rachel she just made a serious accusation and Rachel says she realizes that and says Reese doesn't believe her. Reese says she had motive to kill AJ and Rachel says she saw Dr.Thomas come  out of AJ's room the same hour he was killed because she was walking by and thought it was strange that a shrink would be going to visit AJ. Rachel says if she's finished questioning her she has patients to get back to and leaves. Durant tells Carly he has done bent over backwards to offer Sonny a deal to bring Michael home and Carly says they are just trying to protect Michael and Durant says he is too and Sonny walks up and says he is willing to take that deal now. Carly says he doesn't have to take any deal from her father and Durant asks which one and Sonny says the one they originally agreed on. Michael is brought home and all charges against Jason and Sam are dropped and he has to give him his word that Michael won't publicly be arrested. No booking process because he doesn't want his little boy traumatized or scared more than he already is. Carly tells Sonny he can't trust this man and Durant says thanks for the vote of confidence and Carly says she knows him. Sonny says he is giving Durant a chance to keep his word and if he is on the up and up this is his chance to prove it and asks if they have a deal. Durant says there's one condition, that Michael continues his therapy with Dr.Thomas and Sonny and Durant shake on it. Reese goes in to question Dr.Thomas about why he was in AJ's room around the time he was murdered and Dr.Thomas he was consulting with Dr.Jones about a motorcycle accident case and had his head buried in the file and wondered into AJ's room by accident and walked right back out. Reese doesn't look as though she believes him and Dr.Thomas says she can check the Dr.Thomas' records and Reese says she will. Dr.Thomas asks how being an attorney still allows her to question someone like she was a FED and Reese says old habits. Michael goes to talk to Jason on the deck and asks what's wrong with him that he would make up a friend. Jason says maybe he needed a friend, someone he could tell a secret to and Michael says like him killing AJ.. Jason says what if he didn't do it and Michael says that doesn't make sense. Why would he make up a friend to tell that someone else killed AJ when everyone , including himself would love for that to be true. Jason says this whole thing is complicated and says he is the last person that should explain it to him but he is going to try. Jason says that maybe he wasn't ready for the truth so he made up Jodie to tell him when he was ready. Jodie is that part of his mind that is trying to help him and tells Michael not to push Jodie away. Michael says he already did and Jason assures Michael Jodie isn't bad and he need her to find out the truth, all he has to do is talk to Jodie again and asks if he wants to know who killed AJ. Michael says he does but asks what if he can't make Jodie come back. Michael gets Jodie to come back and asks why she left and she says it's time for her to go. Michael says not until she tells him who killed AJ but Jodie says Michael already knows all he has to do is look into his mind and Jodie disappears. Carly asks Sonny why he would make a deal with her father and Sonny tells her the situation with Michael has gotten worse and says he has made up an imaginary friend. Carly says that's not so uncommon and Sonny tells her how Michael had a whole conversation with her in front of Jason but no one was there and says that Jodie is a woman that went to his school years ago and won a spelling bee and her picture is posted in the hall where Michael walks by everyday. Carly asks how he knows all this and Sonny tells her Jason had Reese look into it. Sonny calls Jason and tells him to bring Michael home and then tells Carly Michael and Jason will be there in half an hour and Carly asks how he knows that. Carly wants to know why they told Reese about Michael and not her and Reese walks in and says Jason asked her to investigate because she is a former FBI agent and asked her to do a name search on Jodie Monroe. Reese tells her it's not uncommon for children to see a picture somewhere or hear a name and copy and paste it into something they have made up in their mind and Carly says she is cut out of their life more than she thought she was and Sonny says this is a good thing. It means Michael might not have killed AJ and Reese says Michael might have created Jodie because he saw or heard something that scares him and Carly says he saw her standing over AJ with a pillow and asks what could be more unsettling than that. Sonny says he's more worried that the real killer will find out Michael knows something and come after him. A flashback shows Dr.Thomas talking with Monica in Jason's room after the accident and Monica says she isn't too sure Jason will be able to pull out of this. Dr.Thomas says that the chances of exactly that happening are excellent and she should warn her family. Monica says he is probably right, insensitive but right and leaves to talk to Alan. Dr.Thomas takes a syringe out of his pocket and injects something into Jason's IV and calls someone and tells AJ that he has done what he asked and now it's his turn to pay up and says that if he breathes a word of what he's done to anyone he'll join his brother in hell and AJ hangs up the phone. Jason brings Michael home and Carly and Michael reunite. Sonny asks Jason if Michael has remembered yet and Jason says know and wants to know about Sam. Sonny says that's all been taken care of because he made a deal with Durant. Durant walks in and Michael asks what he's doing there and Sonny says it's going to be OK and says he made a deal. Just then Durant has the police come in and orders them to arrest Jason for kidnapping. Michael starts to panic and Sonny yells at Durant that they had a deal and Durant says he only thought they had a deal but he doesn't make deals with thugs. Sonny tries to attack Durant and Reese says he's only going to make things worse. Durant tells Carly he is going to have to take Michael and has an officer tell Michael he has to go with her. Durant tells Carly to go with him and Sonny tries to fight against the cops to get to the cops. Sonny tells Durant he is going to pay for this and Durant says Michael will only be safe once he gets him from that hell hole and leaves. Dr.Thomas flashes back to sneaking into AJ's room. Dr.Thomas says it is funny how history repeats itself and says here he is helpless in a hospital bed just like his brother was all those years ago and asks who is he to summon him, and then threatened to tell what he did to Jason if he didn't help him win an insanity plea. Dr.Thomas says he always wondered what kind of jealousy went so deep that he wanted his own brother dead. Dr.Thomas reflects that Jason was revived, all except the brain damage part. Dr.Thomas says then after all the secrets kept, his, AJ's he had to go and break up the deal and says he won't get the chance to tell anyone what he did so many years ago and smothers AJ with the pillow. Dr.Thomas is brought back to the present and there is a knock on the door. Rachel comes in and says he wanted to see her and Dr.Thomas tells her to have a seat and then he sits at his desk and closes a  desk drawer that has another syringe like the one he used on Jason. A guard takes Sam to see Jason and says Durant has allowed them a little time together and Sam says she was so hoping he got away with Michael. Durant tells Sonny that Jason, Sam and Michael are all going to stay where they are despite his attempts to get them free. Sonny says Jason and Sam can handle lock up, Michael can't. Durant says that's why he stayed at his apartment and Sonny asks where Michael is now and Durant says safe. Sonny asks again and Durant doesn't tell him. Carly is waiting outside Dr.Thomas' office when they bring him in for a therapy and she hugs him and says she camped out there knowing he would be there. Dr.Thomas says they really need to get started on the session and Michael wants to stay with his mom. Reese goes to the nurse's station and asks about Rachel and Liz says she did not come in or call and that isn't like her and they come to the conclusion it was almost as though she dropped off the face of the earth. Carly tells Michael she called the police station and no one would tell her anything and asks where Michael stayed last night. Dr.Thomas says that to his knowledge Michael stayed at Durant's. Carly is shocked her father didn't call her and asks if she and Michael can have some alone time. The woman who brought Michael to the hospital says she can't be alone with her son and Dr.Thomas says they really need to get started on the therapy and Michael asks if his mom can stay and she isn't allowed to. Jason apologizes to Sam for getting her into trouble and Sam says no matter what they are in it together and whatever happens to him happens to her. Sonny pulls some strings and gets Sam and Jason cleared of all charges and but Durant's pulls a few strings and gets a restraining order placed on Jason and Sam to stay away from Michael. Sam says Michael needs them and counts on them and he doesn't need to do that. He tells them to enjoy their freedom because he doesn't think it will last long. Jason and Sam return home and Sam says she didn't think they would be going home anytime soon and senses something is wrong with Jason and asks. Jason says he is still thinking about Rachel saying she saw Dr.Thomas in AJ's room the night AJ died and doesn't know why she would say that. Sam says Rachel is probably lieing because she is the one who killed AJ. Sam comes down from taking a shower and says that it feels good to be able to wash off the feeling of lock on her and Jason says he hates the fact she was in jail because of him. Sam corrects him and says that she was arrested because she was sloppy and if the same situation arises again someday she doesn't want him making any deal for him to remain in lock up and her go free. Jason says how about they don't get arrested again and Sam says she's not too sure about that and they kiss. Michael tells Dr.Thomas Reese says he doesn't have to go to therapy anymore and Dr.Thomas says he can't count on his father's girlfriend but he can count on him. Michael tells Dr.Thomas to ask him something and Dr.Thomas asks if he misses Jodie. Michael says she isn't real and made her up. Dr.Thomas says he understands that and tells Michael sometimes children make up friends to help them through difficult situations. Michael says it's for babies and Dr.Thomas starts questioning Michael about what Jodie knows but Michael doesn't answer because Jodie is there. Michael is staring and Dr.Thomas chair and Dr.Thomas asks what he is looking at and Michael tells him Jodie is there. Jason tries to lay down and has a dream of Michael being in a hospital bed with his head wrapped like Jason's was after the accident. Dr.Thomas is in the room and injects something into his IV as Jason is pounding on the window to tell him to leave him alone. Jason wakes up from his dream and Sam tells him it's OK. Jason tells her Dr.Thomas tried to kill Michael. Dr.Thomas tries to hypnotize Michael and Jodie begs him not to let him do it and tells him to run. Michael begins to listen to Dr.Thomas and not Jodie. Jason tells Sam about his dream and says he remembers hearing Dr.Thomas' voice. Sam says maybe he was Michael in the dream and that his memories are trying to come back to him in the form of a dream. Jason asks why and wonders what he is trying to remember. Sam says she doesn't know but says maybe the truth isn't in Michael's memory, but his. Lucky and Jesse go to the police station and tell Sonny, Reese and Durant Michael may not have been the one who killed AJ because they found Rachel Adaire dead in her apartment and she left a suicide note confessing to the murder. Jason and Sam go downstairs and Jason says it doesn't make sense. His accident was ten years ago and asks how that has anything to do with AJ's murder now. Sam says she doesn't know and that if Dr.Thomas murdered AJ somewhere deep down Jason knows it. Dr.Thomas is able to hypnotize Michael and asks him about the night AJ was killed. Michael says he had to hide because someone came in the room and when Dr.Thomas asks who it is, Michael says it's him (Dr.Thomas)and Dr.Thomas pulls syringe out of his pocket. Sam says that Dr.Thomas helped Jason back when he was helpless the way Michael was in his dream and says now ten years later he's helping Michael. Sam says there has to be a connection somewhere and Jason says maybe and gets aggravated. Sam says that he said he's remembering things and Jason said not like that and says that they are more like flashes. Jason says he's no good at this and Sam says she doesn't follow. Jason tells her trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together and says he has to do something about it. Sam asks Jason if in the flashes he remembers AJ and Dr.Thomas being in the room together or having an argument, anything that would give Dr.Thomas a reason to kill AJ. Durant tries to get into Michael's therapy but his assistant Mel won't let him and Carly shows up and says she's not surprised to see him there and asks where Michael is. Durant says still in his session but as soon as he is though he is taking him back to his place so she wasted a trip. Ric shows up and says no he won't be, because a judge has granted custody back to Carly. Michael comes out and runs to Carly and she tells him she is taking him home to his family as she looks up at Durant with a grin. Carly and Michael arrive at Sonny's and says Carly just told him that he doesn't have to go back to Durant's and Sonny says never. Jason shows up and Michael asks if he's heard the good news and Jason says he has and now he doesn't have to feel scared because he didn't do anything wrong. Michael says he knows because he didn't kill AJ but he know who did. Jason asks what he means and Michael says he remembers now, he saw Rachel go into AJ's room and tells him he was a bad man and then kill him. Reese asks if Jodie told him that and Carly says she doesn't think they should be talking about Jodie right now and Michael says Jodie was never real. Sonny tells Reese she is not investigating a case right now and Carly tells Michael he is right. Dr.Adaire wrote a letter confessing to everything but Jason and Reese share concerned looks about the whole situation. Sam is trying to get a hold of Dr.Thomas' assistant Mel, when Jason comes home. Sam asks if Michael is OK and Jason says he is fine and Sam says doesn't sound like it and Jason says Michael thinks he's fine and tells her says that he saw Rachel kill AJ. Sam says since when and this is finally coming out after all this time. Jason says since he had a therapy session with Dr.Thomas and Sam says that Dr.Thomas would have to make Michael think he saw Rachel kill AJ to cover up the fact he killed him instead. Jason says maybe all this doesn't matter and says AJ deserved to die for what he did to Michael and says that Michael was happy and he hasn't smiled like that since before the kidnappings and says maybe they should leave things alone and asks why they should start the drama all over again and Sam says to protect Michael. Jason says there are other ways to protect Michael... Dr.Thomas could disappear or have an accident. Sam asks and allow Michael to keep the truth locked inside him and asks if that's what he really wants. Sam tells Jason she is trying to reach Dr.Thomas' assistant and says that if AJ called Dr.Thomas the night he died maybe she picked up the call. Jason says that's good and says he wants to go through it again. Jason says AJ drives them into a tree and then he is in a coma and has brain damage and Dr.Thomas is called in to consult with Tony and it was possible AJ and Dr.Thomas had contact back then. Now ten years later AJ kidnaps Michael and wants to cop an insanity plea and Sam says so he calls Dr.Thomas but AJ ends up dead and asks why Dr.Thomas would kill AJ over that and Jason says he doesn't know. Sam says maybe AJ asked Dr.Thomas to help him and Dr.Thomas refused and AJ blackmailed him and Jason asks with what. Sam says with whatever happened with his accident ten years ago and Jason says that's a long stretch and they have no proof and it's a huge assumption and Sam says everything fits. Dr.Thomas killed AJ to cover something up and Michael witnessed it. Jason says the only problem is now Michael says he saw Rachel Adaire kill AJ and Dr.Thomas is the missing link in all this. Michael remembers being in AJ's room and seeing Carly and asks why he doesn't remember seeing Dr.Thomas and Sam says maybe he feels guilty for seeing his biological father murdered and says it's not his fault. Jason says none of it is his fault and says Michael has been paying for other people's mistakes all his life including his and Sam asks where that came from. Jason says he told the first lie of Michael's life and says he said he was Michael's father and that all Michael knew was they he loved him and then he was gone. Sam says he has done nothing but love that boy and it is not his fault what happened either. Jason says he is tired of failing Michael and says he has to find out what happened the night AJ died so Michael can get past this and move on otherwise it will destroy him like the accident destroyed AJ. Just then Jason has a flashback of a nurse telling Dr.Thomas that his brother (AJ) is on the phone and will only speak to him. Sam asks what just happened and Jason says there is a connection between AJ and Dr.Thomas. Jason tells Sam that he was alone with Dr.Thomas in his ICU room when a nurse came in and told the doctor that AJ wanted to speak to only him. Dr.Thomas cuts the tape of him hypnotizing Michael just as Reese barges in. Dr.Thomas says that he is flattered but he she really can't stay away from him he preferred she knocked first and asks what she's doing there. Reese says tracing the last steps of Rachel Adaire's life and Dr.Thomas says he barely knew the woman.Reese says but he knows she is dead and Dr.Thomas says yes he does and it's tragic. Reese and also convenient as Rachel told her that he was in AJ's room the night he died and Dr.Thomas is about to use whatever is in the syringe on Reese but Lucky and Jesse come in and say they need to ask him a few questions about Rachel Adaire. Alan pulls something out behind a movable brick in the patio wall at the Quartermaines and when he hears someone inside he puts it back and tries to sneak through the living room. Monica turns on the light and catches him in the act and asks what he was doing out on the terrace and Alan says walking through Lila's rose garden. Monica asks at night and Alan says the roses are beautiful in the moonlight and it helps him to be closer to her. Jason comes in and says he wants to know about the accident ten years ago. Monica says they have told him everything already. Jason says no they haven't and he thinks something happened back then and they are covering it up. Alan says for years Jason has refused to talk about the accident and not tried to have a relationship with his family. Jason says well he wants to talk about it now and Monica says she'll tell him about the accident. Jason asks how much involvement Dr.Thomas had in treating him and Monica says Tony Jones diagnosed him originally and called in other doctors like Kevin Collins and Asher Thomas. Sam says but those are psychiatrists and ask why they would have been called in. Monica says that that although Jason was comatose there was an intermediate period where he would occasionally open his eyes and that Dr.Thomas was called in to test his cognitive functions. Jason asks where AJ was in all this. Alan says AJ was constantly in contact with the doctors and was worried sick about Jason and says they all were. Sam says to forget about AJ for a second and asks about Dr.Thomas and Alan asks what it has to do with him and Sam says Dr.Thomas seems to be the one common thread in all this. Sam asks Monica if AJ spoke to Dr.Thomas and Monica says she sure he did but can't remember anything specific. Sam asks so there were no secret meetings or conversation and Monica says no. Sam asks if Jason was ever left alone with Dr.Thomas and Monica says when Jason showed no signs of waking up they would go home at night which is why... and she pauses. Sam asks why what and Monica says Jason was alone when his heart stopped in the middle of the night. Monica says he went into a code blue and almost died. Jason asks what made his heart stop and Monica says they didn't really know but at one point Tony put him on blood pressure medication and Ned was there when his blood pressure started to fall. Tony took him off the medication and he seemed to be fine.  Monica says the second incident happened in the middle of the night and remembers the date being January 17th. Sam asks but he was still in a comatose state and Monica says other than his eyes opening occasionally yes, and that the doctors advised them that Jason might remain like that and need to be institutionalized. Monica says but he woke up and made a life for himself and she thanks God everyday for that. Jason and Sam leave and Alan tells Monica she is wrong, Jason never woke up. Monica slaps Jason and says that's because he tried to kill him. Alan tells Monica he didn't try to kill Jason, he saved him. Alan tells her that he went into Jason's room that night and when his heart stopped Alan was the one who revived him. Monica asks why after all these years has he not told her and Alan says he felt guilty because before he revived Jason he hesitated thinking maybe Jason would be better off dead. He says he never told her because he was so ashamed that he hesitated but assures her it was him that saved Jason's life. Jason and Sam break into Dr.Thomas' office and look through the files on his desk. Sam finds Michael's file and says there is nothing there about AJ except being listed as Michael's biological father. Jason finds his file from the accident on Dr.Thomas' desk and starts going through it and noticed the page from January 17th is missing. Sam asks why it would be missing and says maybe Dr.Thomas took it. Jason says anyone could have taken the page over the last ten years and Sam says even AJ. Jason asks what AJ has to do with his file and Sam says she doesn't know but maybe AJ is the missing link in all this. Sam finds the tape Dr.Thomas cut up in the garbage and says that obviously someone didn't want them hearing what was on the tape just as Dr.Thomas walks in and asks if they found what they were looking for. Dr.Thomas tells them last time he checked they were breaking and entering and asks them to give him a reason he shouldn't call the cops. Jason rushed Dr.Thomas and shoves him up against the Wall and pulls his gun and asks if that is a good enough reason. Dr.Thomas says they have nothing to worry about because Rachel killed AJ so Michael is she. Sam puts the tape in her pocket and tells Jason they need to go and that Michael is in the clear and that's all that matters. Jason and Sam leave and go home and Sam says hopefully there is something on the tape that will incriminate Dr.Thomas. Jason starts working on the tape and tells Sam maybe she should stay at Sonny's for the night. Sam asks why and Jason says Michael might have another nigh mare or memory in the form of a dream and he will feel better if she is there. When Sam says Sonny is there Jason snaps at her and asks if she can just do it and Sam agrees. Stan shows up and Sam asks Jason when had time to call him and says Stan must be psychic. Jason tells Sam to go get ready and Sam goes upstairs. Jason asks Stan if he brought it and Stan says maybe he should just work on the tape for now. Jason tells him he wants the drugs and Stan hands him a black case and tells Jason he needs to be careful with the medicine and whatever it is he is trying to remember is not worth frying his brain over. Stan leaves and Sam comes back downstairs and Jason thanks her for doing this and says he loves her. Sam leaves and Jason pulls out two voiles and a syringe and is about to inject the fluid when Sam walks in and asks what the hell he is doing. Jason says she is supposed to be on her way to Sonny's and Sam asks why he is shooting up and what the fluid is. Jason says something to help him remember and Sam picks up the bottle and reads that it has not yet been tested and should not be used by the public. Jason says he needs to remember what happened to him when he was in the coma and says this drug company contacted him a while back and told him about this experimental drug and says his kind of brain injury was perfect for the study. Sam says that she loves Jason and doesn't want to see him shoot up with something that may put him back in a coma or worse, dead. Jason asks if Sam remembers when she reminded him that Michael could end of in a bell tower someday picking off people with a sniper rifle. Sam says that's when they thought Michael killed AJ and Jason says well now they think Michael only tried to kill AJ. Sam says they may never know what happened the night AJ died and Jason says Michael needs to know so he can put it to rest. Jason says that kids carry things from when they were a child and says to look at her. Sam asks what that is suppose to mean and Jason explains that when she was pregnant all she thought of was that she wasn't going to be a good mother because her mother abandoned her so she never learned from example and says Michael could carry this for a very long time. Sam begs Jason not to take this drug and Jason says he has to for Michael. Sam asks then what, they are going to take it to the police and Jason says then Michael can move on. Sam says that if he loves her he will not use the drug. Jason says she knows he loves her. Sam says she loves him for all the reasons he is taking the drug and asks if he will at least let her stay in case something happens and Jason tells her to go upstairs and unpack and Sam does. Jason pulls the syringe and bottle out of the desk drawer and injects himself. Jason is sitting in a chair staring at nothing when Sam comes down and says she was thinking they could call Monica over and ask for her help with the drug. Sam notices something is not right with Jason and knows he took the drug and begins looking for the empty bottle. Sam starts to panic and says they need to get help and Jason says no, as he flashes back to the nurse telling Dr.Thomas AJ called and will only speak to him. Then Jason sees both Alan and Dr.Thomas and Dr.Thomas injects something into Jason's IV and the visions flip back and forth between Alan and Dr.Thomas. Jason tells Sam he did it and Sam asks what he's talking about. Jason gets up and almost falls over and says he has to get there. Sam asks where and tries to help him stand up. Jason goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and holds a gun on Alan and Monica and demands to see AJ. Jason calls out for AJ and asks if he is hiding behind Alan like he always does. Monica and Alan are confused and Sam arrives. Jason's vision is blurred and he is disoriented but Sam is able to talk him into putting down the gun. Jason collapses and Sam says they need to get him upstairs and says he is calling an ambulance. Jason pulls away from Sam and runs off with Sam and Monica chasing after him. He wrecks his bike down by the gate and Sam calls for help and Alan and Monica arrive. Monica says he isn't breathing and gives him CPR as Alan calls for the ambulance. Tony tells Sam, Monica and Alan that although Jason has a concussion and he will be out for a couple of hours, he will be just fine and it's nothing like his accident ten years ago. Sam asks if it would hurt if she were to go see him and Tony says he doesn't see how it would and tells her to go ahead. Tony tells Monica and Alan that Jason's CAT scan was fine and there is no damage to his brain and leaves. Monica tells Alan it's not going to happen and Alan asks what she is talking about. Monica says Jason isn't going to wake up and remember the life he had before and Alan tells her she makes a lousy neurologist and Monica says she just didn't want to ruin his hope but a bump on the head will not undo the damage that has been down. Alan says once in awhile he forgets to be cynical and has hope but she can't ruin what isn't there. Sam tells Jason he needs to wake up to tell her what he was trying to say about Dr.Thomas. Alan goes to the chapel and lights a candle and sits down with AJ's letter in his hand when Monica comes in. Monica and Alan share memories about the last time they were in this situation and Monica takes the letter from Alan's hand recognizing AJ's handwriting. Monica reads the letter and is shocked at AJ's actions. Alan tells her AJ was only trying to save Jason from a life of being a vegetable when he asked someone to kill him. Sam tells Sonny and Reese about what Jason did and Sonny says what was he thinking by shooting up. Sam assures him Jason was only helping Michael and Sam explains about Jason's memories of Dr.Thomas and AJ's contact with one another and they all come to the conclusion that Dr.Thomas killed AJ because of their dealings in the past. Sam says but it doesn't make sense because Michael was in AJ's room the night he died and Michael says he saw Rachel kill him. Sonny tells Sam about Michael being hypnotized and they wonder what motive Dr.Thomas would have for killing AJ. Dr.Thomas walks in and says for them not to strain themselves and just ask him. Dr.Thomas tells them that he told Michael he was going to wake up without guilt or fear and that's what they are hearing on the tape and says obviously someone broke into his office and stole that tape. Dr.Thomas tells them that between Durant and whoever broke into his office he is surrounded by thieves and says he could call the police but won't because of Michael. Sonny asks who told him he could hypnotize Michael and Dr.Thomas says that is a normal part of therapy in some cases. Reese says he could have asked and Dr.Thomas says he did. Durant had custody of Michael at the time and gave him permission to hypnotize Michael to help with his therapy. Dr.Thomas says it worked by the way, Michael remembered who really killed AJ and says there is no more invisible friend Jodie and makes a sarcastic remark that Jodie has left the building. Dr.Thomas says he wishes Jason a speedy recovery and leaves. Reese says she wishes there was some proof that linked him to AJ and Sam says there is.. in Jason's head. Sam goes back in the room to visit Jason and tells him about Michael being hypnotized and says he needs to wake up because he is the only one that has the answers they may need. Alan tells Sam about how AJ worshiped Jason before the accident and explains that it was almost like AJ was the baby brother and says he loved Jason with all his heart. Sam says she doesn't know and Alan says he knows and wished she knew Jason back then before he turned into the robot he is now. Sam defends Jason by saying he is a loving man and says AJ on the other hand was vicious and cruel. Jason has another dream that Dr.Thomas is asking AJ if what he means is he wants him to kill Jason so he won't have to live in a vegetative state. Jason wakes up slightly but doesn't open his eyes and tells Dr.Thomas (who he thinks is Sam) that it was indeed Dr.Thomas tried to kill him. Dr.Thomas takes a syringe out of his pocket and is about to inject it into Jason's IV but Carly comes in and stops him. Sam runs in and asks if Dr.Thomas was alone with Jason just now and Carly says yes and demands to know what's going on. Monica prays to God to give AJ forgiveness just as Sonny walks in and asks what she's doing. Monica says everyone needs to pray and even a mob boss can't deny that and Sonny says he wouldn't even try but says she mentioned something about forgiveness for someone and asks who. Monica tells him to pick a name and says how about Jason. He turned Jason into a killer and he is going to need a lot of God's mercy and Alan walks in and says she's lieing and says she was praying for him. Alan says everyone believed AJ was incapable of remorse but that was not the case and says after Jason was comatose from the accident AJ was full of remorse. Alan tells Sonny about how AJ asked someone in the hospital to end Jason's life and Sonny asks if he's telling him he did it and Alan says no, in fact he saved Jason's life when his heart stopped. Sonny asks who AJ got to help him and Alan says he doesn't know because AJ never told him. Alan says he has no idea who tried to kill his son and Sonny says he does and walks away. Alan tells Sonny to tell him who tried to kill his son and Monica is appalled and says he has said for years that Jason was dead to him and can't take that back now. Sam asks Carly what Dr.Thomas was doing when she was in the room and Carly says looking over Jason and asks what's going on. Sam says she really can't get into with her right now and says she has no idea what's going on and Carly says that's because she is trying to squeeze her out of Jason's life but it isn't going to work. Sam says that they think Dr.Thomas might hurt Jason and Carly says that's crazy and asks why he would try. Sam says she doesn't have time for this and Carly says Jason is her best friend, that's the way it's been long before she came and it will be after she's gone. Sonny walks in and asks Carly what she's doing by attacking Sam. Sonny tells Carly Sam is not the enemy here and there is a lot going on she doesn't know about. Carly gets defensive and says that's because no one will tell her because she is no longer in his little circle and walks out. Sonny asks Sam if Jason is OK and Sam says he appears to be. Sonny tells Sam about AJ hiring someone to kill Jason and Sam says that is the link between AJ and Dr.Thomas that Jason is trying to remember. Sonny sits with Jason and says he knows who tried to kill him and that the bastard won't get another chance. Sam brings Max in and Sonny tells him not to let anyone in under any circumstances. Dr.Thomas throws a whole bunch of files and tapes into a briefcase and Sam and Sonny appear outside Dr.Thomas' office but the door is locked. Sonny yells there is no where to hide and calls him a son-of-a-bitch. Sonny shoots through the lock and they go inside but Dr.Thomas is no where to be found. Sonny opens a second door and is about to go through when Durant shows up with a couple of cops and tells him to freeze. Carly manages to convince Max to let her in to see Jason and asks Jason what happened to him. Carly tells Jason Reese and Sam won't tell her what happened and are using her marriage to Lorenzo as an excuse and begs him to wake up and come back to her. Carly thanks Max for letting her see Jason and leaves. Dr.Thomas is disguised in a janitor's outfit and knocks Max out then slips into Jason's room. Sonny says he has no time for this and has to find Dr.Thomas because he is the one who killed AJ.  Durant says his girlfriend already tried to sell him this story and thew only problem is they have no proof and Dr.Thomas had no motive. Sonny tells him here is his motive and tells him about what Alan told him. Sonny tells Durant he can even check out the story with Alan if he wants to. Carly comes in and says she saw Dr.Thomas go into the chapel. They all run to the chapel and Sonny pulls a gun on a doctor but it isn't Dr.Thomas. He asks if he knows who he is and the man says yes and when asked if he's been in there the man says no and Sonny tells him to leave. Sam finds Dr.Thomas' overcoat on one of the benches. Dr.Thomas closes the blinds and door and tries to inject Jason's IV but Jason wakes up and pushes his hand away. Sonny, Reese Sam and Carly run out of the chapel to look for Dr.Thomas but Durant pulls a gun on them. Carly points the gun right in her stomach and tells Sonny to go. Durant wants to know what she's doing and Carly says if he lets Dr.Thomas kill her best friend she will never forgive him and he will never see her or his grandsons again. Durant says he can live with that and Carly warns him that if Jason dies she will make him pay and tells him not to underestimate her because she may be more like him than he thinks. Jason and Dr.Thomas struggle and Sam comes in and Dr.Thomas grabs Sam and holds the needle at her throat ready to inject her. Jason gets Dr.Thomas to admit that he killed AJ and Rachel. Sonny comes  in his gun and Dr.Thomas warns if he doesn't put the gun down he will inject Sam. Dr.Thomas says they aren't going to try to stop him or call 911, but just let him leave. Dr.Thomas leaves with Sam as his hostage and Jason is about to go after him but Sonny stops him and says they are going to do this the smart way. Dr.Thomas takes Sam to one of the mental wards and tells her only the code will unlock the door and warns her not to try and escape. Sam says he's scared and Dr.Thomas says she is projecting her fear onto him. Sam says he doesn't know what he is going to do next and that he had thought that he would be out of the country by now and Jason would be dead. Dr.Thomas asks if she's trying to wear him down and Sam says that he thinks he will be safe from Sonny if the cops find him but Jason is another story and says she knows he knows Jason is dangerous. Dr.Thomas tells her to shut up and begins pacing the little room. Sam says she is offering to help him get out of there alive. Reese goes to Jason's room and says Dr.Thomas' car is still in the garage but he won't be going anywhere and shows them he battery cables. Sonny tells Reese Dr.Thomas grabbed Sam and Reese wants to call in the police and Jason says no cops.Carly heads to Jason's room but notices a cop outside and calls Jason from a hall phone and Jason tells her Dr.Thomas grabbed Sam. Carly says she has a plan and Jason objects but Carly hangs up. Carly distracts the cop by saying she saw Dr.Thomas and the cops takes off and Sonny and Jason head out to find Dr.Thomas. Dr.Thomas asks Sam why she would help him and Sam says he helped Michael and she is grateful for that. Sam says she knows he doesn't want to kill anyone, certainly not her and says Jason has allowed her access to a lot of cash and people that can help him and offers to help get him out of there and says it's his only option and asks for his cell phone. Dr.Thomas is about to hand it to her then laughs and asks what kind of fool does she think he is. Reese finds Monica by the nurses' station and tells her about Dr.Thomas trying to kill Jason and taking Sam. Reese asks if she knows where he might go to try and get away and Monica says the locked mental wards. Reese asks if she has a key and Monica says no, but she has the code, it's the room number and doctor's name and Reese asks if she has a way of knowing which one Dr.Thomas might be in. Monica shows Reese how to use the computer and Reese warns that she and Alan should get out of the hospital because the less targets for Dr.Thomas the better. Reese gets Dr.Thomas' location from the computer and heads the the mental ward. Dr.Thomas calls for a medi-vac and tells Sam they are going to New York City and that he has some friends there that will help him and he will let her go then. Sam begs for him to let her go on the roof and Dr.Thomas refuses and heads out the door. Reese pulls her gun him and warns that she'll shoot and Dr.Thomas threatens that he'll have the needle in Sam's neck before the bullet hits and tells Reese to put the gun down. Sam tells her to shoot him but Reese puts it down. Dr.Thomas locks Reese in the ward and forces Sam to the stairwell and heads to the roof. Jason enters the stairwell and Dr.Thomas shoots at him. On the roof Dr.Thomas injects Sam with the Digitalis and she falls to the ground as Dr.Thomas boards the helicopter and takes off. Sonny and Jason break through the door and Jason picks up Sam and Carries here inside to Emily where he tells her she has to help him. Emily says there was a bus accident and everyone is busy and is about to get Tony Jones but Jason stops her and tells her she has to help Sam now or she will die. Reese tells Sonny they have no choice but to call the police in and Sonny says he is handling it and Reese asks what that means. Dr.Thomas lands his helicopter on the Quartermaines property as Alan and Monica are shocked to see it. Monica says she thought she saw someone running from it and Alan goes inside to call the police but Dr.Thomas pulls a gun on him and tells him to put the phone down. Emily asks Jason what Sam was injected with and he says digitalis and Emily asks how he can be sure. Jason starts to panic and says because that's what Dr.Thomas said it was. Emily leaves to get the drug that will counter act the effects of digitalis and Jason tells Sam to hang on just a little longer. Emily gives Sam the counter drug and Sam wakes up and asks what's going on because her heart is beating so fast. Emily tells Tony she gave same the counter active drug and Tony looks over Sam but the medicine hasn't yet taken effect. Jason asks what that means and Tony says enough time went by that the digitalis entered Sam's bloodstream and Jason asks what they have to do now. Tony says wait to let the counter drug do it's job and Sam has enough strength to fight. Jason tells Sam she has to fight and help the drug do it's job and Sam closes her eyes as Jason talks to her. Tony tells him to keep talking because it's working and Sam's heart rate is slowing down. Dr,Thomas tells Alan nice gun collection his family has and Alan says it's his father. Alan asks why he is holding a gun on him anyway and Dr.Thomas says because ten years ago he made the stupid mistake of agreeing to help AJ kill Jason because he was just a lost soul inside a shell but Jason remembers that time and now he and his army are after him. Alan tells him then he is a dead man and Dr.Thomas says not necessarily and says that he can make it look like it was Alan that tried to kill Jason. Alan says no one will believe him and Dr.Thomas begs to differ because everyone knows he was working with him in regards to Michael's therapy. Monica looks in and sees Dr.Thomas holding Alan at gunpoint. Sam tells Jason she's grateful to Emily for helping her but it was him who made her fight and says she loves him. Jason says he loves her to and they kiss. Monica calls Jason and tells him about Dr.Thomas and Jason tells her to stay where she is and not let Dr.Thomas see her and says he is on his way. Sonny wants to go with Jason but Jason says this is his to settle. Sonny gives Jason his gun and tells him to be careful because Dr.Thomas is dangerous. Jason asks Sonny to tell Sam what is going on and leaves. Dr.Thomas comes behind Monica and tells her he would think twice about using the cell phone unless it's too late and orders her inside. Dr.Thomas says that like he was telling Alan, he needs a lot of cash and transportation out of the county and they are going to provide it for him. Monica says not until he assures her that she and Alan will be OK and Dr.Thomas says he has no intention of killing either of them and tells Monica to make the call. Alan looks at Dr.Thomas and Dr.Thomas asks what he's looking at. Alan says he never know he was this crazy and Dr.Thomas knocks Alan hard in the shoulder with the gun and says he doesn't care about what they think of him. Monica says it's all set and asks Alan if he is OK. Dr.Thomas says that he will have to take Monica with him and will have to gag Alan and if he tells anyone about what just happened he'll never see Monica again and says he is really looking forward to getting out of Port Charles. Jason walks in and points his gun at him and says he may just get his wish. Dr.Thomas grabs on to Monica and holds a knife at her throat. Sonny goes to Sam's room and Sam asks where Jason is at. Sonny says he had to take care of something and Sam says she doesn't want Jason going after Dr.Thomas because he is dangerous and she doesn't want to lose the man she loves. Sonny says she is good for Jason and Sam says she didn't expect to hear that and Sonny says he knows he didn't really like the idea of she and Jason being together in the beginning because he didn't really know her but now he knows she is good for him and good for his sons. Sonny thanks hr or helping Michael when he and Carly were in their drama and too distracted to help him. Sam says that didn't turn out well and Sonny says Dr.Thomas fooled a lot of people but her intentions were good and says he's glad she's in Jason's life, and his. Jason holds his gun on Dr.Thomas and Dr.Thomas tells him to put the gun down. Jason says to let Monica go and Dr.Thomas says he doesn't think so and Jason says he'll shoot him anyway. Dr.Thomas tries to convince Jason that it was Alan, not AJ, that tried to kill him all those years ago and ten years later AJ threatened to tell the truth so Alan killed him. Alan says he would never kill his own son and tells Jason's Dr.Thomas is lieing to save his own ass. Jason takes his aim of Dr.Thomas and aims at Alan and Alan begs Jason not to believe one word Dr.Thomas says. Sam tries to get up and leave but Emily stops her and says she is in no shape to go anywhere. Sam says she needs to get to Jason and Emily says her life was the first she ever saved and she's not going to let her ruin that by going out and getting herself killed. Sam agrees to stay in bed and Emily says she administered the drug that counter acted the digitalis but they both know it was Jason who saved her life but willing her to fight. Emily says he can't imagine his life without her and he'll be back. Jason shoots Dr.Thomas and he falls to the ground and Monica checks for a pulse and says he's dead. Alan says he must hate him because he took away his life. Jason asks if they think it was his heart stopping that cause the brain damage and Monica says they will never know but maybe it helps to know it might have been Dr.Thomas instead of AJ that changed his life. Alan says he took away his career, and his family and Jason says he hates Dr.Thomas but what he did was the best thing that ever happened to him. Ric convinces Durant to let Jason go after being arrested for killing Dr.Thomas. Jason and Sam meet up with Mike and Michael at Kelly's and Jason explains to Michael what happened with Dr.Thomas and apologizes that it took him so long to figure things out. Mike tells Jason and Sam that Sonny has a surprise for them and they head inside. Michael stays behind to get his toy and Jodie appears. Michael asks her if he's still crazy and Jodie says he knows she isn't real. Michael says that he made her up to tell him the truth about AJ's killer and they say their goodbye. Jason checks on Michael and asks if he is OK and Michael says he's great and heads inside. Mike tries to fool Jason and Sam with two clues, A red, white and blue hat and a fake moving fish on a plaque. In the end it leads them to a yacht and Mike explains that Sonny told him to tell them to take a trip and not come back until they are fully relaxed and rested. Sonny's instructions from Mike also say that Jason is not allowed to call to check in. Sam asks about the hat and Mike says that is Michael's surprise and says they are going to New York to see the Yankees play. Mike and Michael leave and Sam asks Jason if he is up for this. Jason says sure but they aren't coming back until they decide on a good place to get married. Sam comes back from setting the boat on autopilot and tells Jason that there are a lot of wonderful places that someone who was looking to get married could get married at and asks if he's asking her to marry him again. Jason says yes and says they can get married right there because she is the captain and has people who will take orders from her. Sam agrees and hears a noise and walks away to check on it. When she comes back Jason is in the midst of making a phone call to check in and Sam says he does not follow orders, Jason shows her the text message from Sonny that says not to write or call and Sam says that's an order they can definitely follow and they kiss. Sam and Jason go downstairs to their cabin and Sam's necklace comes undone. Sam tells Jason that she loves the necklace and he says he is glad she does. Sam says she never asked him what she wished for when they saw that shooting star and says that the first wish was for Michael to come home safely and that came true. The second was hopefully someday he would want to marry her and Jason says that came true as well. Sam hooks the necklace on the bottle of champagne and they kiss again. Jason and Sam have a romantic dinner on deck and Sam says she thinks this is the best day she has ever had. Suddenly the wind shifts and Sam says that some people would say that's a bad omen and Jason says not for them. Sam and Jason go back downstairs and Sam notices that her necklace is gone. Jason says maybe she dropped it somewhere and they should retrace their steps and Sam starts to panic and says she hung it on the champagne bottle. Jason tells her to humor him and they head back up deck, all the while someone is watching them from the closet. When Jason and Sam return the necklace is back where she had hung it in the first place and Sam says that is really weird. Sam tells Jason that maybe they had too much to drink but her necklace reappearing was very strange. Jason takes a pill bottle out of his pocket and takes whatever is inside and asks what she is suggesting. Sam says maybe she willed it to reappear and Jason says he doesn't think jewelry obeys like that and asks her to will their dinner to fix itself because he is getting hungry. Sam and Jason wrestle as someone watches them from outside the door. Sam lays in Jason's arms and says that is peaceful and they hear someone above on deck and go up to check it out. Three men dressed as international police men are aboard and tell them they are trespassing on international waters and have stolen property and rips Sam's necklace from her neck. Jason tries to fight but two men hold him back. One of the men informs them that the pendant was reported stolen by the Montenegro(sp) family and says they are being arrested. Jason and Sam are taken to a basement, not jail, and Sam says it is someone's house and Jason asks what's going on. The man tells one of the other guards to restrain him and they chain Jason to a wall and says he will be enlightened by their host at her discretion and take Sam. Jason hears someone crying on the other side of wall and thinks it's Sam. Sam is taken to a living room and a woman appears and says it really is her. Sam has no idea of what she's talking about and asks who she thinks she looks like and the woman says her dead daughter, Alicia. The woman introduces herself as Allegra Montenegro family and tells Sam that her daughter died in a car accident and she had to keep it a secret. Sam asks why she would do that and the woman explains she is broke and that her daughter was just about to marry into a wealthy family that would benefits both families and Sam apologizes for the loss of her daughter and asks what that has to do with her.Allegra says that she is going to fill in for Alicia and Sam refuses saying that she's sure that she and her daughter have some resemblance but do not look exactly alike. Allegra holds up a picture of Alicia and she and Sam look exactly the same. Sam still refuses and Allegra says that she has no choice, either she fills in for Alicia or her friend Jason will never make it out of the cellar alive. Sam realizes Allegra is serious and the woman explains it as desperate measures for desperate times and Sam says doesn't she know it and pulls a sword off the wall and holds it at Allegra's throat and tells her to take her to Jason. The guards check on Jason and he says the room service sucks and calls one of the guy's the woman's lap dog and asks if she makes him sit up and beg. Jason attacks one of the men while another pulls a gun. Jason orders them to tell him what they did with Sam and one of the men joke that now he will have to beg and they leave. Jason managed to get a pen from the guy and pulls of the pocket clip and picks the lock on his handcuff and manages to get free. When he is unable to open the door he searches the falls for a way out and begins banging on it with a piece of metal. Allegra tells Sam she would think twice before she uses that if she were her because her men have instructions to kill Jason if she is harmed in anyway. Allegra says tells Sam she simply does not have a choice whether she wants to do this for her if not. If she doesn't Jasen will not survive. Sam pulls the sword away and Allegra says a study was done years ago where monkeys were taught that coins could be exchanged for food and says that it was not long before one monkey knocked out all the rest and stole their coins and says the need for money is primal. Sam asks when the wedding is supposed to take place and Allegra says soon. Sam asks if all that she will have to do is marry the guy and then she can return to Jason. Allegra explains that there is no pre-numpt so as soon as her financial future is secure then Sam will be free to do what she wants. She can either spend some time with her new husband, see what it's like to sail on a real yacht or have a house full of servants, or return to Jason if she insists. Sam says she insists and Allegra also informs Sam she will have to consummate the marriage as well. Sam tells her to hear her clearly, there is no way she will sleep with a stranger to satisfy her greed and Allegra says she simply has no choice. Sam says there is no way she can pull it off because this guy Andrew will know it's not her. Sam says that she is not high class and is a salvage boat captain. Allegra tells her it's not that hard and Sam says she has tried the snails and forks and everything and everything goes flying across the room. The guards bring Jason some food and leave and Jason goes back to scraping on the wall and tells the person on the other side it will go fast if she starts from her side and they meet in the middle. Allegra tells Sam that she will teach her in the finer skills department  and social skills and says the only other thing Sam has to do well in is ballroom dancing. Sam says there's no way and Allegra tires to teach her but Sam keeps stepping on her feet and ends up tripping and falling over the couch and Sam says she thinks she is starting to get it. Sam tells Allegra her plan is crazy and she is never going to marry Andrew and tries to leave but Andrew comes in just then and tries to kiss her but Sam punches him. Jason is able to break all the way through the wall and sees a woman and thinks it is Sam until she asks who the hell is Sam. "Alicia" tells Jason her mother, Allegra, locked her in that room because she wanted her to marry for love and says she never will and Jason says he thinks he knows who will. Allegra calls Sam Alicia and asks if that is anyway to greet her fiancée and Andrew says he would be surprised is she greeted him any other way and asks how the wedding plans are going. Sam tells him to get it straight, there is never going to be a wedding. Alicia makes her way to Jason's room and tells him about her mother locking her in that room because she refused to marry Andrew for money and Jason says he has to get Sam away from Andrew and Alicia tells him yes he did because Andrew is capable of anything. Allegra tells Andrew Alicia isn't being herself and assures the wedding plans are coming along fine but warns that due to tradition, he will not see his bride again until the wedding. Andrew leaves and Sam asks if Allegra knows how many ways her plan is wrong and Allegra says she does but Sam still has no choice. Sam says Andrew will be able to figure out she is not Alicia and Allegra says he didn't just now. Sam says she was not born into money and doesn't have nice clothes or expensive jewelry and doesn't know how to act rich. Allegra tries to get Sam to practice dancing but she refuses. Allegra tells Sam there is a photo album she can look through and needs to start memorizing names and leaves. Sam notices someone outside the terrace doors and Andrew comes in and says they are alone at last. Jason asks Alicia if Andrew is dangerous and she says everyone can be and Jason asks her to give him a straight answer for once but someone is coming. Alicia hides and Jason locks the cuff and chain back onto his wrist. A man walks in with Allegra and Jason asks who he is and Allegra calls him Dante and tells him to stay with her. Jason asks where is Sam and Allegra says fine for the moment but is being rather stubborn. Allegra says she needs his help to convince Sam to need what she asks and Jason says no way and Allegra tells him then she has no further use for either of them. Andrew apologizes to Alicia for Allegra breathing marriage down her neck and says he knows her mother only wants them to marry for his money, which is a small price to pay for being with her. Andrew tries to  touch Sam and she plays along and tells him no touching. Andrew calls her a tease and says there is one thing she has to do and that's dance. Sam tries to dance with Andrew but ends up falling and says she twisted her ankle and it hurts but Andrew says something else is wrong. Sam tells Andrew she told him she didn't feel like dancing and is tired. Andrew starts to say it's something more but someone is at the door and he leaves saying they'll finish this later. Allegra brings Jason in and Sam runs into his arms. Sam tells Jason about Allegra's plans and Jason says he already knows because the daughter is locked in the cellar as well and Sam says she is supposed to be dead. Jason tells her Alicia is refusing to marry Andrew and Sam asks what they are supposed to do and Jason says they either find a way out of there now or she plays along to buy some time and asks if she is OK with that. Sam says she is OK with the wedding but has a problem with the honeymoon and tells Jason Allegra wants her to consummate the marriage. Jason says there has to be another way and tells Sam to keep an eye out as he looks for a way out. Sam says someone is coming and hides. Jason attacks Dante and Sam is about to run but Allegra comes in with her two goons and says she guesses they have a deal. Jason is returned to the cellar and drops the piece of metal he was using to picks the lock. Alicia joins him and says she found another air duct but it was closed off and looks on the ground t find her earring. Alicia picks up the piece of metal and taunts Jason with it saying that if they are going to get out of there they are going to have to work together. Andrew returns to the living where Sam is locked and Sam says she wished he would quit sneaking in on her like that. Andrew says it occurred to him that the only reason she is back is because the man she loves rejected her and asks her to give him a chance to marry him and learn to love him freely. Sam plays along and Andrew turns on music and Sam says she doesn't want to dance but Andrew says the music is for making love, not dancing. Andrew says he wanted to make love to her while her heart belonged to someone else but that's what is different now, he is gone and the content in her eyes isn't there anymore. Sam says they thought they were going to wait for the wedding and Andrew says that is for children anymore. Jason tells Alicia this isn't a game and she says his plan was to leave her behind. Jason says it's not his and Sam's fight it's hers. Alicia says that she guesses that he'll stay chained to a wall and puts the metal in her bra and says that the man she loves is wanted in Greece and tells him to take her to him. Ally tells Jason that unless he and Sam take her with them when they escape, none of them are getting off the island. Andrew returns to visit "Ally" and when he kisses Sam she bites his lip and Sam tells him if he gets those lips near her again she will bite them off. Andrew calls her wild and says there's nothing he loves more and asks her to kiss him again and Allegra comes in and tell him to save some for the wedding night and asks him to leave so she and her daughter can continue with the wedding plans. Andrew leaves and Sam says Allegra is not a grieving mother but either a manipulative con artist or a cold reptile and asks which is is and warns not to lie to her because she has had a lifetime of liars to deal with. Sam tells Allegra her mother left when she was three and her father was a drifter that used her in all his scams. Allegra plays on Sam's feelings about her mother and says she can't see why she would leave her and Sam says she was excess baggage and Allegra admits that her daughter, Ally,  is alive. Ally taunts Jason with the clip and says if they supply the muscle to over power Dante and the other guards she will help them get off the island and Jason says they can get off without her and says he's worried she'll slow them down. Ally says he needs to change his attitude because she has the only thing he can use as a key. Sam asks Allegra if her daughter is still alive then why does she need her. Allegra explains that her daughter makes up her own mind and without a doting father or husband to protect her she can be reckless and explains she made the mistake of over protecting her. Sam says why not let her marry the man she loves and Allegra says Victorio is a spineless coward not to mention poor and says that she is just trying to protect Alicia by marrying her into money. All she is asking Sam to do is marry Andrew for a couple of days. Sam adds and a couple of nights and asks then what, they split the divorce settlement three ways. Allegra lies and says she is not well and doesn't have long to live and Sam says so this is her way of protecting Alicia and Allegra agrees and asks won't she just consider it and Sam says yes but tells her she has to do something for her first. Ally gives Jason the key and says she will name her first born child after him for helping her get off the island and mention a name that describe the color of his eyes. Someone is coming so Ally hides and Sam rushed in and into Jason's arms and says she has been so worried about him. Jason tells Sam there is a letter opener in the desk drawer and tells her to hold it to Allegra's throat and get her down there. Sam asks then what and Jason says then they are getting out of there. Once Sam is gone Ally asks Jason if he enjoyed his visit with his girlfriend and Jason says it doesn't matter because they are getting out of there. Ally says she doesn't mean to dis-illusion him but her mother is manipulative not to mention lethal and says he just sent his girlfriend into the fangs of a snake. Sam grabs the the letter opener just as Allegra comes in with some dresses and says she is returning her necklace. Sam says she doesn't get it and Allegra says make up and fine clothes are a woman's most useful weapons are equivalent to spears and knives. Sam says she just wants her necklace back and Allegra says why doesn't she try on some of the dresses before she puts the necklace back on and notices Sam is holding the letter opener in the mirror and tells her to go ahead and slit her throat but to promise her one thing before she does, that she'll take care of her Alicia. Ally tells Jason her mother will do anything to get Andrew's money and says she locked her down there without a hair brush and a change of clothes. She will zero in on Sam's weakness and use it against her. Allegra says that is Sam's plan isn't it. To kill her and escape with the man that she loves. Sam holds the letter opener at Allegra's throat and says that if she does what they ask she will not be harmed. Ally asks about Sam's relationship with her mother and Jason says she is dead. Ally explains that is her mother's specialty, to play act motherhood better than she actually knows how to be a mother. Allegra plays on Sam and tells her all she cares about is protecting her daughter and taunts her to kill her to ease her pain and Sam says she knows exactly how it feels to be used because her father always thought the next drift was going to be their big break but says that it tears you up inside. Jason asks Ally how far will her mother go to get what she wants and Ally asks if he means will she kill Sam and says that when people tick her mother off they don't just stop coming to dinner, they usually end up disappearing. Jason asks if she has a cell phone and Ally says her mother took it but there are phones hidden all over and there is one hidden in the banister. Allegra goes down to the cellar to talk to Jason and Jason asks where Sam is and Allegra says she is fine and explains she could never hurt Sam. Sam is needing a woman to provide the motherly love that she has always wanted. Allegra adds that she feels as though she has finally gotten the daughter she wanted as well. Jason says he wants proof that Sam is alive and Allegra says Sam is coming around because she wasn't able to kill her like they had planned. Jason says Sam would never fall for her con, playing the mother act and says her own daughter that she locked up told him about that one. Jason grabs her by the throat and Allegra warns that Dante will shoot him if he harms her. Jason tells her he wants to see Sam now. Allegra tells Dante to take Jason to Sam, let them reconnect for a few minutes then bring him back to the cellar. Allegra says that Sam has chosen to cooperate with her plans, and that he will too as soon as he sees Sam. Jason is taken upstairs to Sam and locates the phone hidden in the banister but when he tries to call out he is asked for a code word and is unable to make the call. Jason says they are going to find a way out of there and Sam says she has been thinking maybe it will be easier to just do what Allegra asks and Jason asks if she believes the woman. Sam says she doesn't trust her but doesn't think that she is a killer and says all she wants is a way to provide for Alicia. Allegra summons Alicia to Jason's part of the cellar and says that Sam has agreed to cooperate with her plan and Jason is much to valuable to get rid of so there is really only one person one the island who is not needed any longer. Sam wakes up from a nap and asks how long she had been asleep and Jason says it's OK and that there are two guard shifts and they rotate in three's. Jason says the house is built into a cliff and it's going to be difficult to get out. Sam again tells Jason she thinks it's better if she just marries Andrew and then Allegra will let them go and Jason says he doesn't think that is going to happen. Allegra comes in and says she hopes there enjoyed their time together because now they have a real problem. Andrew wants to see his bride immediately. Allegra has Sam taken to a room where she can change into some of Alicia's clothes and Jason is held back. Jason doesn't speak to Allegra and she says she knows his type, the strong silent hero type, and in fact she married one once but now it is his turn to let Sam take care of him. Jason still doesn't say anything and Allegra warns him not to mess up her plan by trying to escape and Jason is taken back to the cellar. Allegra joins Sam in the living room and says seeing her in Alicia's clothes she almost thought it was her daughter for a moment. Allegra promises Sam she won't be alone with Andrew and Andrew comes in and says his ears are burning. Allegra tells him she had dinner brought in and Andrew says that's great but it's only going to be dinner for two. Allegra says she doesn't feel comfortable leaving him alone with Alicia and that they have wedding plans to discuss and Andrew says why don't they skip the wedding all together and just live in sin. Allegra says surely he doesn't mean to insult her or her daughter and Sam tells Allegra she is fine with Andrew alone. Allegra is unsure and and Sam says she'll be OK. Allegra hugs Sam and tells her to remember she has Jason. Allegra leaves and Andrew turns on the music and Sam says what if she told them they have never met. Andrew asks what she meant and Sam (pretending to be Ally) says sometimes she would like to start her whole life over again and says she would like to go back to where they met at the fountain.  Andrew goes on into the conversation and reveals that Ally had only been naked in the fountain because Victorio threw her out with nothing and asks why she is looking at him like he is talking to someone else. Sam says it's just like she is hearing it for the first time when he talks about it. Jason looks through the hole and Ally is gone. The guards take Ally to Jason and she asks where he has been. Jason says her mother let he and Sam spend some time together and Ally says that's great because while he was feeling up his girlfriend, she got them a way out of there. Ally explains that she offered Raul her other Sapphire earring to get them out of there and asks Jason if he is even going to thank her. Jason says for what and she says she came back for them and Jason says she should have gotten out while she had the chance. Andrew asks Sam if she knows what kind of music is playing and Sam says salsa and Andrew says she's being silly and says it's for the rumba. Sam's says she knew that and Andrew says the first dance they ever danced together. Sam has to fake the rumba and does a pretty good job until he twirls her and she falls. Andrew says she is doing a good job at it and Sam asks what and Andrew says pretending she doesn't know how to dance. Sam says there is no fooling him and Andrew says her dancing is the reason he fell in lone with her and he's falling in love again. Sam says she is lucky to be with him because he is... and Andrew says extremely wealthy and that's why her mother wants her to marry him and adds that they are going to throw her mother a curve ball. Allegra joins Jason and Alicia in the cellar and says their unfortunate alliance is going to stop and Ally runs to Jason's arms and slips the earring into his back pocket. When the guards grab her she makes sure she acknowledges Raul for Jason before they drag her away. Jason asks Allegra what she is going to do with Ally and she says what any parent would do with an out of control child, gain control and keep it. Andrew takes Sam to the fountain where they first met and says they are getting married right there right now, or no wedding at all. Jason manages to over power one of the guards when they bring him food and offers Raul the earring and says first Sam then Ally. Raul lets Jason goes and he goes to the living room to look for Sam. Allegra tells him he is too late and they are already gone. Sam tells Andrew he is a nice man but she doesn't want to marry him. Andrew asks for a chance to love her unconditionally and says he will give her the chance to love him back, maybe not right away but someday and she will  be loved by the man she loves. Sam agrees and says it's because of one thing he said, that he will lead her to her heart's desire. Jason knocks out Dante and yells at Allegra to tell her where Sam is and Allegra tells him Andrew took her to the Piazza to marry her tonight. Jason tries to go after them but collapses by the the terrace doors. Andrew says his vows to "Alicia" first and then it is her turn and she hesitates at first and says she can't go through with it. Andrew tells Sam she can do it and to just look into his eyes and speak from her heart.  Sam imagines Jason's face as she says her vows to Andrew and they are pronounced husband and wife. Allegra has Dante check out Jason and says to be careful because he could be faking. Dante checks his pulse and says it seems as though he passed out and Allegra says how fortunate.  Jason is taken back to the cellar and wakes up and asks Allegra what she did to him. Allegra swears she has done nothing and tells him she has talked to the priest and that Andrew married Sam just as they had planned. Sam wants to hurry up and go tell Allegra but Andrew wants to dance the waltz. Sam says everything he has taught her of dancing has seemed to go out the window and Andrew says to just trust him and they dance the waltz and at the end Sam says that was fun. Andrew takes Sam and says let him take her to paradise and says after her vows and their dance, this is going to be a night to remember. Jason manages to lock Allegra to the wall and tries to leave but gets another headache and barely makes it out of the cellar before he collapses again. Ally finds Jason and says she is on his side and helps him to his feet. Allegra calls out to Ally from the cellar and Ally tells Jason where there is a boat waiting and Jason says he has to find Sam and he'll come back for her and leaves. Ally tells an already gone Jason that he is on his own because she has plans of her own. Ally goes into the cellar and asks her mother to tell her why she shouldn't leave her there. Andrew elbows Sam in the eye and she tells him to take it easy and he says he is just anxious to make love to her. Andrew pulls Sam into his arms and Sam pushes him away and he asks does he disgust her that much and Sam confesses to Andrew that she is not Ally, but Sam and tells him of Allegra's plan to use her as a double for Alicia so that they would get married and then get divorced and Ally would get alimony. Jason finds the priest who married Andrew and "Ally" and asks where they went and the priest says he can't tell him that but ends up telling him when Jason threatens him. Andrew agrees to go back to the island to help Sam rescue Jason and Jason arrive seconds after they have left but has another seizure and collapses. Andrew and Sam go to see Allegra and Andrew tells her he knows that Sam isn't Ally and Sam says he knows that she has his fiancée locked in her cellar. Allegra's men find Jason passed out on the bedroom floor and take him to the boat to take him back to the island but Jason overpowers the guards and manages to get free. Andrew tells Allegra she could have just told him Ally needed a push and says that he would have came up with his own plan to make her fall in love with him. Sam can't believe Andrew would want to stay married to a woman who despises him and Andrew explains it being all the more fun making Alicia fall in love with him but the only question is what to do with Sam. Sam tries to get to Jason but the guards stop her and lock her in the basement. Sam sees the handcuff and blood on the floor and wonders what happened to Jason. Sam hears someone coming and grabs a wine bottle to knock them out with but someone slips a key under the door instead and Sam unlocks the door and heads to the living room where she sees Andrew and Jason on the floor along with broken vases. Sam wakes Jason and asks what happened but Jason says he doesn't know. Sam asks if he blacked out again but Allegra comes in with her men and gives Jason and Sam the chance to escape before the police get there, saying as far as she is concerned an intruder broke in and Andrew tried to stop him but was murdered in the process. As they are leaving Sam calls Allegra a piece of work and Jason grabs Dante's gun for insurance in case Allegra changes her mind and they leave. Jason and Sam return to their boat and head back to Port Charles. Sam tells Jason she knows something is going on with him and asks him if he is going to tell her what. Jason tries to tell Sam that he is OK but she doesn't believe him. Jason says he is just having migraines and that you are just supposed to sleep them off. Sam says she is worried about him and as soon as they get home she is taking him to the hospital and Jason says no, that he'll be fine. Sam says he is not fine and asks if he will tell her or does she have to figure this one out on her own. Jason looks at Sam with no answer. Sam wakes Jason up from his nap and he asks if she got any sleep and she says a little. Jason asks if they are being followed and Sam says she doesn't think so. Jason asks how long until they dock in Port Charles and Sam says he has been sleeping all day and tells him she knows something is wrong and says she is not leaving the room until he tells her what. Jason flinches from another migraine and when Sam reaches out to him he pulls away and goes on deck. Sam follows and tries to get out of him what is wrong but Jason doesn't want to tell her and Sam goes to check on the ship. Jason starts having a nose bleed and tries to hide it when Sam returns but she says there is blood on his pillow and asks him to tell her what is going on with him. Sam is about to walk away but Jason says he has been having really bad headaches and he doesn't know if it is because of what he went through with Michael and Dr.Thomas or if it was the experimental drug he took. Sam asks if he is having one now and he says yes. Sam tells him she is going to check the ship and starts to walk away but Jason collapses. Sam takes Jason to bed and says they are going to dock in Port Anderson and she is going to take him to a hospital but Jason begs her not to. Sam says she loves him, and refuses to sit back and watch him die so she is going to take him to a hospital. The doctor at the clinic tells Sam they can't find anything wrong with him as to why he is having headaches and says they need to do more tests. The doctor says all Jason's tox-screens and blood tests have come back normal but they need to get him to a regional hospital that may be able to figure out what is wrong with him and treat him. Sam asks what she does in the meantime and the doctor tells her to talk to Jason and try to get him to wake up because if he falls deeper into a coma they may not be able to get him out of it or revive him at all. Sam fights back tears as she tells Jason not to leave her and says he needs to wake up. Sam assures Jason the doctors are going to figure out what is wrong with him but tells him until then he needs to wake up and he knows how much she hates to wait. Sam tells an unconscious Jason that her life meant nothing until he came along and she needs him to wake up. Jason wakes up and Sam is relieved but he doesn't recognize her and asks what happened and how he got there. Sam starts to panic and wants to get the doctor but Jason grabs onto her hand and stops her from leaving. Sam pulls away from him and says all she wants is to help him and asks him what he remembers and he says nothing. Sam tells him he has been having headaches and collapsed so she brought him to the clinic. Sam talks with the doctor outside Jason's room as he eavesdrops. Sam tells the doctor about Jason's accident ten years prior and the doctor encourages her to talk to him about his life while they try to figure out why he can't remember. Sam returns to Jason and he holds up a picture of Michael and Morgan and asks who they are. Sam tells him their names and says they are his best friend's children. Jason says so he doesn't have any kids and Sam says no. Jason says that is good because it would be pretty confusing to a kid if his dad showed up and couldn't remember him. Jason tells Sam to tell him about himself and pulls out his driver's license and asks if that's where he lives. Sam says yes and lets him know she lives there with him and tells him about Sonny and Carly. Jason asks her to tell him about the accident she was talking to the doctor about and Sam tells him his brother AJ was driving drunk and crashed them into a tree. Sam says he was in a coma for a while and fights back tears as she tells him he has permanent brain damage. Sam tells him a little about his life with the Quartermaines and Jason asks why his license says Morgan and not Quartermaine. Sam explains that after the accident he didn't get along with his family so he moved out and changed his name to Morgan. Sam tells Jason about his friendship with Sonny and explain that he thinks of Sonny more like a brother and says they have even been involved with the same women. Jason asks if she is one of them and Sam says yes and tells him she was with Sonny first and he got her pregnant but it didn't work out so he offered to take her in and raise the baby together. Jason says so she has a kid and Sam says she died as soon as she was born. Sam says it was the worst time in her life and he helped her through it and now it's her turn to help him. Jason asks if she passed any stairs when they came in and Sam doesn't understand what he is asking. Jason says they are on the 3rd floor and asks if the stairs are on the left or right. Sam says she didn't notice because she was too worried about him. Jason asks what business they are in and Sam says that is complicated. Jason says there are six cars in the parking lot and he knows how to hot wire all of them and asks how he knows that. Jason tries to leave but Sam stops him and he pins her up again the wall and then pulls away and asks him what just happened. Sam says she shouldn't have grabbed him from behind.Jason tries to leave and the doctor orders the orderlies to stop him and sedates him. Jason wakes up and Sam asks him if he remembers her and Jason says she is Sam. Sam is relieved and thinks Jason remembers everything but he tells her he remembers nothing else, only what she told him. Jason tries to leave and Sam tries to hold him back but quickly pulls away and tells him to lie still. Jason says he is getting out of there Jason asks why she isn't afraid of him because he almost snapped her neck. Sam says he would never hurt her and says she is going to make arrangements for him to go to a hospital in Port Charles. Jason says he isn't going to another hospital and Sam says he has a headache doesn't he and Jason says yes. Sam says that is what happened before. He had a headache and passed out on the boat and then woke up there and couldn't remember anything and she is worried that the next time he will pass out and not wake up. Sam says he may not remember this but she loves him and wants to make sure he is OK. Sam is able to convince Jason to stay where he is at for the moment and steps out to speak to the doctor but Dante grabs her and covers her mouth so she can't scream. Allegra walks up with a gun in her hand and says that she needs her assistance one more time and tells her Alicia has disappeared before she could sign over Andrew's assets. Sam asks why she thinks she would help her and Allegra says she isn't giving her a choice. Sam says Jason is sick and says he needs her right now and Allegra says Jason will be cared for while she is helping her and orders two men to handle Jason. Dante carries Sam away to go back to the island. Jason asks the men where Sam is and they say gone. When the men try to attack Jason he fights back and manages to get their guns and shoot both men before he could even think about it. Sam is taken back to Allegra's and refuses to help her but Allegra says she has no choice in the matter and the sooner she changes into Alicia's dress and signs the papers the sooner she can get back to Jason. Sam asks exactly where Alicia is and ask Allegra if she killed him too. Allegra says Alicia disappeared on her own and assures Sam all she needs her to do is sign the papers and they are about to go see the lawyer when two police officers come in and arrest Sam for Andrew's murder. Jason drops the guns, confused and shocked by what he just did and asks one of the guys where Sam is. The guy tells him on the island where they were before and Jason leaves to rescue Sam. Jason arrives at Allegra's and demands to know where Sam is. Allegra tells Jason Sam has been arrested and Jason asks why. Allegra says the police think she is her daughter and says her daughter is missing and may even be dead. Alicia walks in and says she is fine and reveals that she is the one who killed Andrew. Allegra asks why she killed him after she worked so hard to get them together and Alicia says she should be able to figure it out and says they can have it all. All they have to do is pin the murder on Jason and Sam and they are scott free and Allegra says that was never the plan. Allegra takes Alicia hostage and at the jail exchanges Sam for Alicia. Jason comes in and knocks the jail guard out and helps Sam escape while Alicia is locked up. Sam, Jason and Allegra return to Allegra's and she thanks them for all their help and apologizes for putting them through the whole ordeal. Sam asks what about the money and Allegra says Alicia won't be needing it now and says she wishes her daughter was more like her. Sam and Jason are left alone and Jason tells Sam about his attack on the two men and asks how he know how to do that. Sam tries to avoid telling Jason what he does for a living but Jason demands to know and Sam tells him he and Sonny are in the mob and that he is Sonny's enforcer and kills people. Jason doesn't understand how she could be with a man that kills people and Sam says it isn't like that and most of the time the people just disappear but they are killed because they are threatened either him or Sonny or Sonny's family. Jason gets angry that he is in that  type of work and Sam asks him to stay there while she makes arrangements to get back to Port Charles. Jason agrees to stay put and once Sam is gone he sneaks out the terrace doors. Sam and Allegra begin a hunt for Jason and Dante comes in and tells them they have found a body. Sam finds Jason's hospital bracelet on the deck of their ship and Allegra offers to identify the body for her but Sam lifts the cloth and it isn't Jason. They are about to search the island again and a mechanic comes aboard and tells them he has seen the man they are looking for and says he is headed to Portugal. Jason pays the man for telling Sam he was headed to Port Charles and leaves the island. Jason returns to Port Charles and arrives at Sonny's just as Sonny is looking for a missing Carly. Sonny tells Max to get a hold of Jason to look for Carly and Jason hides when Sonny goes out to the terrace.  Carly and Reese are arguing on the pier when Jason happens to walk by and pulls Reese off her and leaves with her. Jason tries to leave Carly at Kelly's but she says he has always been there for her before. Jason says he can't help her right now and tells her he doesn't know her. Carly says he is lieing just like everyone else and Jason tries to explain that something happened and he lost his memory but Carly doesn't believe him and runs off. Jason goes to the Quartermaines looking for answers but has a headache and sits down in the chair. Alan comes in and is surprised to see him and Jason says he made a mistake and going there was the wrong place to start. Alan doesn't know what he is talking about and Jason says he can't remember anything and doesn't want to go home because Sam is there and he is trying to avoid her because she wants him to remember. Alan tries to tell Jason that he left the Quartermaines and starting working for Sonny only because Sonny was blackmailing him. Jason is about to leave but Monica walks in. Alan introduces Jason to Monica and says she is his mother. Alan says he was just telling Jason about Sonny and how Sonny lied and blackmailed Jason to get to work for him. Monica tells Alan that's enough and Jason picks up that Alan is lieing. Monica tells Jason about his accident ten years before and how he felt as though everyone knew him but himself and so it alienated him from the family. Jason asks how he met Sonny and Monica says Sonny befriended him without and expectations and no demands to be the person he was before so he went to work for him and they became best friends. Monica says she isn't fond of Sonny and tells Jason but he remained loyal to him and soon he began to start thinking of Sonny as his family. Alan is insistent on telling Jason Sonny blackmailed him and Monica says that is Alan's pain and guilt talking and assures Jason Sonny did not twist his arm to remain friends or get involved in the business. Jason wants to leave but both Monica and Alan say he needs to be checked out by a doctor and Jason refuses. Monica says he doesn't know what happened to his brain and that there could be something seriously wrong but Jason leaves as Alan tries to stop him but Monica says to let him go. Alan tells Monica they almost had their son home but by telling the truth she sent Jason back to Sonny. Monica says they need to give Jason some room and let him come to them. At Sonny's Emily tells Sam that Jason has been spotted in town and that he rescued Carly from a fight with Reese on the pier. Sam says that's good because that's vintage Jason and says but he would have called her if he had remembered something. Emily says that Reese said it seemed like Jason didn't recognize her and says that she was preoccupied with Carly. Sam asks what now and Emily tells her about Carly's breakdown and how Sonny was taking care of her until she took off.  Sam says that they need to find Jason as soon as possible before he hurts himself or someone else and Emily asks what she isn't telling her. Sam explains about Jason having severe headaches and how he lost his memory and doesn't remember her and how he tries to send her on a wild goose chase to Portugal. Emily asks if he knows about his penthouse and Sam says he has his wallet on him so he has the address and says that she is just afraid Jason is going to take off. Emily says Jason wouldn't do that to her and Sam says he doesn't remember loving her so he could do anything. Emily goes to the Quartermaines and Monica and Alan are arguing about Jason as she walks in. Emily asks how Jason's health was and tells them about the symptoms Jason has been having and Alan tells Monica she recognizes the symptoms and they agree Jason is at risk for a brain aneurysm. Monica says they need to find Jason as soon as they can because he could literally drop dead. Jason breaks into the penthouse and picks up a picture of him and Sam then throws it down on the sofa. He goes through the desk drawer and finds his gun and then goes upstairs and comes back down with a handful of money and a bag. Sam walks in and Jason grabs her and covers her mouth and tells her not to scream, then lets go. Sam says Emily said he might go there and Jason tries to leave but Sam stops him. Sam asks why he is packing a bag and Jason says he doesn't want to live the life he had before there and says that he found a lock picking kit, and a machine upstairs that copies phone and computer chips. He doesn't know what it is called but he knows how to use it. Jason says he doesn't want to see Alan and Monica and if what Sam has said about the kind of business he is in is true, his enemies might be after him and he doesn't even know who they are or how to defend himself. Sam says he is a good man, with real love inside him and says that she knows that. Jason says she doesn't get it and goes and picks up the picture of them that he threw down on the sofa and says he doesn't know who that is. Emily shows up and she and Sam try to convince Jason to go to the hospital for tests but he refuses and is about to leave but has another seizure. Sam and Emily take Jason to the hospital and Liz informs Sam that she has called Alan and Monica. Sam says Jason doesn't want to see either of them and Liz explains that because she and Jason aren't married, it has to be a parent that fills out Jason's paperwork. Alan goes in to see Jason and asks the nurse how he is and the nurse tells him his vitals are stable but he still hasn't woke up. Alan says that when he does he could be a danger to himself and others around him and says he needs to be restrained. Jason wakes up strapped to the bed with Alan standing over him. Jason tells him to take off the restraints and Alan tells Jason to calm down or he could have another seizure.  Alan is about to sedate Jason and Sam walks in and points the gun at Alan and tells him to step away or she will shoot him where he stands. Alan steps away and Sam helps Jason out of the restraints and tells Jason to leave. Jason runs into Sonny at the elevators and when Jason doesn't recongcize him and tells him to find Carly himself, Sonny takes it the wrong way and says he is making a big mistake. Sam tells Alan she can't believe he had Jason tied up and caged like a wild animal and Alan says it was for his own good. Alan tells Sam that Jason may have a brain aneurysm and Sam makes him a deal. She'll do what she can to get Jason back to the hospital if Alan agrees to not restrain him or sedate him. Sam runs into to Sonny and asks if he knows where Jason is. Sonny says he just saw him and asks what the hell is wrong with him and Sam explains about Jason's seizures and memory loss. Sonny says but Jason knew him and Sam says that is because she told him about his life. Sonny gets a call about Carly and has to go and Sam says she'll take care of Jason and goes to look for him.