Jason & Sam #4

Jason goes to the hospital and talks with Monica again and Monica admits she is hiding something but can't tell him what. Ric finds Jason and tells him he knows Carly was released and all deals are off and he plans to prosecute Carly to the full content of the law. Jason says he and Sonny had nothing to do with Carly being released and Ric says they should have done a better job on keeping Carly and Alcazar under control and waited for their deal to work out. Jason says that's over reacting even for Ric. Probably because he's got his own suspect to protect, Alexis. Ric says Alexis wasn't even in the country when AJ was murdered. Jason says that doesn't matter because Alexis would do anything to protect her daughter and says that Luis Alcazar wasn't even a direct threat but Alexis' scary mind perceived him as one and she stuck him with a steak knife and shoved him off a 14th floor balcony. Ric tells Jason to save them all some time and just admit Carly is guilty. Ric warns that it doesn't even matter that Carly is out because he is going to create the air tight case against her and that's all that matters. Sam says he just wants to get revenge because Sonny took Kristina away and Ric says he doesn't care if AJ is pond scum he still deserves to have his killer brought to Justus and leaves. Sam asks Jason if it never stops for him does it. It's been one disaster after another for them since they met and she's never seen him take a break. Alexis walks up and asks if they have seen Ric and Jason says he just left. Jason asks Alexis where she was the night AJ died and asks if she killed him. Alexis says that was blunt, apalling... but blunt. Alexis says she does believe she wasn't even in the country that night, besides she has no motive> Jason says but she does, if Sonny takes the wrap for Carly and gets convicted of murder, she gets Kristina back. Alexis says covering for everyone is clouding is normally rational mind and says if she was wanting Sonny to be charged for the murder, one would think that she would find some proof. Alexis adds that she is confident Carly killed AJ and will be prosecuted and put away, tells Sam it was nice to see her and walks away. Sam says that was surreal and that she has never seen Alexis that calm. Jason says he doesn't feel that she killed AJ or had anything to do with it, and her being calm means she is up to something and thinks she is going to get away with it. Jason and Sam go to Sonny and Jason tells everyone all bets are off with Ric, he's out for blood. Sam says they'll never guess who's riding shotgun and Sonny says Alexis. Jason says he doesn't think Alexis had anything to do with AJ's murder but she is up to something. Sam says she is going to check on Michael and Reese stops her and says maybe she can find his little ball. It seems to calm him down a little bit and Sam says sure and heads up. Jason and Sonny talk in the foyer and Jason says they just need to get Carly out of the country for awhile. Sonny says she won't go and Jason says make her go. Sonny asks what is he going to do... drug her... tie her up and tells him he knows she is just going to drive him crazy by trying to escape every 5 minutes and Jason agrees. Sonny says he thinks that this might have been done in the heat of the moment kind of thing and says maybe AJ said the wrong thing to someone and they killed him. Jason says Monica has been acting weird lately. Sonny says Monica would have motive. AJ kidnapped her grandson, shot her husband in the back and hurt Emily but he wants to know if it is Monica, is Jason going to have a problem turning his own mother in. Sam goes up to Michael's room and Michael is gone but there is a pillow torn apart all over his bed. Jason catches Michael at the gate and tells him he looked for him from the first day he was taken and asks him not to leave again. Michael hugs Jason and says he saw his mom kill AJ. Jason takes Michael back to the house and has to force him to go upstairs with him, bypassing Carly. Ric arrives at the gate and says his men called him to tell him his own wife is stalking the gate. Alexis tells Ric there is a witness who saw Carly kill AJ, Michael. Sam talks with Reese at the top of the stairs and asks if she is OK. Reese says not really. She is a FBI agent turned into a nanny for a mob boss no less and asks if she thinks she's gotten too personal. Sam says she just thinks Reese is finding out how easy it is to fall in love with Sonny. Jason takes Michael to his room and tells him they thought they lost him again and asks Michael if he wants to tell him where he was going and who he was running from. Michael becomes silent and starts bouncing his ball. Jason says he knows it's hard for him right now but he has a lot of people who love him that he can turn to, most of all his mom and dad. Ric asks Alexis how she knows Michael saw Carly and she says she heard him say it. Ric says that Michael is a 9 year old little boy who has been mentally abused and traumatized and she expects him to put Michael on the stand. Ric says that if she thinks by Carly being charged with murder that Sonny will willingly give Kristina back she is sadly mistaken. Reese says she won't fall for Sonny. She's just there to do a job and that's it. Sam says it's not going to be that easy because she's living in his house and taking care of Michael. Jason and Carly go to see Michael before he falls asleep and Jason says maybe tomorrow he'll come over and they can throw the ball around. Carly tells Michael he's settling back into his old life, with the people that love him surrounding him and it's safe. Carly says she would never do anything that would get her taken away from him and the truth is going to come out... she did not kill AJ. Sam goes to talk to Sonny and says he can tell her it's none of her business and to shut up but she thinks Reese has feelings for him and is no longer looking to put him in prison. Sonny says for the record, it is none of her business but... she doesn't have to tell him what he already knows. Jason and Carly come down and Ric arrives with a court order for Michael to testify. Reese asks for what and Ric says they have reason to believe he saw Carly kill AJ. Carly calls Ric a sick freak and says that she is not going to let him and Alexis to use Michael to get Kristina back. Carly loses it and yells at Ric and Jason has to pull her out of the room. Ric says that temper of hers is not going to serve her well in court. Sam asks if that's what he is counting on and says Michael and Kristina are brother and sister and love each other even though the adults in their lives are using them as pawns in a tug-o-war. Sonny tells Sam that it's OK and he wants to talk to his brother alone. Jason takes Carly out to the gate and tells her that's enough. She can't just go around attacking people left and right. Jason says he doesn't know what happened, she used to trust him with her life and asks can she do that now. Carly says only if he can trust her. She says she knows it's inconvenient but she is Michael's mother and asks who died and put Reese Marshall in charge of her son. Carly tells Jason he needs to convince Sonny to let her see her son. Jason and Carly go back to the house and Carly says she saw a light on in Michael's room and is going up to see him. Reese stops her and says that she needs to be patient. Carly tells Reese to stop telling her what to do with her son. She is not a psychiatrist, she's a fed taking advantage of the situation. Sonny tells Carly to stop and Carly tells him to open his eyes, how else doe she think Ric got the information... Reese went to a psychiatrist and told them what Michael said. Reese says she didn't tell anyone. Carly starts to go to Michael's room and Sonny stops her saying he is afraid of her. Jason says that she has to show him there is no reason to be afraid. Sam goes to the hospital to see Monica and asks her if she knows any doctor that would be able to keep Michael of the stand. Sam says they need to protect Michael from any more damage and Monica agrees. Sonny says he doesn't hear any screaming so maybe Carly got through to Michael. Reese says her worst fear is that with the best intentions, Carly will push Michael further into with drawl. Jason defends Carly saying she has a right to be with Michael and Monica calls and says she needs to see him. Jason tells Sonny Monica sounded stress and Sonny says maybe she's getting ready to confess and asks Jason again if he is going to have trouble turning his own mother in. Jason says he isn't going to let Carly take the fall for something she didn't do, no matter who goes down in the process and leaves. Monica tells Jason she went to AJ's room the night he died and saw who killed him. Jason asks why she didn't tell him before and asks who it was. Monica says it was Michael. She says she went to AJ's room and was distraught over what she saw. She says she distracted an orderly so Michael wouldn't get caught. Monica says but now Carly has been arrested and Michael might be put on the stand and he could remember killing AJ. Jason says he can't let Michael get put on the stand. He won't let it happen. Jason goes back to Sonny's and walks in on Sonny telling Reese Michael didn't kill AJ. Jason tells Sonny that he did, Monica saw him. Sonny becomes upset saying he should have killed AJ when Michael was still a baby and sets his glass down on the bar so hard it breaks. Reese says if they get Michael help now and Sonny interrupts her and says no. Sonny says he just wants to see his son and goes upstairs. Reese says Michael needs a lot of help. Jason tells her Michael has a lot of people who love him, they can help him. Reese says that attitude is naive at best, dangerous at worst. Jason's says if it comes out Michael killed his biological father he will carry that for the rest of his life and Jason is going to let him do that. People will stare and be afraid of him and he doesn't want that to happen to Michael. Sonny comes back downstairs and Jason asks how Michael is. Sonny says he asked who killed AJ and Reese asks what he told him. Sonny says he dodge the question because he didn't know what to say. Reese says that's why they need to get Michael help now, so he can work through the pain. Sonny tells Reese he wants her to go upstairs and let Michael tell her how happy he is to be home and how sorry he is he believed AJ in the first place. Sonny asks what's the point to this, Michael has already forgotten what he did. Reese goes upstairs and Jason tells Sonny she is the least of their problems. Sonny says that they can't tell Carly Michael killed AJ because she will admit to killing him just to protect Michael. Sonny says there has to be another way. Sonny tells Jason he was a hell of a role model and that Michael learned to kill from him. Jason says he was no better but they both tried to keep the business away from Michael the best they could. Sonny says he's a 9 year old boy, he shouldn't know about murder. Sonny walks out onto the terrace and says that when  When he told Scolie  his stepfather beat his mom, and Scolie killed his stepfather it gave him Justus. It was the most powerful feeling he could remember. Sonny starts to cry and says they need to find another way to keep Michael safe. Sonny walks away and tells Jason to keep them both safe. Jason goes home and sits on the coffee table and kisses Sam. Sam tells him she is working on a speaker system for the house since he likes dancing with her so much. Jason asks if she has plans for tonight and Sam says no and wants to know why and asks if he has a suspect and is Michael is OK. Jason tells her Michael is actually coming out of it a little and even told him how happy he is to be home but there was nothing more he could do for him tonight so he came home to be with her. Jason gets Sam favorite beer and order in Chinese food. Sam is surprised and asks if she missed something and asks if it's his birthday and says she knows it's not her birthday. Jason says it's bigger than that and Sam asks him to tell her what's going on. Jason and Sam share dinner and Jason asks if she can do him a favor and Sam says anything. Jason tells her to get up and go look out the window. Sam does so and he takes the necklace he bought her out of his pocket and asks her about the weather about what she's see. Sam says she sees the moon and Jason asks if she sees any stars. While she's looking Jason walks behind her and puts the necklace on her and says she said she wouldn't wear it until he put it on her and Sam finishes the sentence by saying some starry night. Jason tells her when he came home he felt something he didn't recognize. Sam asks what and he says peace. Sam says she has spent her life running and she knows exactly how he feels and they kiss. A music montage of Jason and Sam's song shows both Jason and Sam and Carly and Sonny sharing romantic evenings. Carly comes over and wants to speak to Jason but Sam says he's not there. Carly says Sonny was acting weird and Sam asks how and Carly says like a perfect gentleman. Sam says like he was saying goodbye, but talking about Jason. Jason goes to the police station to confess to murdering AJ but Sonny is already in talking with Mac. Jason goes to Carly's and tells her Sonny confessed. Carly says she isn't going to let Sonny go to prison for killing AJ either and Jason tells her to leave it alone. Reese goes to Jason and Sam comes off the elevator. Reese says she needs to talk to Jason about Michael and Sam says he isn't there and is probably at the police station because Sonny confessed to killing AJ the night before. Reese says Sonny is confessing only to protect someone he loves. Jason comes home and Sam says she was just about to call him because Reese found out Sonny confessed. Jason tells Sam about Michael being the one who killed and Sam asks if he's sure and Jason says yes. Sam says that's what dinner was about, he was going to confess to protect Michael. Sam says they had a romantic dinner and made love and the whole time he was keeping a secret which is ironic because so is she. Jason tells Sam to he didn't purposely lie to her and he had been able to confess if Sonny hadn't gotten there five minutes before him. Sam says she glad because he might have gone into lock up not knowing what he might be leaving behind. Jason asks if she's OK and Sam tells him she might be pregnant. Jason and Sam go to Sonny's so Jason can watch over Carly and Michael and the business. Sam brings Jason a cup of coffee and asks if he got any sleep and Jason says just barely and asks if she took the test. Sam says that she wants to wait, and hope for just a while longer. Reese comes in and says that they need to do something about Sonny confessing to murder. Jason says that's the way Sonny wants it and if she tells the truth about Michael Sonny will go free but he will never trust her again. Carly comes home and says she has a plan, to write a letter admitting Michael killed AJ after they leave the country. Jason says he will set it up, but wants to talk to Michael first.Carly asks if he will go with them and Jason says if he doesn't he will make sure someone does. Carly asks Sam what she's missing and Sam tells Carly that although he loves her and the kids, he loves her (Sam) too and that he does have a life of his own. Carly asks if she's pregnant and Sam says she missed her period but that's it. Carly asks if she's taken a test and Sam says no. Carly says she understands why she hasn't. It's kind of like playing the lottery. You don't want to look at the numbers because you will either know if you won or lost. Sam says if she is pregnant Jason would want to stay with her. Carly says she and the kids need him right now. Sam says he has a right to his own life and Carly says fine, but she better not hurt him or else she will have to answer to her.  Jason comes downstairs and tells Carly Michael won't go. Carly says he has to and Sam asks how she thinks she is going to make him. Carly says with gentle persuasion and Jason tells Carly is she's sure she really wants to leave, it means she can never come back. Carly says she doesn't care, all that matters is sparing Michael from any more pain. Carly goes up to Michael's room and Sam asks Jason what she missed, she thought he wanted Carly and the boys to leave the country. Jason says Michael doesn't want to go, and isn't it time his feelings counted for something. Carly comes back down and says Michael's gone. Jason comes in from searching the tree house and there is no sign of Michael except a baseball card on the table by the stairs. Jason says Michael must have heard them talking and ran off. Jason finds Michael at the Quartermaines. Jason and Michael get some privacy and Michael tells Jason how and why he smothered AJ and asks Jason if he's bad. Jason explains it to Michael that it is like when he hurt his wrist and it didn't work right, that's just what happened to his mind. Michael asks Jason to take him to the police station to see Sonny. Jason walks into the interrogation room with Michael but Carly rushed him out. Jason stops her and tells him to let him see his dad. Reese and Ric walk up to Jason and Ric asks but knows that Michael knows he killed AJ. Sam buys a pregnancy test and waits for the results. Carly and Jason bring Michael home and Sam asks if everyone is OK. Michael says no because his dad is in jail for killing AJ and he didn't even do it and runs up the stairs. Carly tries to go after him but Jason stops her. Sam says she will go up and try to talk to Michael and Jason says that will be a good idea. Carly asks why everyone's girlfriend gets to talk to her son but her. Jason says up until about 24 hours ago Michael was afraid of her and that maybe leaving the country isn't the best solution. Carly asks if he has a better idea and Jason says maybe they should let Michael confess. Carly says that letting him confess is out of the question. Sam offers to go talk to Michael and Jason stays downstairs with Carly and tries to convince her that now that Michael remembers killing AJ, maybe the best thing for him is letting him confess to the police which will get him the help he needs. Carly asks Jason how he would feel if Sam really is pregnant and she and Sonny try to tell them what to do with their kid. Sam tells Michael she is proud of him and that the fact he is always looking out for his family and friends makes him a special person and says she needs his help. Sam says that Sonny thinks it's best that Michael and Carly and Morgan leave the country for the time being and Sam is able to convince Michael to go. Sam and Michael go downstairs and he tells his mom he will go out of the country with them. Jason tells Sam that they only person Sonny trusts to take Carly and the boys out of the country is him but that he'll be back in a day or two and Sam tells him she took the test and that it was neither positive or negative and just hasn't had time to get another one. Mac comes in with a subpoena for Carly to testify against Sonny and asks for their passports so they can't leave. Jason and Sam meet up at Kelly's and Jason gets coffee for him and says tea for Sam but she says coffee is fine. Jason asks if she's not pregnant and Sam says maybe it's for the best because Dr. Meadows did tell her to take it slow. Jason says as soon as the doctor gives her OK, they will start a family. Jason tells Sam when Sonny is acquitted, he is going to take her o a trip, maybe to the ocean. Sam says they could go scuba diving or sail through the Caribbean on a starry night and maybe that's when they will conceive their first child. Reese comes in and tells Jason if he doesn't stop Carly she is going to send Sonny straight to death row. Jason leaves and Reese asks Sonny what is it with Carly. Sam explains that even though they are separated, Sonny and Carly are never really over. Sam goes back to Sonny's and feels awkward when she see Jason and Carly in an embrace. Carly is ready to go off and about to make the mistake of losing it in court and Jason tells her she needs tot take it down a couple notches. When that doesn't work, Sam distracts Carly by saying the dress she is wearing is a mistake to wear to court. Jason tells Carly Sam is going to help her pick out something different. Sam and Carly returns moments later with Carly dresses in a conservative white outfit. Jason says much better and Bobbie and Mike arrive to watch over Michael and Morgan. At the courthouse, Alexis purposely provokes Carly and Jason has to restrain her and says that is exactly what Alexis wants, for Carly to make Sonny look bad.Carly gets up on the stand and Durant tries to make it look like she is protecting Sonny but Carly turns it around on him by saying he is her father who will do anything to put her ex-husband in prison to keep him away from her. Carly finishes her testimony and takes a seat just as Michael walks in. Sonny and Carly try to prevent Michael being pulled to the stand but the judge rules in Durant's favor and Michael takes the stand. Durant asks if Michael saw who killed his father and Michael says his father is sitting right in the court room. Durant tells Michael he has to answer the question and Michael says he didn't see anyone kill AJ. Carly pulls Michael off the stand and says they will have to hold her in contempt because she is taking Michael home. Ric says the prosecution has no further questions and the judge allows Michael to leave. Carly sends Michael home with Bobbie and Mike. Justus calls Reese to the stand who defends Sonny, then Jason. When Justus is through with Jason Durant says he would like to question him and begins badgering him. Sonny is put on the stand and Durant asks if he killed AJ. Sonny says no. Durant goes on to ask why Sonny hated AJ so much and Sonny explains the kidnapping and how AJ brainwashed Michael. Durant asks if he didn't kill AJ why he confessed and Sonny says to prevent Michael from having to testify against his own mother because of a dream. Durant's lists people that have crossed paths with him and died or just disappeared. When Durant is finished Ric asks as co-prosecute to give his own final arguments and the judge allows it. Ric defends Sonny by saying the prosecuting has not proved that Sonny was the only one in AJ's room the night he was murdered nor that there was evidence to support the fact and because of that they must find Sonny not guilty. Durant verbally attacks Sonny and Carly jumps to defend him saying Durant will never get near her or her family ever again. The jury find Sonny not guilty and everyone heads back to Sonny's to celebrate. They all come up with the idea to go to the park to celebrate and Carly stays behind to look for Sonny. Sam and Jason take the boys to the park and seeing Jason play with them Sam tells him he will be a great father some day, hopefully very soon. After playing at the park Sam and Jason take the boys to Kelly's and Mike asks if there is any clue they will find the real person who killed AJ. Sam says she hopes not because Michael should never have to go through what he did again. Jason pulls Michael aside and sits with him at a table and tells him there is something they need to discuss. Jason tells Michael he can never talk about what happened with AJ to anyone else but his mom and dad, and him (Jason). Michael agrees and Jason says they should be getting them home and Michael says Carly said she would catch up to them. Jason says he thinks they got delayed and Michael gets his hopes up they might be getting back together but Jason tells him he doesn't think so. Sam watches Jason with Michael and tells Mike the same thing she told Jason in the park, he is going to be a great father some day. Jason and Sam take Michael and Morgan home and then go home themselves. Sam asks Jason if he hears that and tells him to listen. Jason says he doesn't hear anything. Sam says that "What's going to happen next" buzz is no longer there and it is finally over. Jason thanks her and Sam says he's welcome but not sure what for. Jason tells her losing Michael twice was the hardest thing he's ever gone through and she got him through it. Sam and Jason are about to make love when Carly comes in and starts going on about how she saw Sonny with Reese in bed. Sam tells Carly not that she noticed but she and Jason were in the middle of something and she would like her to leave. Carly says she is there to see Jason and Sam says she is always there to see Jason, rain or shine, wind or snow and that she's not sure if Carly has noticed but she and Jason are together, they live there, together. Carly asks Sam if she is through because this is important. Jason tells Carly it is not a good time and Carly asks if he is throwing her out. Jason tells her he will call her tomorrow and Carly says don't bother and leaves. Sam tries to apologize and Jason tells her she did the right thing but now he's worried because Carly is hurt and she always lashes out when she is like this and someone usually ends up hurt as well.  Outside Jason's penthouse, Carly calls Rachel Adaire and says they have some mutual interests and asks to meet her. Carly asks Rachel to meet her at Kelly's and tells her not to tell Courtney who she is meeting. Jason comes out in the hall and says whatever she is planning, don't. Carly says she hopes he and Sam have a baby real soon so he'll stop poking around in her business. Jason says he knows she is up to something and tells her that everyone's life is back to normal and she doesn't need to go and mess things up. Carly says all she did was make a simple phone call and Jason says now she's lying to him and asks her to stop. Carly leaves to go meet with Rachel and Jason goes back inside. Sam says she guesses he caught up with Carly because she heard half of their argument and Jason says that Carly is dangerous when she likes this. Jason says when he said he wanted everyone's life to get back to normal this isn't what he meant. Sam says on the subject of getting back to normal, she would like to get back to work. Jason asks if she has thought about what she wants to do and Sam says what she knows... salvage. Jason says she will need a ship and offers to buy her one or loan her the money but then brings up that if she still wants to get pregnant wouldn't salvage work be too strenuous. Sam gets excited and says that is exactly what she wanted to hear. Carly is able to convince Rachel that Jax and Courtney shouldn't be together and to help her with her scheme by playing her about her guilt over framing Courtney and what happened with Michael. Carly reveals that she is trying to get Courtney and Jason back together and in the process Rachel will get Jax. Rachel agrees and they put their plan in motion. Jason asks Sam why she didn't just ask him how he felt and Sam says he would have just told her what she wanted to her. Jason says that he wants to have kids with her and he will tell her everyday if that's what she needs. Sam says she would much rather do something about it and they begin to make love but Michael calls and interrupts them. Much to Sam's disappointment Jason goes to Michael's rescue. Carly tells Rachel her plan is to make Jax believe that Courtney is sleeping with Jax. Jason tells Sonny about how Carly went to his house after she saw him and Reese together. Jason tells Sam he is going to the hospital to talk with a therapist about treating Michael. Sam asks Carly and Sonny haven't done that yet. Jason says they don't think he needs it so it's on him to do something about it. Sam says that is just another reason he is going to be a great dad. Carly and Rachel are watching Jax and Courtney at Metro Court and Rachel says they look really happy. Rachel asks Carly if she is trying to control Courtney's life because she can figure out her own. Carly says the romantic relationship of the people she loves are in ruins and she's going to do something about it. Carly interrupts Courtney and Jax and learns the wedding is back on and tells Courtney about the spa day she has planned for her. Jax excuses himself and Courtney says nice try but Carly didn't know the wedding was back on until five minutes before. Jason and Sam go to the hospital and Liz takes Sam to see Dr. Meadows. Carly explains that she had planned the spa date as a conciliation prize in case the wedding was really off but now Courtney can look at it like a bridal shower without any guests. Carly gets Courtney to her room upstairs and puts her plan into motion. Sam meets back up with Jason at the hospital and says she is going to head home and Jason goes with her. At home Sam says she doesn't care about any other tests Dr. Meadows ordered and asks when did having a baby become so complicated, they aren't applying for a home loan. Carly calls Jason pretending to be in a crisis and asks him to come to room 614, instead of her apartment. Jason asks if this is for real or another trick and Carly says her life is in ruins and she's counting on him to help her put it back together. Rachel heads downstairs and begins to work the scheme over on Jax telling him she was at the spa as well and saw Courtney sneak Jason into the motel and followed them to her room. Jason shows up at the motel room just as Carly is throwing Courtney's clothes around and asks her what she is doing. Carly says she is out of her mind. She covers by saying she made up a plan to bring Sonny to the room, seduce him and then Reese would come and see them together, as she is jumping on the bed making it sound like Jason and Courtney are in bed together. Jax is standing outside and hears the pounding and assumes it's Courtney and is about to walk away but Courtney walks to the door and asks why he's staring at her and figures out Carly is up to something. Jason leaves and goes home and Sam says that was unusually fast and Jason tells her about what Carly did. Sam says him running to Carly's rescue has it's upside, it gives her a chance to prepare a romantic dinner for him and turns him around to look at the table she has set. Carly asks why Courtney doesn't want to finish her spa treatments and Courtney says she can't relax and Carly says it's probably her instincts and lies to her saying she saw Jax with Rachel and they were kissing. Courtney asks if Carly would lie to her and Carly says no and Courtney heads downstairs. Courtney confronts Jax as he is kissing Rachel and acts like she is gong to stab him with a steak knife. Rachel tells Carly to tell Courtney the truth and Courtney says she knows what she was up to. Carly says that Courtney and Jax getting married is wrong and Courtney says that is not her choice and she is not invited to the wedding and Carly storms off.  Jason and Sam are making their way upstairs when the phone rings and it's Dr. Meadows. Sam picks up and the doctor tells her she has to wait at least a year to get pregnant. Jason holds Sam in his arms as he tells her she was so weak when she lost the baby, all he wanted was for her to wake up even though he knew it would break her heart. Sam says he got her through that just as Carly barges in. Sam yells at doesn't she ever call first and Carly says it's important. Jason tells her to come back another time but Sam says she isn't going to wait to be dismissed and leaves. Sam goes to Jake's and Carly arrives and tells her about she and Jason met there and brags about how Jason won at pool and beat the pants off her, literally. Sam mocks Carly and says she surprised Jason didn't beg her to be his one and only forever. Carly tries to intimidate Sam by telling her about Robin and making her think she ran Robin out of town. Carly says she is just about to run Sam's "skanky butt" out of town too and Sam gets up and punches Carly in the face. Sam and Carly brawl in the bar much to Coleman's objection and he finally has the bouncer break them up. Coleman calls Sonny and tells him his ex just started a brawl with Sam and he wants to be compensated for the damage.  Jason shows up and Jake's and Sam says for the record she threw the first punch. Jason says Carly probably deserved it. Sam says hat still doesn't change anything. The next time Carly has a crisis Jason is going to go running to get her out of it. Sam says she is not like Carly, she doesn't want to make them choose between them so she loves him enough to leave. Jason asks if she loves him enough to stay. Jason tells Sam Carly will never break his heart because he's not in love with her. He knows she's going to lie to him and come up with crazy plans. He tells Sam she has the power to hurt him the most because he's in love with her and asks if they can go home now. Sam, goes to the hospital to talk to Dr.Winters about Michael. She bumps into Courtney and asks is she is OK after the wrath of Carly's latest scheme and Courtney says she's fine. Sam tells Dr.Winters about Michael and asks if the child were to disclose some information, would she have to take it to the authorities. Winters says if it's a misdemeanor, most likely not, but if it's a felony she is obligated by law to do so. Dr.Winters warns that if the child she is talking about is Michael Corinthos, he needs to be in therapy right away, whether it be her or someone else. Jason talks to Michael and tells him he and Sam are going to see about taking him to a doctor. Michael says he's not sick and Jason explains it's a doctor for his head. Michael tells Jason he doesn't feel bad about killing AJ and won't the doctor think bad of him for feeling that way. Jason assures Michael he isn't bad for being glad AJ is no longer around to cause them trouble. Jason takes Michael to bed and comes back down to talk to Sam.  Jason starts re-thinking taking Michael to a shrink worrying it will cause him more damage than good. Sam repeats to Jason what Dr. Winters told her and says that if they don't take Michael to see her, they can look for another doctor. Jason says with the right amount of money there might be a doctor out there who is willing to keep what Michael says between them. Jason tells Sam how he felt after the accident. the Quartermaines took him to a lot of psychiatrists in hopes of one getting him to say what they wanted to hear. Michael has a nightmare and Sam and Jason run upstairs. Jason comes back down with Michael and he says he dreamed AJ was coming after him. Michael says he sees AJ sometimes at night and Sam asks if AJ talks to him and Michael says yes and that AJ tells him he should feel bad about killing him. Jason takes Michael back to bed and says he feels sorry for him, he's got his feelings all bottled up inside. Sam says they need to get him to a therapist and if they tell the police so be it, they'll deal with that when it comes. Jason says Courtney must know a lot of therapists, one of them has to be big on confidentiality. Sam says that he needs to go see her right away, they can't wait for her to get back from her honeymoon. Jason and Sam go to the park where Courtney's wedding is being set up and Sam asks if it feels weird being there. later she apologizes and Jason says she has nothing to worry about, he loves her and isn't going anywhere. Jason leaves to talk to Courtney and finds Carly in the room and says he hopes she's not planning anything. Carly leaves and Jason wishes Courtney well for her wedding and they hug as Jane watches from the door. Courtney asks Jason if that's all he was there to do and Jason says no, he came to see her about Michael. Jason tells Courtney about Michael's nightmares and says they want to get him some help and need her foundation to do so. Courtney says she can find a good and... discreet therapist for Michael and Jason leaves. Jason finds Jax at the bar and asks what he's doing, he can't get drunk before his wedding. Jax says he is through with Courtney and tells Jason he can have her. Jason says Jax is going to marry Courtney if he has to drag him to the park himself. Jason says he doesn't want Courtney, that she's downstairs getting ready to marry him. Jason tells Jax he was there to ask Courtney for help for Michael, and it had nothing to do with him. Jason reads Jax's vows and says it's obvious he loves Courtney. Jax says he does love her and Jason convinces him to move on with marrying her.  Sam goes to the hospital to meet with Dr. Thomas, one of the names Courtney gave Jason. She runs into Alan and asks if he knows where Dr. Thomas' office is. Alan asks if they are taking Michael to a therapist and says Michael needs it because he is grieving so deeply over AJ's death. Sam goes to Dr.Thomas' office and finds him asleep on the sofa. Sam interviews Dr.Thomas on his idea of patient/therapist confidentiality. Dr.Thomas says he will keep whatever is between him and his patient to them no matter what. Sam asks Dr.Thomas if he'll meet with Michael and he says yes, but advises even if they aren't happy with him to find someone else for Michael because he needs it. Jason comes in and Sam introduces them but Jason says they already know one another. Dr.Thomas says he consulted with Jason's doctor when he was hurt in the accident. Jason and Sam leave and go back to the penthouse. Jason is reluctant to trust Dr. Thomas with Michael but Sam persuades him by saying they have to try. Jason allows Sam to make an appointment for Michael. Sam and Jason go to Sonny's to talk to him about Dr.Thomas. Sam asks if he is OK because he was awful quiet on the drive over, even for him. Jason says he knows Sonny is not going to like the idea of taking Michael to him, and he's not too sure about it himself. Jason says he just keeps going back and forth. Just because he didn't like Dr.Thomas doesn't mean he can't help Michael. Sam asks i Dr.Thomas was mean to him and Jason gets frustrated and say no he just kept asking questions over and over and Jason felt like he had just failed a test he hadn't known he was taking. Jason asks how can he ask Sonny to allow Michael to go to a psychiatrist he himself is not sure of. Emily goes to Sonny's looking for Jason and notices the welt on Sam's cheek and asks what happened. Sam says she keeps putting makeup on it but it rubs off and says Carly has a good uppercut. Emily is shocked Carly punched her and asks for the whole story. Sam tells her about the brawl at Jake's and Emily tells her good for her. Sam is surprised Emily is on her side and Emily says she has seen Carly run two good women out of Jason's life just so she could keep Jason to herself. Emily tells Sam not to let Carly do the same to her and Sam says not to worry, she isn't going anywhere. Jason goes to Reese's place and asks to speak to Sonny and says it's important. Jason apologizes and says they need to talk about Michael and says he's asking questions and Jason doesn't know how to answer them correctly. Sonny agrees and says he'll talk to Carly. Jason asks when and Sonny says as soon as she gets back from marrying Alcazar.  Jason is upset that Carly agreed to marry Alcazar and Sonny isn't going to do anything about it. Sonny tells Jason Carly does what she wants and he can't go around saving her forever. Jason goes back to Sonny's and tells Sam what Sonny told him and Sam says of course Jason is going to go and pick up the pieces Carly leaves behind. Jason says he isn't. It is too much to go around and do what's best for Carly, Jason says he can' t keep trying to rescue Sonny and Carly from themselves even though last time something good came out of it. Sam asks what he means and Jason says when he took her in and that he changed his life and now he thinks about what he wants for a change but asks her help in getting Michael through Carly's latest stunt. Michael overhears and asks Jason to stop his mom from marrying him. Jason tells Michael that his parents are going to love him no matter who they are with. Michael says that Alcazar is bad and asks why can't things go back to the way they were. Jason says all Michael needs to know is that Sonny and Carly and him and Sam love him, and he's going to be OK, Jason is going to make sure of that. Michael says that his parents love him and Morgan and want them to be a family. Jason says he knows he wants that to happen but... and Sam interrupts and says there is nothing wrong with hoping it happens. Michael says Carly won't marry Alcazar and his parent will get back together no matter what and runs off. Sam defends herself by saying she sees nothing wrong with Michael holding onto the thought that his parents will get back together and Jason says because when they don't Michael will get his heart broken yet again. Jason says that Michael used to think he could get through anything and now when you look at him he looks scared and confused. Sam says that's why he needs therapy, to deal with not only AJ's death but everything else that has happened in his life. Carly shows up and asks where Michael is and Jason says in the kitchen and asks why. Carly says she's getting married tonight and wants to take Michael and Morgan with her. Jason says he won't let her and that Sonny told him about her proposal to Alcazar. Carly asks how Sonny knew and Jason says he overheard but it doesn't matter because she is only marrying Alcazar to get back at Sonny. Carly says she loves Alcazar and believes he will be a good father to her children and that's why she wants the kids to go with her, to start the marriage off on the right foot. Michael comes in and says she can't marry Alcazar he won't let and knocks stuff off the end table just as Sonny walks in and asks what he's doing. Michael says Carly is marrying Alcazar and demands Sonny to do something to stop her. Sonny has to ask Michael to go to him 3 times and says he can't stop his mom from marrying who she wants but that doesn't mean they don't love him. Michael says AJ was right and says he doesn't want to be in this family anymore and runs out and Jason and Sam go after him. Jason finds Michael under a table in the foyer and tells him he can't run anymore there's no where to go. Michael tells him to leave him alone and Jason says no matter who his parents are with they love him very much. Michael comes out from the table and apologizes for breaking things and says ow he's a bad person. Sam says he's angry and that's OK and he just needs to find a better way to express his anger. Jason says that's why they are going to take him to a doctor but Sonny comes in and Sonny and Carly take Michael up to bed. Sam goes to Reese and tells her about Michael's tantrum and Reese asks where Sonny is now. Sam says Sonny and Carly are trying to reassure him they are still a family but says that with what's happened now, and Reese stops her and asks what she means. Sam says she thinks Michael seeing his parents with other people is only hurting him and making his problem worse. Reese asks if Sam is telling her to stay away from Sonny and Sam says she is ask, ASKING, her to do what's best for Michael. Sonny comes down from putting Michael to bed and says he has seemed to settle down. Jason says Michael's fit is all the more reason to get him to a shrink so they can deal with what he is bottling up inside. Sonny says that means that Michael will admit to killing AJ and the therapist will got o the judge and Michael will be branded a killer. Jason says they will deal with that as it comes along but Michael needs to be in therapy as soon as possible and Sonny says he'll let him go and Jason thanks him. Jason and Sam take Michael through the park before going to the therapist. Sam says she knows it's scary to start to go to therapy but it may help him and Michael asks if she's ever gone. Sam says no but she met Dr.Thomas and he seemed really nice. Michael says he won't throw any more fits if he doesn't have to go and Jason says a lot of bad things happened and that's why he needs to go. Sam says the doctor went to school for this and should be able to help him. Michael says he'll go if Carly goes with him and sits on the ground. Sam goes to see Dr.Thomas and asks him to reassure her that what Michael tells him stays with him. Alan is listening outside the door as Sam says they are all just really worried about Michael. Jason and Michael go to Carly's apartment and walk in on Carly and Alcazar naked on the sofa and Michael wants to leave. Carly gets dressed and sends Alcazar to the kitchen and tells them they can come in now but Michael tries to leave. Jason says he wanted to got here so they should go in for a minute. Michael says AJ was right and that she doesn't have time for him. Jason explains that Michael wanted her to go to therapy with him. Michael says he doesn't now. Carly says that isn't true and Michael notices the ring on her finger and asks where she got it. Carly says it means she and Alcazar are going to get married. Michael says it means he will be sleeping in the same bed as her like he is his father but he isn't and runs out.  Jason says he'll take care of him and leaves. Sam introduces Michael to Dr.Thomas and Dr.Thomas asks Michael if he would go to the toys to have their session and Michael says that's for babies and they go inside his office. Jason has a grim look on his face and Sam asks what's wrong and Jason says he doesn't like him. Alan wheels up and asks what's going on and Jason gives Sam the OK to tell him about Michael being in therapy. Alan asks to be kept posted and says he would like to help. Dr.Thomas asks Michael about school, his siblings, and what he likes to do for fun. Michael starts to get defensive when Dr.Thomas brings up AJ. Dr.Thomas tries to get Michael to talk about AJ and Michael says he's glad he's dead. Jason and Sam run into Emily and Michael runs out of Dr.Thomas' office and into Jason's arms. Jason asks if Dr.Thomas did or said anything to hurt Michael and Michael says no but asks why they made him go to him. Jason says because they think he can help him and Michael asks if he was able to help him and Jason doesn't have an answer. Emily offers to take Michael to the park. After they're gone Sam asks what now and Jason says he doesn't know. He is the only person Michael can depend on and he may have already let him down. Carly goes to Dr.Thomas office and Dr.Thomas says the session is over because Michael ran out. Carly tells the doctor about what Michael walked on back at her apartment and tells him about postponing getting married till Michael is better. Dr.Thomas is amazed Carly lets Michael have that much power over her and encourages her to be in control of her life, and that includes moving on with her wedding if that's what she wants. Carly finds Jason and tells him what the doctor said and Jason says marrying Alcazar is not only bad for Michael, he's bad for her. Jason and Sam go to the park and Jason says maybe they should find another Doctor. Sam says Dr.Thomas is supposed to be really good and Michael and Emily catch up to them and Michael agrees to give therapy another chance. Alan goes to talk to Dr.Thomas and warns him he doesn't want Michael upset. Dr.Thomas says children often run out of sessions and Alan says they have to get him away from the pack of criminals he's with and back to the Quartermaines. Dr.Thomas says it may not be as easy as he thinks. Dr.Thomas says he may have already begun the process by encouraging Carly to marry a man Michael hates. Michael tries to get out of his second therapy session but Emily is able to convince him to go. Sam tells Jason not to take it the wrong way but Michael doesn't need any negativity where Dr.Thomas is concerned and Jason acts like he doesn't know what she's talking about. Sam says he is easy to read. Sam tells Jason about telling Reese to keep her distance and says she knows it was none of her business and asks if she was wrong and Jason says no. Jason says Sonny is going to do what he wants to do either way, he just hopes he does what's best for his kids. Emily and Michael come back and say the session was postponed because of and emergency appointment and Emily says Dr.Thomas would like to speak with them for a moment. Jason leaves Michael with Emily and Emily goes to the vending machine. A little girl comes up to Michael and introduces herself as Jodie and says she hates going to the doctor too, they always seem to think their is something wrong with them. Jodie sees Michael's comic book and says she has that one but her mom took all the comic books and television rights away because she was bad and got grounded. Michael says he must have been bad too then, and that's why he has to go to Dr.Thomas. Jodie says she has to go find her mom and disappears before Emily comes back. Jason and Sam take Michael home just as Sonny arrives and asks what happened. Jason says they postponed the session and they have to take him back in a couple of hours. Sonny says maybe therapy isn't the answer because Jason himself admitted he wanted to punch the guy. Jason says he was older and it isn't the same situation. Sam brings up the fact that Jason didn't trust Reese at first but he was able to convince him to do so, this is the same kind of situation. Sonny says it doesn't matter because Reese is gone and isn't coming back. Jason asks what happened and Sonny says it was Reese's choice and she chose to leave. Sam says Reese didn't want to go. Sonny asks what that means and Sam says she asked Reese to keep her distance until Michael got better. Sonny says that was not Sam's call to make and was out of line. Sonny asks Jason if he knew about this and Jason says she told him afterwords and thinks it was a good idea. Sonny says Reese hasn't wanted to do anything but help and goes after her. Reese is driving down the road and looks down to turn the radio station, when she looks up she runs into an oncoming car. Jodie shows up in Michael's room and Michael asks how she got there and she says she lives down the road. Michael asks why she is there and Jodie says to warn him about Dr. Thomas. Jason and Sam talk about taking Michael back to Dr.Thomas and Jason tells her he doesn't want to make another mistake with Michael. Sam says that's fine but he is not alone, Michael has two parents that should help. Jason says he still feels responsible for Michael and Sam asks why. Sonny finds Reese's wrecked car and tells her she is going to get her out of there. Reese has flashbacks of another car wreck and a girl is standing outside the car screaming. Reese whispers the name Caroline. Jason says he knew what AJ was capable of and he should have killed him a long time ago. Sam says all that doesn't matter anymore, he loves Michael and he would do anything for him and Michael knows that. Jason says he should have killed AJ at the Quartermaines when he had a chance. Sam says he couldn't do that to Emily or Monica and that's why he gave her the gun. Jason says that because of that Michael has to live with the burden of killing AJ and no child should go through that. Michael asks Jodie how she got there and she says she crawled through the whole in the fence int he back yard. Jodie tells Michael all he has to do to get out of going to Dr.Thomas is cry and act like a baby like she does. Michael hears someone coming and Jodie disappears and Jason comes in and tells Michael it's time to go back. Dr.Thomas tells Emily Michael hasn't told him the details on what he went through and asks her if she knows. Emily says she doesn't know the details and Dr.Thomas says he understands Emily's instinct to protect her nephew but he can't help Michael unless he knows what he went through. Dr.Thomas and Emily meet up with Michael and Jason and Sam and Michael goes with the doctor. Sam thanks Emily for convincing Michael to try therapy and says Jason is just really worried about how it's going to affect Michael. Emily says she told Michael that even though therapy is scary and hurts at first but it is starting to help. Michael comes running out of the session and runs into Emily's arms and begs not to go back in just as Sonny arrives and asks what's going on. Michael tells him he doesn't want to talk to Dr.Thomas and Sonny says he went along with the idea of therapy against his better judgment and it obvious it's not helping Michael. Ric arrives and asks what's going on and if Michael is OK. Sonny tells Ric about Reese's car accident and asks him to sit with her while he takes Michael home. Ric agrees and leaves. Sonny avoids eye contact with Jason and says the subject of therapy will never be brought up to him or in his house again and takes Michael home. Sonny takes Michael home and asks what Dr.Thomas did that got him so upset. Michael says he brought up AJ and he doesn't want to talk or think about AJ ever again as Emily comes in. Emily says she knows it hurts but he has to try to get better. Sonny says she is Jason's sister and he respects her for that but warns her never to contradict him where his children are concerned ever again. Emily says then she'll tell him... if he loves Michael, he'll let him get help. Michael goes to his room and Jodie is there and he tells her her idea worked and he got out of therapy. Dr.Thomas tells Jason Michael faked being upset to get out of his session and it worked. Jason asks why Michael would lie and Dr.Thomas tells him to try and look at this objectively and Jason says he is and has been. Michael was miserable in the session and he's not going to make Michael do something that makes him upset. Dr.Thomas says then he is playing right into Michael's hands and that Michael is afraid of therapy because he is trying to hide some kind of secret and it's eating him up inside and if they can't get him to deal with it then telling a feel lies is going to be the least of their worries. Jason says he's not going to drag him there if he doesn't want to go. Dr.Thomas says Michael doesn't know what he wants and is living in a nightmare and if Jason cares about him as much as he says he does then he'll tell him what Michael is hiding. Sonny tells Emily Michael has already been through so much taking him to the shrink is only making it worse. Emily says he needs help and he isn't going to magically get better on his own. Sonny says he is in pain and the doctor made it worse. Emily tells Sonny that she had something terrible happen to her recently and she didn't want to go to therapy at first either but that it slowly started to help her. Dr.Thomas tells Jason if he knows what Michael is hiding he needs to tell him and promises that he'll keep it confidential. Jason says it's not his problem anymore and that he saw Michael's father, he doesn't think Sonny will be bringing Michael back. Dr.Thomas says then he's sorry because the boy needs help and walks away. Sam asks Jason what if Michael was faking and Jason says she thinks Michael would lie. Sam says she thinks Michael is capable of coming up with a reason not to go back and that he's sitting on a lot of pain ad guilt and that if something isn't done it's only going to be worse later on. Sonny tells Emily he isn't going to tell Michael that he has to go back but if she is able to convince him to give therapy another try he won't object. Jason says that they will find another way. Sam says they should give Dr.Thomas another chance and if it doesn't work maybe they can tell him what Michael has done and Jason says no and that if Michael wants to tell the doctor that's this choice but he isn't going to make it for him. Jason says maybe it's time to re-think the whole idea because it's not working. Sam says why because it didn't work for him and Jason says no because Michael doesn't like it any better than he did. Emily goes up to Michael's room and makes small chat with him about therapy as she plays his video game. Emily is able to convince Michael to keep trying at it like she is. Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Michael faked being upset to get out of the session. Sonny says that is what Emily just told him and says that he told Emily if she can get Michael to agree to go he will, but he doesn't want them pressuring him. Emily and Michael come down as Carly comes in with her new husband Alcazar and everyone is shocked she actually went through with it. Carly says they went their straight from the wedding and is there to pick up the boys. Michael says Morgan might go with them but he won't. Carly says she is his mother and of course he will live with her. Emily takes Michael back upstairs and Sonny says the next time she is going to show up there maybe she should call first. Alcazar says Carly's children are there and she has the right to see her kids anytime she wants and Sonny tells Alcazar not to come into his home and talk about people's rights. Carly says fighting between them all is only going to make the transition for her sons even harder. Carly tells Jason he hasn't said a word since she got there. Jason says there is nothing to say and Carly says she knows he doesn't like Alcazar but guess what... she doesn't like who he's with either but she wished him luck and and asks why can't he do the same. Jason says he could be she wouldn't get it with Alcazar. Carly says in that case there is some family business she needs to discuss with Sonny and asks for some privacy. Jason walks away and Sam sarcastically tells Carly that's real nice. Sonny says that Michael is old enough to choose where he wants to live and if he chooses her he won't try to change that and Carly says that he said that because he knows Michael will choose him and Sonny says she should have thought about that before she married Alcazar. Emily tells Michael things have happened that have left him shocked and confused and Dr.Thomas can help him with that and they make a pack to go to therapy for one another as Jason listens outside  the door and silently thanks Emily for her help. Jason talks to Michael alone and tells him was good downstairs when he learned his mom married Alcazar by not throwing a fit or getting angry. Michael says he didn't want to scare Morgan and Jason says that's why he's such a good big brother. Jason tells Michael that although Carly did something he doesn't like, she still loves him and that will never change. Michael says she messed things up with their family by getting married and that his parents have gotten back together before, they could again. Jason says not this time. Emily tells Sonny Michael agreed to go back to therapy and Sonny asks how she managed that. Emily told him that it will start to help soon and Sonny says she doesn't know anything about what Michael is going through. Emily tells him about being raped and says that the last thing she wants to do is go and talk about the most terrifying moment of her life but it has helped. Jason comes down and repeats what Emily has told him and Sonny tells her she is welcome to his home at any time and that she seems to help Michael and asks her to continue to do so. Jason sees Emily out and tells Sonny she will be back in the morning to take Michael to therapy. Sonny says he respects Emily but taking Michael to therapy shouldn't be her responsibility, it should be Carly's. Jason says Michael isn't going to listen to Carly anyway. Sonny says he didn't think she would go through with it, sleeping with and being engaged to Alcazar sure, but actually saying the vows just to get a reaction out of him. Jason says it doesn't matter, what's done is done. Sonny says whatever... Carly has moved on with his life and he is going to do the same. Jason goes home and Sam looks up from the magazine she has and has face cream on her face. Sam asks what he is doing there and Jason he's not sure but last time he checked it was his house. Sam tries to hide her face and says that Sonny and Carly are the middle of a crisis and he was supposed to be gone for hours and starts running to wards the stairs. Jason chases her and asks where she is going and Sam says to wash the stuff off before it dries and he asks what it is and so she wipes it on him and they kiss. Afterward they lay together on the sofa and Sam says Sonny and Carly aren't married anymore so he really has no say in what Carly does but Carly is his best friend and asks if he feels betrayed by her latest wedding. Jason tells Sam that if Carly needs him he is going to be there for her but, Sam comes first in his life now. He wants to concentrate on building a life with her and they kiss. Jason and Sam pick Michael up from his therapy session and Sam asks how it went. Michael says better than last time and asks if he can have a reward. Sam asks what type of reward and Michael says pizza. Jason says OK and they are about to leave and Dr.Thomas stops them and asks to speak to them in private. Michael goes to sit on the sofa and Dr.Thomas says that he is getting a sense that Michael's living situation is causing him to be upset. Jason says that he always has a home with his father and Dr.Thomas says that would be OK but Reese has moved in with Sonny. Sam says she isn't there to stay and Alan rolls up and asks if there is some conflict of where Michael will live and offers for Michael to live with the Quartermaines. Jason says that's never going to happen and suspects something is going between Dr.,Thomas and Alan. Michael sees Jodie and they sneak off to the pizza place. Jodie asks why Jason and Sam take him to Dr.Thomas and not his parents. Michael says his parents are so messed up. His dad is with Reese and his mom just married some criminal guy. Jodie says parents are so stupid but they act like they know everything and says she knows how they can make their parents do whatever they want... run away and their parents will want them home so bad they will do whatever they want. Michael hears a car and says they should hide. Sam calls Michael's name and he comes out and he asks how they knew where he would be. Jason says they knew he wanted pizza and he likes that place. Something makes a noise from behind the shack and Sam goes to check it out but it's just a cat. Jason breaks into the shack and they get a pizza. Sam asks why he ran from the hospital and Jason says he found out Reese moved in with Sonny. Sam says he likes Reese, right? Michael says he guesses but now his dad doesn't have time for him. Sam says Sonny may be a little busy right now but he loves him and will always make time for him. Jason says he also loves him and if he needs someone to talk to he's there. Michael says he has someone to talk to and looks where Jodie was hiding and Jason asks who. Sam asks if he meant Dr.Thomas and Michael says yes. Jason and Sam take Michael home and they walk in on Sonny and Reese sharing a close moment. Reese says she was just thanking Sonny for his help and Michael says whatever. Sonny says he has to talk to Jason about business and asks Michael to go upstairs and Sam goes with him. Sonny tells Jason he wants him to make Reese' ex husband leave town. Jason says that's not enough and he knows what needs to happen. Sonny says he doesn't want any harm to come to Evan, he just wants him to leave town. Sam tucks Michael into bed and Michael gestures to Jodie standing outside the window. Michael says he was in his tree house this morning and saw a pile of wood by the hole in the Ferne in the back yard asks what is it for. Sam says Max saw him sneaking out and Sony asked him to repair it first thing in the morning. Michael says he can't fix the whole and tells Sam about his friend Jodie. Sonny and Jason go to meet Reese's ex-husband but no one shows. Sonny asks Jason if he thinks she lied and Jason asks doesn't he? Sonny says he wanted to believe her but she had a look in her eye that she was lying. Maybe she just wanted to take care of Evan herself. Reese shows up where she was really suppose to meet Evan and sees him lying face down in a pool of blood. Someone grabs Reese from behind and pulls her away. It's Ric that grabbed Reese and he tells her not to scream. Ric says he had an interesting night and her ex husband just tried to kill him and calls her "Charlotte". Sonny and Jason show up and Sonny says someone needs to tell him what's going on. Ric says they both should leave because he has called the police and Durant will try to pin the murder on them anyway he can. Jason says they should stay because forensics will figure out what really happened and Sonny says Ric is right and asks Reese to come with them but she says she can't. Durant and the police show up and Ric gives his statement of events. Jason and Sonny go back to Sonny's and Jason says it made no sense to leave before the cops showed up. Sonny says Ric wanted to keep Durant from twisting the facts to pin the murder on them. Jason says what makes more sense is Ric and Reese didn't want them to hear what they told Durant and says it's quite a coincidence that Ric, Reese and her dead ex were in the same place at the same time. Sonny defends Ric saying he has no reason to set him up and Jason asks when in the hell did he start trusting Ric. Jason asks if he remembers when Ric first came to town, he did everything to try and work for him and even kidnapped Carly when she was pregnant. Sonny says Ric snapped, and how can he punish Ric for losing his mind, when it's happened to him more than once. Sam has a talk with Emily and tells her for the record anything she says doesn't leave the room. Emily says she is unable to connect with Nikolas or get close to him physically. Sam asks if it's because she's afraid or if because Nikolas is almost an exact duplicate of Connor. Emily says that she is in therapy and she is learning how to separate the two but Nikolas knows her inside and out and can tell something is off. Sam says that Nikolas has been in prison and that he it is normal for him to get frustrated over not making love to her. Emily asks Sam id she is saying she should make love to Nikolas. Sam says she is not in the position to tell her what to do but that she thinks she should try. Sonny tells Jason he hasn't forgotten the hell Ric put Carly through but that he knows how passionately he can hate and ow he is unable to get past the dark thoughts and he thinks Ric has those tendencies, not some whack job that goes out kidnapping pregnant women for fun. He was a grieving father, an envious brother... but he has since rebuilt his life and has come through for him when it mattered most. Sonny says Jason may not like it, and he doesn't expect he to but he needs to acknowledge that Ric is not out to get him anymore. Jason says what about Reese. She worked just as hard to get him acquitted and is he going to overlook the fact that she lied to him tonight and make excuses for her just like he is Ric?  Sonny says no and Jason asks what if he is wrong, what if neither one of them can be trusted and Reese walks in and says then she would like to think Sonny would tell her to her face. Jason calls Ric to the docks where Evan was killed and Ric asks why he called. Jason says why doesn't he start with how he found Reese's ex. Ric says he already gave his statement to Durant. Jason says that thanks to him he didn't get to hear it and he knows he and Reese are hiding something and asks what it is. Jason tells Ric he and Reese need to work on their story a little more to get it right. Ric says it happened just the way he said. Jason asks so he's trying to say Reese's ex arrived in town, demanded money from her and ends up dead with him and Reese standing over him. Ric says that's right and that he shot him in self defense. Jason ask then why did he make him and Sonny leave and Ric says that Durant would try to pin the murder on them but he didn't do it for him, he did it for Sonny. Jason asks says so what... he is Sonny's big defender now and Ric says he is working a a case of full blown paranoia. Either that or it's jealousy. Alan calls Durant to the hospital and asks him if there is any way he can pull some strings in family court to get Michael placed in a  better environment. Carly overhears as Durant asks if he means like his paternal grandparents custody and Alan says that's right. Durant says he could possibly call on a favor and Carly walks up to him and tells Durant that if he tries to take Michael from her and Sonny it will be the last thing he ever does. Ric asks Jason what's the problem. Sonny all of the sudden realizes he is blood and Jason is not and he doesn't like that. Jason lets out a little laugh and says if that's the way he wants to see it that's fine. Ric says Jason feels so threatened by him that he is willing to throw something ugly at Sonny's  feet so he won't trust him at all... like he's always out to get him and Jason says he is. Ric says that's where he is wrong. Sonny knows all the chances he let go by where he could have done substantial damaged but didn't. Jason says it's a smoke screen. Ric says he knows Jason doesn't like him and that's fine but he knows the truth. Whatever Jason thinks he's done tonight that makes him so suspicious, Sonny sees differently and Ric walks away. Carly asks what's next. Steal Michael and turn him against his own parents like that sick freak AJ. Alan says she and Sonny did a fine enough job on their own. Durant says whatever Michael has been through has been because of her poor taste in husbands which hasn't changed with the latest one. Bobbie comes over and asks what's going on and Carly tells her Michael's loving grandparents have joined forces to take him away from her and Sonny and give him to the Quartermaines. Bobbie says that they can't do that and Durant tells Bobbie the reason Carly is the way she is is because of her poor parenting. Jason walks up and asks what's going on. Jason tells Alan Michael knows where he wants to live and it's not with him so  leave this alone. Alan asks if that is a threat. Jason asks why Durant is even involved in this. Alan asks what Jason knows about family... he turned his back on the people who really loved him. Alan says that even though Sonny was acquitted, he is still living with his father's killer. Jason says if they want to live with this craziness over AJ he doesn't care but warns both Durant and Alan not to get near Michael. Durant asks Carly when she is going to appreciate that he is just looking out for her and his grandsons and Cary says she is still waiting for him to be a real father. Durant says like Bobbie is any example and calls her trash and Bobbie tells him to go to hell and he walks away. Carly asks if she is OK and Bobbie says the only good thing that man has ever done was giver her Carly. Sam stops Jason from interrupting Sonny and Carly and says Carly is on a terror. Jason says that she needs to calm down because there is no way they are going to let Alan take Michael from them. Sam says Durant is a powerful man and can pull some strings in family court to get Michael placed with the Quartermaines and Jason says that's why he has to be stopped. On her way out of Sonny's, Emily tells Sam about her night with Nikolas and Sam says that's great and asks for details. Emily tells her she was a little nervous at first but that she knows Nikolas loves her and that it helped to be close to him again. Sam says she is happy for her. Before Emily leaves Sam asks if she's noticed that Jason has been off a little lately. Emily says he did seem a little more tense than usual but sometimes his work stresses him out a lot and Emily leaves to go back to Nikolas. Jason comes downstairs and asks Sam if she is ready to go. Sam is about to ask Jason something but changes her mind and he thanks her and she says for what. Jason says for not asking him if he shot Durant and but says he wanted to and Sam adds for Michael and Jason says yes. Jason says he has no memory of his life at the Quartermaines and at the hospital he got a taste of what it was like there and that in a weird kind of way when AJ got them in that accident he saved him from a whole lot worse and he doesn't want Michael to go through that. Sam says Alan is going to pull out all the stops and if he teams up with Durant, they just might succeed and Jason says they will never let that happen. The police arrive and says Jason is wanted downtown for questioning about his whereabouts when Durant was shot. Sam says this is crazy and that Jason had no motive to shoot Durant. The cop says the witness says he heard Jason threaten Durant. Sam says the witness is Jason's father who is also AJ's father and is blaming him for AJ's death. Jason tells Sam she is wasting her breath defending him and Sam says she'll follow Jason to the police station. Jodie and Michael are listening at the top of the stairs and Jodie asks who AJ is and who killed him. Michael tells Jodie AJ is his biological father and Jodie says she thought Sonny was. AJ tells her Sonny adopted him and now Sonny is his father and Jodie asks if Jason killed AJ and Michael pauses. Jason arrives at the police station and Alan is already there. Mac says he understands Alan has information about Durant's shooting and says Jason threatened Alan hours before he was shot. Mac says that's hearsay unless he was a witness. Alan says he was. Sam defends Jason by saying Alan is trying to hurt Jason because he out lived AJ and is prejudice against his son. Alan says his sons are dead and he grieves for Jason Quartermaine just like he grieves for AJ. Alan says Jason Quartermaine died the day he picked up a gun for Sonny Corinthos. Mac asks Jason where  he was when Durant was shot and Jason says in his car driving to Sonny's house. Alan says  directly from the courthouse where he shot Durant. Sam says this is crazy and asks if anyone even saw Jason at the courthouse when Durant was shot. Mac says to stick to the facts and asks if he was alone and Jason says yes. Alan says that means he has no alibi. Alan asks  Mac if he is going to let Jason get off like he did with AJ's murder. Mac says there was no evidence supporting that Jason killed AJ. Alan says because there is never any evidence when Jason or Sonny commit murder. Michael comes in and defends Jason saying he didn't murder AJ and is about to say he did it but Jason stops him. Jason tells Michael it's OK he's not in trouble. Michael says but the cops think he shot Durant and Jason says he was just brought in for questioning, that's all. Mac tells Alan he could have called him with his statement instead of pulling him away from the hospital and says he's obviously prejudiced against Jason. Alan tells Mac to dig up evidence against Jason and Michael jumps to Jason's defense again. Alan tells Michael he understand his loyalty to Sony and Jason but they hurt people and tried to keep him from his family. Jason and Sam tell Alan to knock it off and Jason tells Michael he knows he wants to help him but he can do that by going home with Sam and Michael agrees. Sam passes Monica on her way out and says Alan in out of control. Alan says he didn't need her to come down there and Monica says what he needs is a muzzle and a choke chain and tells him to stop harassing Jason. Officer Murphy brings Mac the preliminary report on who shot Durant and evidence points to someone else so Mac lets Jason go. Jason tells Alan to stay away from Michael and Alan says or what, he'll shoot him. Jason thanks Monica for loving Jason and leaves and Monica gives Alan the second degree for having Jason brought in. mac tell Monica and Alan the PCPD is not the place to sort out their family problems and Monica says that means when he picks up the paper tomorrow and sees a random crime somewhere, don't blame it on Jason and tells him not to bother coming home. Sam takes Michael home and Michael says that Alan is upset because he killed AJ. Sam explains that Alan is mad because of something he did. Sam says he is not responsible for how Alan is acting and it is not his fault. Sam says he has nothing to feel guilty about. Jason comes home and says he told Michael he's be back and Michael says he was still worried. Jason asks Michael if he went to the police station to admit to killing AJ and Michael says yes because he was in trouble for something he did. Jason tells Michael he can not tell anyone about that unless he or Sonny says it's OK. Michael sees Jodie in the foyer and she overhears that Michael is the one who killed AJ. Michael runs into Jodie at the park and she doesn't him to see her in a dress so she tells him to turn around. Michael laughs and says shes kind of pretty. Jodie's mother finds her and tells her to never run off like that and recognizes Michael as "that Gangster's Son". Jason comes home and Sam says she was worried Jason was going to be late. Jason says for what and Sam says Michael's therapy. Jason asks if Sam can handle that on her own and Sam asks if he's serious and wants Michael to get better or not. Sam says what good does it do for her and Emily to encourage Michael to continue with therapy if Sonny doesn't like the idea and Jason won't even go. Jason says he doesn't see how Michael is getting any better from it and Sam says he talks about his feelings, his doesn't run away not to mention before therapy Michael was curled up in the corner relating to a rubber ball. Jason says that it's helping but he doesn't see how it matters if he goes or not because he doesn't like the guy. Sam says Jason needs to decide what's more important, his love for Michael or himself. Jodie's mother Jodie if she is friends with Michael Corinthos and Jodie says she doesn't know who that is. Jodie's mother tells Jodie she is never to talk to Michael again and says they are bad people who never have to pay for the things they do and drags Jodie away. Jason is about to go down in the elevator and hears a noise in Sonny's old apartment and goes to see what it is. Sonny comes down the stairs and Jason asks what's going on. Sonny says he and Sam are about to get a new neighbor and says he is going to give the place to Reese and Jason asks why. Jason says Reese could live anywhere and asks if he is trying to get back at Carly for marrying Alcazar. Sonny asks what he is talking about. Carly can marrying a man he despises, that tried to drive him crazy and get him locked up for the rest of his life and that's OK but the minute he decides to let Reese move in there it's to get back at Carly? Sonny says that's not the case. Sony says that is his place and he can do whatever he wants with it and anyone who doesn't like Reese living there can go to hell. Jason says let him say one thing. He and Carly were married for a long time and that used to be her home and tells Sonny Carly deserves better than that.  Jason calls Sam and says he appreciates her looking out for Michael and hangs up and hears Reese and Sonny making a toast and closes the door and starts to head down the elevator. Carly arrives and says she wants to talk to him. Jason tries to get her to go inside her place but Carly hears the noise at Sonny's and walks in and says there is no way she is going to let Reese live in her home and tells Sonny to take his bimbo and put her up somewhere else. Sonny says first of all she doesn't live there anymore and tells her to get the hell out and Jason says he doesn't have to speak to her that way. Sonny asks why he even let her go over there and Jason says he tried to stop her and Carly says he tried to cover for him as usual and tried to drag her into his apartment until she heard his latest bed-bunny braying in her living room. Sonny says first of all they aren't married anymore and says that she doesn't live there anymore and it's his place to take up any tenant he wants. Carly says to call Reese what she is.. his mistress... and Reese says don't refer to her that way. Carly apologizes and calls her a hooker instead and Sonny says it's Reese home now and show her a little decency. Carly says what about the decency he should be showing her and brings up the fact that they had a family there and asks Reese if she knows about all the Christmas' there and how many times she and Sonny made love on that couch. Sonny tells Carly to stop and Carly says that Reese is up to something and says that it doesn't matter because he deserves anything he gets and leaves. Sam comes home and Jason is moaning from a headache. Sam asks if he is OK and Jason says Carly and Sam starts to give him a massage. Jason says he owes her an apology for the way he acted and Sam goes to sit with him on the couch and says that it's OK that they don't agree on everything, otherwise their relationship might get boring. Jason says he knows one thing they both agree on and kisses her. Jason asks how therapy was and Sam says Michael still isn't talking much but that he made a friend. Jason tells Sam about Sonny moving Reese into his penthouse and says he doesn't like it but Carly is convinced Reese is the "devil walking" and is out to get her in every way. Jason says he knows Carly and she will come up with some crazy plan to find out what Reese is up to and says it doesn't matter and asks about Michael's friend. Sam says it's a girl and that she thinks Michael has his first crush and asks him not to say anything to Michael and tells him Jodie's parents don't approve of Sonny. Emily stops by to talk to Sam about Nikolas and apologizes for just showing up. Sam says it's fine because Jason went out on business. Emily tells Sam still isn't feeling anything for Nikolas and need to get herself back to loving him again. Jason is sitting in Sonny's penthouse waiting when Carly breaks in and asks her what she thinks she's doing. Carly says she knows he and Sonny don't believe her that Reese is up to something so she's going to find proof. Carly says Jason knows damn well Reese is up to something and that's why he's there and Jason said he knew she was hurt and was going to try something. Jason tries to stop Carly from going through Reese's boxes and Carly says Reese is trying to take over her life, first her son... then her husband... and now her mother and Jason says that doesn't make any since. Carly says and now she's living in her house. Jason yells at Carly saying she doesn't live there anymore and Carly looks at the rug and says she spilled a glass of wine on it and reminisces about how Sonny used to bring her coffee and Morgan having his first birthday there. Jason says he's sorry she's hurting and starts putting Reese's things back into the box. Jason says but it's Sonny's penthouse to do with what he wants and there's nothing she can do about it. Jason says he thinks Reese is hiding something too and doesn't trust her and Carly hugs him and says she knew he would be on her side and says they'll get rid of Reese once and for all. Sam asks Emily how the sex was before the rape and Emily tells her she had a raging crush on Nikolas ever since she was a teenager and making love to him was more than she could have ever imagined and now it's... and Sam finishes by saying now it's not. Emily says yes and says she thinks Nikolas is starting to figure out that she doesn't feel anything when she's with him. Sam asks if she's talked to Nikolas about it and Emily says no and Sam suggests she try. Emily says Nikolas loves her so much he'll start watching her and try to make it easier for her, and then she'll do the same for him. Emily says eventually they should be able to get back to where they were... they have to. Michael calls Sam and asks for Jason. Sam tells him he isn't there and asks what's wrong. Michael says something bad happened and Sam rushes over. Sam asks Michael what happened and he says his dad is going to be so mad. Sam says all that will matter to Sonny is that Michael is OK. Michael says he got upset and broke his picture and Sam tries to tell Michael that everything is OK but Michael says it's not and calls himself bad. Jason tells Carly they are not teaming up for anything and pushes her away. Carly says too late they already have and Jason says Sonny wants Reese to live there and there's nothing he can do about it but they can't be going through her stuff. Carly says that's a good point and that they have to catch "Agent Slut" in the act of deceiving him and that way Sonny will see the truth. Jason and Carly hear a noise and hide behind the desk full of boxes and Reese and Sonny come in all over one another. Reese and Sonny move to the sofa and Jason has to hold Carly back from watching them. Alan asks Dr.Thomas why it's taking so long to get Michael to want to be with the Quartermaines. Dr.Thomas says Michael has real problems and Alan says all the more reason Michael should be with them where he can have stability and a real home. Dr.Thomas says Alan has already done too much by pushing for too much too soon. Sam calls Dr.Thomas and tells him Michael has has another episode and Dr.Thomas tells her to bring him to the hospital for an emergency session. Alan asks what's going on and Dr.Thomas tells him about Michael. When Alan starts to gripe about Sam being the one taking of him Dr.Thomas says that Sam may just be their best alibi because she seems to really care about Michael and wants what's best for him. When Reese and Sonny are upstairs Jason and Carly come out of their hiding spot and Carly starts to head up the stairs after them but Jason pulls her out to the hall, Carly says she's not going to do something and says Sonny deserves the bitch and hopes she destroys everything about Sonny except the kids. Carly tells Jason not to feel sorry for her because she's not hurting... she's mad. Jason says Reese is not trying to hurt her and Carly says she's sleeping with her husband and Jason reminds her Alcazar is her husband and Carly remembers she ditched him at the party and leaves. Jason checks his voice mail and there is a call from Sam that to call her because Michael is in a bad way and she is taking him to therapy. Dr.Thomas asks Michael what happened and he says he just got mad and broke a picture of himself.Dr.Thomas why he would want to destroy a picture of himself and Michael says because he's bad. Dr.Thomas tells Michael he doesn't think he's bad... he just thinks he sometimes good people do bad things and feel sorry for it afterwards and asks if that's what happened with him. Michael says AJ was bad and that he did bad things and Dr.Thomas agrees. Dr.Thomas asks if he got angry with AJ as well and Michael says he didn't mean to. Dr.Thomas asks Michael what he means and Jason walks in and tells Michael they are going home. Dr.Thomas says he was right in the middle of a session and was about to tell him something important and Jason says they're leaving. Dr.Thomas asks if Michael's parents are available and Jason says they aren't so Dr.Thomas asks to speak to Sam and tells her he thinks he knows what's going on with Michael... that he killed AJ. Jason makes Michael breakfast the morning and asks how his session went with Dr.Thomas. Michael says OK and Jason asked what they talked about and Michael says AJ and Jason asks if he told Dr.Thomas he killed AJ. Dr.Thomas is listening to a taped session with Michael when Sam walks in and is offended he taped the session. Dr.Thomas tells her it's standard procedure and Sam says not in Michael's case and says if he wants to continue treating Michael he will destroy that tape and any other. Dr.Thomas asks if she's worried that he will turn them into the police as evidence. Michael tells Jason he didn't tell Dr.Thomas that he killed AJ because Sonny and Jason told him not to. Jason says that's good and Michael asks if it's because he's get in trouble with the police. Jason says that's part of it. Michael asks what would happen and if they'd send him away to a prison for bad kids. Jason laughs slightly and promises Michael isn't going to prison but says that he and Sonny don't want him telling anyone because they know he didn't mean to and it was an accident. Sam destroys the tapes and asks for the rest. Dr.Thomas tries to reassure Sam he isn't going to the police and tells her keeping Michael out to therapy would be causing a lot of harm. Sam says she doesn't know what he's talking about and Dr.Thomas tries to explain that Michael was just starting to open up about AJ and keeping him out of therapy is only teaching him to not talk about his feelings and she needs to convince Jason to let Michael come back. Sam says she will have to think about it. Dr.Thomas tells Sam she is Michael's best advocate because his parents are too busy with their personal lives and Jason is none to happy because his own therapy was unsuccessful. Sam says all just want what's best for Michael and Dr.Thomas says he treated Jason after his accident and due to Jason's cognitive limitations he is surprised he can sympathize with what Michael is feeling. Sam says all that Jason cares about is Michael and is very sympathetic. Dr.Thomas asks if Jason confides in her and Sam says Jason trusts her. Dr.Thomas says enough to set aside his own opinion about therapy and let Michael get the help he needs. Sam says she will talk to Jason about Michael returning to therapy and leave. Sonny talks to Jason about Michael and says that he is doing what he does, turn his anger and fear in wards and hits and breaks stuff when he doesn't know how to control the feelings. Jason says Michael broke a picture not a persona and Sonny says that supposed to make him feel better and says maybe they should take him back to that shrink. Jason says he pulled Michael out of the session before Michael was able to tell him what happened with AJ. Sonny says so Michael trusts the shrink and Jason says he seems to. Sonny says then maybe it's good that they let him see him. Sam listens outside the door as Jason says the whole reason they took him to Dr.Thomas in the first place is because of his belief in confidentiality but what if that changes. Sonny says then he will have to be dealt with but not until Michael is better. Sam comes in and says she just got back from talking to Dr.Thomas and he says if Michael doesn't continue therapy he could suffer an emotional breakdown. Sonny goes outside to talk to Michael about maybe seeing his mom and Michael says no he doesn't want to live there. Sonny asks if he has thought about going back to therapy and Michael says it seems to help a little. Michael asks if Sonny therapy ever helped him and Sonny says no but if he knew it would help them he would go in a heartbeat. Justus calls Dr.Winters to the hospital and says he's thinking about going to therapy and wonders if she has any insight on a certain psychiatrist. Dr.Winters sees right through Justus' plan and asks what Sonny wants now. Justus says her take on Michael's therapist, Dr.Thomas. Jason and Sam take Michael back to Dr.Thomas and Michael talks about what AJ did to him and his brother and sister. outside the room Sam tells Jason Dr.Thomas stands by what he said about confidentiality and that even if Michael admits to killing AJ everything will be OK. Dr.Winters tells Justus that Dr,Thomas indeed stands by his word of patient confidentiality and Justus asks even if his records were subpoenaed. Dr.Winters says Dr.Thomas would go to jail. Justus picks up on her vive and asks what is it she isn't telling him and she says he has a bit of a "God" complex. Michael comes out of his session and Dr.Thomas asks to speak to Sam. Jason asks Michael what they talked about and Michael says Dr.Thomas said he didn't have to tell anyone and Jason says that's right as long as he feels like he is getting better. Sam asks Dr.Thomas if Michael is getting better and he says he has. Michael tells Jason it might even be OK to tell Dr.Thomas what happened the night AJ died and Jason asks him to hold of on that for just a little while.  Justus takes the information that he got from Dr.Winters to Jason and says Dr.Thomas has been known to have a "God" complex. Jason says he was that way with him. Dr.Thomas liked to talk a long time about nothing. Jason asks Justus to keep digging because he just doesn't trust the guy. Justus says he likes any reason to spend more time with Dr.Winters. Dr.Winters goes to see Dr.Thomas and says he has to eat lunch sooner or later and he says he is working on something and has to cancel. Dr.Winters asks how Michael is and Dr.Thomas says he thought the case was leading one way but it has headed in a whole new direction and closes the file that has Sam's name on it. Sam takes Michael to the hospital to see Dr.Thomas and takes a detour through the park and Michael asks for a pretzel. Sam goes to get one and Michael looks around for Jodie but her mother comes out of the bushes instead and asks what it's going to take to keep him away from her daughter. Jason goes to the hospital and when he sees a patient in a wheelchair, has a flashback of him being in the hospital right after the accident. Michael is trying to get him to respond and a nurse is writing on his chart. Jodie's mom tells Michael that he is a criminal's son and says that Jodie is smashing things again and asks Michael if that's because of him. Michael says he just wants to be Jodie's friend and her mom says Jodie's dad is getting her away from them. Dr.Thomas approaches Jason and asks if he was looking for him just as Sam arrives with Michael. Dr.Thomas asks Michael if he is ready for another session and Michael looks to Jason who nods his head in approval and they head to his office. Sam notices something is off with Jason and asks if he's OK. Jason says it's been years since he thought about his accident and says he just had a flashback out of nowhere and tells Sam about it and says something was off. Maybe not in the room but possibly in the hall and Michael comes running out and asks if they can go home now, with Dr.Thomas not far behind him. Jason takes Michael home and asks if he wants to talk about what happened with Dr.Thomas. Michael tells Jason about Jodie instead and says that Jodie's mom called him a "gangster's son" and won't let him spend time with Jodie anymore. Jason asks if he wants him to talk to Jodie's dad and Michael asks him not to beat him up. Jason says he's not going to beat him up but instead tell him that Jodie is in no danger by being friends with Michael. Michael says that it won't matter if he finds out he killed AJ and Jason assures Michael that no one is going to find out and soon the feelings and bad memories are going to start to fade. Michael asks Jason if he promises and Jason says he does and he's going to do whatever it takes for him to get better.  Sam goes to Dr.Thomas and asks him to tell her again how it's normal for kids to run out of sessions like Michael did. Dr.Thomas says it is... even for kids who try to act like adults like Michael. Sam notices the X-rays Dr.Thomas is looking at and asks what they are. Dr.Thomas says brains scans and Sam asks of Michael. Dr.Thomas says they are Jason's and Sam asks why he has Jason's brain scans. Dr.Thomas says he is comparing the two cases and Sam says they are nothing alike. Dr.Thomas says they are because Michael is having problems with his feelings because of emotional trauma and Jason doesn't have any feelings because of physical trauma. Sam disagrees and says Jason shows a lot of emotions towards Michael and her. Dr.Thomas asks if he tells her that he loves her and she says that's none of his business and he doesn't have to because he shows her every day. Dr.Thomas says that no one can understand the heart, and that maybe the heart helped Jason overcome not being able to feel anything. Jason comes back and tells Michael that when he went to Jodie's house he saw moving van pulling away. Michael asks if he knocked on the door and Jason says he did, and rang the doorbell and looked through all the windows but the house was empty. Jason apologizes to Michael for losing Jodie as a friend. Sam tells Dr.Thomas that she'll talk to Jason and Michael about coming back to therapy. Dr.Thomas notes that for the record he hasn't asked Michael about killing AJ or told anyone he suspects and Sam says that's good and leaves but forgets her coat. Dr.Thomas picks up Sam's coat as she comes back in and says he was just about to run it out to her. After Sam leaves Dr.Thomas picks up Sam's file and grins.  Jason is in Sonny's living room when Carly comes down the stairs. Jason asks what she is doing there and Carly says she brought Morgan by to visit Michael and his dad and Jason says she should have called and told Sonny she was coming over. Carly asks where Sonny is and then says she knows he's with Reese. Jason tells Carly it's time to get things into perspective, she's with Alcazar and Sonny is Reese. Carly says Sonny has always been a good father and no matter what was going in his life he was always there for Michael and Morgan and asks where the hell is he, shacking up with Reese and asks if the sex is so good he chooses to Reese over his kids.  Jason says they don't need to go there and tells Carly it's time to mind her own business and let him mind his own and get on with his life. Carly says that even he knows something isn't right with Reese and Jason says he already told her he doesn't trust Reese but it doesn't matter because Sonny is going to do what he wants anyway. Carly says that she's not going to leave Morgan there, that when Sonny wants to see his son he can go over to her house. Jason goes to the hospital and asks Dr.Thomas if they can talk. Dr.Thomas says as long as it doesn't break Michael's confidentiality and Jason says he wants to talk about himself and wants to know what happened to him. Dr.Thomas tells Jason that he had already been unconscious for days when he was brought in to consult on his case and that very little was known about his condition.  As Dr.Thomas tells Jason he would not even been aware of his surroundings Jason has a flashback of Dr.Thomas fooling around with the nurse in his room. Jason goes back to Sonny's and Sonny comes home and asks if Reese is there. Jason asks if she should be and Sonny explains that he and Reese are taking the boys to the park. Jason asks if he even asked Michael if he wanted to go. Sonny says he knows Michael is not fond of Reese but that's why they are spending the day together. Jason says Michael is upstairs going through the biggest trauma of his life and he should be more important than Reese. Sonny says he knows that it's going to be hard for Michael, Carly is with "what's-his-name" and he is with Reese and that's why he is introducing Reese into the picture little by little and says the transition is already starting to happen and says when he went to pick Morgan up at Carly's she was accepting, calm ad maybe even a little nice. Jason asks if Sonny just heard himself describe Carly and says it's an act and ask doesn't he think that maybe Carly is up to something. Reese is going through a metal box and has flashbacks of her and Carly in high school fighting and becomes upset and puts the things back in the box and locks it and puts the key in her bra. When Reese goes to pick up her phone Carly whacks her over the head with a book and knocks her out. (I was not able to include the next scenes involving Carly stealing the Grey box from Reese because my VCR ate the tape, so this edit will continue on with Jason, Sonny and Reese knowing it was Carly who knocked Reese out and stole the box from the penthouse) Dr.Thomas approaches Sam and says they have reached a crucial point in Michael's therapy and says the next step is to bring Michael's parents in to therapy. Dr.Thomas says he'll talk to Carly, but asks Sam if she would be able to convince Sonny to go and Sam tells him to dream on. Sonny asks Jason how he's supposed to just let it go that Carly broke into Reese's apartment and knocked her out, she could have killed her. Ric walks in at the same time and says not to be surprised if Reese presses charges Sam says that there is no way that Sonny will ever consider going to therapy and Dr.Thomas says not even for Michael and explains that Sonny's opinions about therapy are rubbing off on Michael but if Sonny goes to therapy to show Michael it is worth trying Michael might just open and and allow himself to get better. Sam says she'll try to talk Sonny into going but warns him not to get his hopes up. Reese goes to Carly's and says if she gives the box back Reese won't tell Sonny it was really her the broke in. Carly tries to fake Reese out and make her think she was able to get the box open but Reese doesn't fall for it and covers by telling her she can go ahead and look inside is she wants. Carly asks what the catch is and Reese says there is none but Carly can't get the lock open. Reese lies and says her past life that is locked in the box is memories of her dead son...a lock of hair, first tooth he lost and that she locked them up to keep them safe. Carly says she could have just told her and Reese says she wanted to see the look on her face when she was proved wrong but now they'll never know. Jason tells Sonny he isn't defending what Carly did but she is just suspicious of Reese Ric says it's not suspicion it's jealousy and Jason says he has no right to talk about Carly like that after what he did to her. Sonny says to let it go because there's no reason to bring up the past, it's done and over with and Jason says he is just as guilty as Reese of hiding something and Sonny tells Jason is is just a paranoid as Carly now. Sonny says he will tell Reese it was Carly who attacked her and assure it won't happen again but if Reese wants to press charges he can't stop her. Ric says just for the record he didn't become law partners with Reese because she is Sonny's girlfriend. He did it because she is smart and she's talented and as for winning his brother's trust that's between him and Sonny, and leaves. Sonny tells Jason he knows how he feels on that. Jason is loyal almost to a fault and has saved his life on more than one occasion but sometimes his loyalty is his downfall and he gets blindsided because he is so focused on protecting Carly. Sonny says so Reese has only proving one thing... she's good to him and good to Michael. Jason says all he knows is Reese has lied to him more than once and he owes it to himself to find out why. Sam goes to Sonny's and apologizes for being late and says that Dr.Thomas wants Sonny and Carly to participate in Michael's therapy by attending a session together. Jason tells Sam about Carly breaking into Reese's and how Sonny doesn't believe Carly is right on suspecting her of something. Sam says so far she hasn't seen any reason to not trust Reese and Jason explains how Reese came to town and has gotten herself close to Michael, Sonny and now Bobbie. Sam says she sees his point, all the important people in Carly's life and then her ex-husband shows up and could shed some light on Reese but instead he ends up dead within days because of Ric who is also lying. Sam asks if he has brought that to Sonny's attention and Jason says yes but Sonny doesn't think he can be objective and Sam says Sonny may be right. Sam says people get together for all kinds of reasons and uses their relationship as an example saying they got together because he wanted Michael to have a family. Jason asks if that makes her sad and Sam says no because it's the single best thing that has ever happened to her. Sam says they can't avoid the truth she loves him and he loves her but the reason he can't be objective where Reese is concerned is not because of Carly, but how much he loves Michael and wants him to have the best life possible and that's why she thinks he is not being fair to Reese. Sam steps outside the penthouse to pick up a package and sees Ric over at Reese's but instead of saying something Sam goes back inside. Carly knocks on the door and says she needs to see Jason. Sam tells her he is at Sonny's defending her by the way and Carly says that's what friends are for. Sam asks how she would know because she has never been a friend to anyone in her life and all she does is think about herself. Carly says she certainly doesn't waste anytime thinking about Sam and Sam says that Carly needs to start doing what's best for Michael and opens the door and calls her Mrs.Alcazar and tells her it's time to move on. Sonny tells Jason Reese knew it was Carly who broke into her penthouse and Jason says he's not surprised and Sonny asks him to leave Reese alone from now on. Sam comes downstairs and asks Jason if he carried her to bed. Jason says she feel asleep on the couch and she asks why he didn't wake her. Jason says she did wake up and told him she was glad he was home and Sam says she was waiting for him to hear how it went with Sonny. Jason says that Sonny doesn't want him looking into Reese anymore and Sam asks if he's going to let it go and Jason says no. Sam says Carly would probably have something against whoever Sonny was dating, not just Reese. Jason says Carly has always had good instincts and he trust them and brings up the fact he thinks Ric is something too. Sam tells him she saw Ric going into Reese last night and saw Reese too. Jason says he'll check into it. Jason goes to Carly and interrupts her kissing Alcazar and says he needs to talk to her about Reese. Alcazar is about to throw Jason out when Carly says just this one last time. Alcazar goes upstairs and Jason asks her if she has any proof that Reese is up to something and Carly tells him he can't just come and barge into her home anytime he wants to. Jason says but it was OK for her to do it whenever she wanted for how many years now and Carly says she knows he hated it and understands why now. Jason says Sonny has pushed her to the limit this time so she went out and married a guy he hates., Carly says she feels safe with Alcazar, safer than she ever did with Sonny... he believes in her and makes her believe in herself and it feels great and is overdue. Jason asks why she is so worked up over Reese then and Carly says she doesn't know, that's why she broke into her apartment... to look for something. But it's not her problem anymore and that trying to figure out Reese is an insult to her husband. Jason says fair enough and leaves. Emily is waiting for Jason when he returns home and Sam is gone. Emily says she and Sam were talking about Carly's obsession with Reese and Jason says Carly says she has sworn off trying to figure out what Reese is up to and Jason says he just can't seem to shake the feeling that Ric and Reese are up to something. Emily says well Carly says she is letting go and focusing her attention on Alcazar and says maybe Jason should do the same with Sam. Dr.Thomas tells Sam that she is his only input on Michael's family and explains that Jason not liking the idea of therapy is rubbing off on Michael and not allowing Michael to get better as he should be and asks why Jason hates him so much. Emily tells Jason Carly is a crisis junkie and creates chaos where there wasn't any and then expects Jason to come to her rescue. Jason says he has made it clear to Carly that she can't just come in and barge into his home anymore and that it is Sam's home too. Emily says that the whole Reese thing is not about anyone else but Carly and she will do whatever it takes to keep him in her orbit even if it means bringing the wrath of Sonny down on his head. Sam tells Dr.Thomas that Jason doesn't really talk about that part of his life and Dr.Thomas says it's obvious he doesn't like him too well. Sam says it's not him specifically, it's all of the doctors and Dr.Thomas says they were just trying to figure out the extent of his cognitive damage. Dr.Thomas asks if Jason talks much about his past with AJ and Sam wants to know why. Dr.Thomas goes over the scenario that Jason raised Michael for his first year and that he obviously blamed AJ for his accident and suggests that Jason stole his brother's son to get back at AJ. Sam says that is not like Jason at all and he would never use a child like that and loves Michael more than anyone else. Dr.Thomas says that Michael has been used as a weapon most of his life and that is part of the cause of what's going on in Michael's life right now and Jason has some blame for that. Sam defends Jason and says all he wants is for Michael to get better and it is Dr.Thomas' job to make sure that happens and walks out. Dr.Winters asks Dr.Thomas about Michael's overall progress and Dr.Thomas says it's not so much Michael's family that is helping Michael but his uncle's girlfriend and Dr.Winters senses something off about the way he talks about Sam. Sam goes home and tells Jason she knows that Michael is getting somewhat better by going to Dr.Thomas but says he really made her mad and Jason asks what he did. Sam tells him about her conversation with Dr.Thomas and gets a little emotional when she tells him how Dr.Thomas swears he can't have any feelings towards her because he is incapable of feeling them and Sam wanted to tell him how feeling he really is and what a wonderful person he is but Dr.Thomas probably wouldn't have believed her. Jason says he doesn't care what Dr.Thomas believes about how he feels as long as she knows how much she means to him and if she doesn't he needs to find another way to show her. Dr.Winters warns Justus about the vibe she got from Dr.Thomas when talking about Sam and Justus thanks her for her help. Cuddled on the floor Jason tells Sam he loves her and that he knows it seems like he has gone overboard on the Ric and Reese thing and he just wanted to let her know that if she thought that she could tell him. Sam says that she does think he has gone a little overboard and Jason says he'll let it go. Sam asks if he'd really do that for her and Jason says if it doesn't bother Sonny why should he let it bother him and adds that Carly is just going to have to do on her own. Sam says that she is just going to make him crazy every five minutes and Jason says she can't because he has her and they kiss.Jodie goes to see Michael and asks if she can hide there because she is playing a trick on her parents. Sam arrives and hears Michael talking to someone but no one is in the living room and asks who he was talking to and Michael says no one. Justus takes the information Dr.Winters gave him to Jason and warns him Dr.Thomas is starting to get more than a professional attachment to Sam. Jason approaches Dr.Thomas at the hospital and says he wants to talk about Sam and says she lost a baby not too long ago and says he's worried Sam is stepping over the limits in overseeing Michael's therapy. Dr.Thomas says he hopes Jason isn't going to try and convince Sam to back off and Jason asks why not. Dr.Thomas says that Sam has been a real positive structure in Michael's life and breaking that routine would only cause a set back. Jason says he wouldn't want to do that and Dr.Thomas excuses himself and Justus asks Jason if he accused Dr.Thomas of having ulterior motive and Jason says no but he definitely has a thing for Sam. Michael brings a tray of food enough for two to his room and Sam says that's a lot of food. Michael covers because Jodie is hiding by the bed and asks why she is always asking him questions and Sam apologizes and says he needs to get ready for his session. Justus tells Jason his source told him that Dr.Thomas is talking a lot about that Sam is only with him because she has no other place to go and that she deserves more because Jason can't return her feelings of attachment. Jason asks what that has to do with Michael's therapy and Justus says exactly. Sam walks up and Justus excuses himself. Sam says that she knows that he has his reservations about Dr.Thomas and she's starting to think he is right. Jason asks what Dr.Thomas did to make her think that. Sam says Dr.Thomas is so condescending and judgmental towards everyone else but her and it's like he's being overly nice to get her to trust him and Jason starts to ask if he has ever done anything inappropriate but Dr.Thomas walks up with Michael. Sam and Jason take Michael home and he says he just wants to go up to his room and Jason asks what's wrong. Sam says they are going to make dinner and asks if there are any requests and Michael says he isn't hungry. Jason wonders what could be wrong and Sam says she thinks it's the storm and Jason says it's just great that something else is going to happen to traumatize Michael and Sam not if they make it an adventure. Sam brings out a whole bunch of camping supplies and Dr.Thomas arrives and says Michael left his backpack. Jason tells him he didn't have to bring it right over and Dr.Thomas says normally he would agree and tells them he found something disturbing and that a notebook fell out of the bag and he found a letter to "Jodie". Sam explains it as Michael's friend Jodie had to move recently and she thinks it's cute and says he needs more friends his age. Dr.Thomas it's just the opposite and asks when Jodie moved and Jason says about a week ago and Dr.Thomas says that's when Michael started getting better. Dr.Thomas is headed on home when Max comes in and says the road is washed out and they are turning everyone away and that he'll have to stay the night there. Michael overheard Dr.Thomas' conversation about Jodie and tells her he doesn't know who she is and asks why she lied. Jason and Sam are sitting in a chair by the fire and Sam tells Jason he has to admit that he enjoyed the camping trip. Jason says Michael enjoyed the camping trip and that's all that matters and Sam picks up a burnt marshmallow and says he at least has to admit he liked them and Dr.Thomas comes down and asks if he's interrupting and Jason says yes. Dr,Thomas says he knows how unexpected guests can be a little annoying and says his room is fine and Jason says why doesn't he go back to it then. Dr.Thomas says since they are all there why don't they use the time wisely and have a therapy session. Jason says that is Michael's home, not his office, and they are not going to have a session. Dr.Thomas says he didn't mean for Michael, he meant for him. Dr.Thomas says that working spontaneously is very effective and starts to explain the meaning if the word spontaneously and Sam says she thinks Jason knows what it means. Jason says he didn't help him back then and sure isn't helping him now. Dr.Thomas says he was suffering from severe brain damage and there was little to no help for him and Jason says he is as arrogant now as he was back then and Dr.Thomas asks if he remembers anything else from back then and Jason asks how that is helping Michael. Dr.Thomas says Michael is surrounded by people who are sending him mixed messages about therapy and says the Jason is the most confusing because Michael trusts him and therefore the most damaging and Sam says Jason would never do anything to hurt Michael. Dr.Thomas says perhaps not intentionally and says let's look at his actions. He brings Michael to his sessions and then drags him out before the session is feeling. Jason tells Michael he can trust Dr.Thomas but he doesn't trust him himself. Jason says he's supposed to be helping Michael but from what he can see he spends most of his time questioning Sam about what he remembers from the accident and time after. Dr.Thomas says he is just trying to understand the people around Michael and says Sonny and Carly were willing to attend a therapy session and asks why isn't he unless he's scared. Sam says how dare he imply that Jason is afraid of anything and Dr.Thomas tells Jason that he can't emphasize with what Michael is going through because that part of his brain is damaged. Dr.Thomas says Jason deals with what's right in front of him and lives in the moment because that's all he can do. But Michael is bottling up his guilt and pain and it's eating him up inside. Sam says Jason wants nothing but to help Michael and Dr.Thomas says then let him admit he killed AJ. Dr.Thomas assures them Michael didn't tell him he killed AJ, he figured it out on his own by their actions and tells Jason and Sam they don't have to look so worried... he's not going to the police. Dr.Thomas says he generally cares about making Michael better and he can help him and Jason can't because Jason can't understand what Michael is going through. Dr.Thomas goes upstairs and Sam tells Jason not to listen to a word Dr.Thomas just said and Jason says he's right. Jason tells Sam when he woke up from he accident all the years before were gone. He couldn't even remember being a child. Jason says he can't imagine how scared Michael was when AJ told him his parents didn't love him anymore or imagine how scared he was when him and his brother and sister were kidnapped because he can't feel fear, Sam says he loves that little boy and Jason says what good does that do if he can't help Michael and every time he tries he ends up hurting him more and walks out the balcony doors. Dr.Thomas comes back down and Sam says he was deliberately cruel to Jason nd Dr.Thomas says he was telling the truth and Sam yells at him and says he had no right to tear him down like that. Dr.Thomas says she obviously loves Jason and Sam says how she feels is none of his business. Dr.Thomas says he was not trying to hurt Jason he was trying to get him to get the hell out f the way so Michael can heal and asks isn't that ultimately what Jason wants and wouldn't he go through any pain for Michael. Sam says yes he would and Dr.Thomas says good maybe this will work. Maybe this will stop Jason from interfering with Michael's therapy and Sam says maybe so but she will never forget the words he said to Jason. Sam gets ready to go out in the rain and look for Jason when he comes in the door and asks where she was going. Sam says to look for him and asks where he went. Jason says he just went walking and needed to think and Sam asks in the middle of a hurricane. Sam tells Jason Dr.Thomas was wrong about him and Jason says he never liked the guy but maybe he's right about him. Sam says no, and says not to believe one word Dr.Thomas says and Jason says he believes her and says she has said herself that he is sending Michael mixed messages about Dr.Thomas. He encourages him to talk to Dr.Thomas but then pulls him out of a session before he can confess to killing AJ.  Sam says to forget Dr.Thomas, he doesn't know Jason and doesn't know his heart and tells Jason he feels more intensely than anyone show knows and he is a kind and loving man and he if doesn't believe anything else she says he can believe that. Jason tells Sam about his first memory of waking up in the hospital. He says people were all around him, doctors and nurses. Strangers that were actually his family, his girlfriend, all asking the same questions... does he remember them or does he know who he is and the same look of disappointment on their faces when he couldn't answer... like he was hurting them. So he avoided all of them. He met Sonny, built a life around danger and being damaged actually worked for him because he couldn't really feel fear so he was good at his job. Jason says that's why he can't help Michael because Michael feels fear and pain and asks how he can help him deal with that when he has never felt those things himself. Jason says it is the one time he is failing Michael and fights back tears when he says that makes him think he could fail her. Sam asks if he's cheating on her or has cheated on her and he says no and he never would. She asks if he's lied to her, made her feel cheap or irrelevant in anyway and Jason says no so Sam asks how he could fail her. Jason says because he is brain damaged and he doesn't think about it a lot but he can't feel like a normal person and Sam asks what is normal and says it is way over-rated. Sam says until she met him being normal meant being used and dumped, it meant lying to herself to protect her heart and getting it stepped on anyway. Jason says but Michael is getting any better with Jason's interference and Sam says he is Michael's touchstone and without him, Michael would be lost and so she doesn't care what any of the doctors say because when she looks at him she doesn't see damage of any kind. Sam tells him she sees an extraordinary human being who feels as profoundly as anyone she has ever known. She saw it in his eyes and felt it in his touch when the baby they wanted so badly was inside of her and saw it in his grief when she died. His sorrow mirrored hers and so did his healing and tells him not to tell her to believe what some doctors that don't know say about his inability to love because she knows better. Sam says that the storm is getting worse and Jason assures her it will pass and says they have to find something to do and they start to make love but Sam stops and says they can't because Michael is right upstairs and could come down at any minutes. Jason agrees and Sam says they could use on of the six bedrooms and have all the privacy they need and Jason says it would still be weird with Dr.Thomas in the house. Sam and Jason agree to wait and Sam says it's going to be a long night and Jason says that's why they have to find something to distract them. Sam challenges Jason to a game a dominos and says for every round she wins he will have to take a shot of tequila. Jason wins all the rounds and Sam ends up drunk of the tequila and Sam says either he can see through the dominos or he is psychic. Sam says whatever is is he better be prepared to play all night long and pours herself another shot. Jason's says she has had 6 shots of tequila and some wine and now it's time to stop or she is going to get sick. Sam accidentally spits on Jason when she says then to do her a favor and let her drink. Sam tells Jason he knows all he has to do is say three words. "You win, Sam." and Jason says them and Sam tackles him and says she told him she would win. (Very cute JaSam moment!!!)  A music montage of "When a man loves a woman" plays as it shows all the Port Charles couples sharing intimate moments. Jason lays Sam on the sofa and runs upstairs when Michael calls out from having a nightmare. Dr.Thomas comes in and sits next to Sam. Jason walks to the top of the stairs and asks what he's doing and he says checking Sam's pulse, she's unconscious. Jason says she's sleeping... so what and Dr.Thomas says she's passed out and Jason says they had a few drinks and Dr.Thomas asks if they do that often and Jason's says no. Michael tells Dr.Thomas he had a nightmare and Jason suggested he talk to him about it and they are about to go up to Michael's room and Jason says wait. Jason tells Michael to go upstairs and Dr.Thomas will be right up. Dr.Thomas says he'll give him this much... he's consistent with his indecision about therapy and says he encourages Michael to talk to Dr.Thomas and then shuts him down. Dr.Thomas asks if unless he his stopping Michael from letting Dr.Thomas help him in order to nurse his selfish need of being Michael's only confidant. Sam wakes up and asks what's going on and and Dr.Thomas steps in and tells her that Michael had a nightmare and Jason is stopping him from letting him talk to Michael. Sam tells Jason he knows how much these nightmares bother Michael and Jason says Dr.Thomas can go up. Sam asks what happened and Jason tells her she passed out and she asks on the sofa and Jason says on the floor and he put her on the sofa and then Michael had a nightmare so he ran up to check on him and when he came back down Dr.Thomas was sitting next to her. Sam says that's weird and Jason tells her he claims he was taking her pulse because she was unconscious and asks if she remembers anything and she says no. Sam says he must think she is a lush because she smells of tequila. Jason says it just bothered him seeing Dr.Thomas so close to her and says maybe he "wanted" to see something for a reason to doubt him and Sam says she trusts his instincts.. Jason says whatever it is, he just doesn't trust the guy. Sam says she didn't pass out she just took a little nap and Jason says she was unconscious and Sam says she sleeps soundly. Jason says sure she would after 6 or 7 shots of tequila and some wine and Sam says she'll have him know she used to drink men 3 times his size when she was doing salvage work and that maybe being with him has turned her soft. Jason says that's a good thing right and Sam says they did establish she won and Jason says sort of and Sam says she deserves a prize and they kiss. Dr.Thomas comes down and interrupts them and says Michael wants to speak with him. Upstairs Michael show Jason Dr.Thomas' IPod and Jason tells Michael to stay there and goes back downstairs and asks where Dr.Thomas went. Sam says he decided to try and brave the storm and asks why and Jason tells her Dr.Thomas has a appointment with Mac Scorpio and is most likely going to tell him Michael killed AJ and Jason leaves to go after him.