Nikolas & Courtney


This tape begins with Jax and Courtney's wedding and sets us into the Jax/Courtney/Elizabeth surrogacy triangle. Courtney begins to feel useless during this time and starts to turns towards Nikolas for support. Their friendship takes a turn as they become attracted to one another. Although this tape starts out with mostly Jax and Courtney scenes with some of Liz and Lucky, I have blended Nikolas and Emily's marital problems after they have made love for the first time since Emily was raped and Nikolas was released from prison.  From about the middle half on, there is more Nikolas and Courtney scenes and less Liz and Lucky unless their scenes have Courtney or Jax in them. If you are looking for a tape of all of Liz and Lucky's scenes over this, this is NOT the edit for you. Contact me and I will try to  help you find what you are looking for.

Courtney & Nikolas #1
June 14th thru August 24th 2005
This tape contains Liz and Lucky and Jax and Courtney all agreeing to the surrogacy and Liz goes through with the procedure. Courtney feels inadequate at the time of the procedure and goes to the roof of the hospital to think. Nikolas is already there and they manage to get stuck on the roof and both talk about their feelings and begin to bond as friends and we start to see the chemistry between the two. The storyline continues on the tape through the hurricane and the couples being stuck at Carly and Alcazar's. Nikolas rescues Courtney from wrecking her car and takes her back to Alcazar's barn. Courtney learns Emily has been raped and encourages Nikolas to tell Emily how he is feeling and Nikolas encourages Courtney to do the same with Jax.  Courtney and Nikolas grow closer and attraction builds between the two as their problems on both sides seem only to be growing, not subsiding. Liz tests positive on a pregnancy test. Nikolas has too much to drink at the pizza shack one night and runs into Courtney on the docks where in the heat of the moment they end up in a kiss. Later Nikolas apologizes for the kiss and they agree that is was not planned and there is no need to make anything of it. Courtney and Jax grow further apart as Jax becomes over-protective of Liz and even stops Liz and Lucky from getting married because it may cause complications for the surrogacy.  Lucky has a hard time dealing with Jax hovering over Liz and moves out to save their relationship. Liz's apartment catches on fire and Jax saves her and Cameron and takes them to the hospital. Liz moves in with Jax and Courtney until she can find another place to stay. Courtney and Nikolas' friendship changes as they become attracted to one another and after a couple beers at the Pizza Shack Nikolas kisses Courtney. Both agree that it was not planned and see no reason to tell their spouses. Courtney and Nikolas both agree to try to avoid each other so they can work on their marriages but they end up on the same flight to the Bahamas and Jax bails out at the last minute. Courtney and Nikolas end up at the same hotel with rooms right across from each other. Emily gets wind of what she thinks is Nikolas and Courtney having an affair and flies to the Bahamas. When Jax hears Emily''s fear he too begins to think they are having an affair and heads back to the states with Emily and plans on divorcing Courtney immediately. Jax "pretends" to get back together with Courtney because Liz is reluctant to give him his baby if he plans to be a single father. Lucky and Elizabeth trick Courtney, Jax  and Emily and Nikolas to their apartment in attempts to get the couples back together. Liz goes to the hospital after she suffers from abdominal pains. Dr.Meadows informs everyone Liz is just dehydrated and the baby is fine. Jax comes up with a scheme to pretend to get back together with Courtney in order to get the baby from Liz.

Courtney & Nikolas #2
August 24th 2005 to the Present

Emily is hurt when she goes to Wyndemere and realizes Nikolas wasn't expecting her, he was expecting Courtney. When Courtney arrives Emily takes it as she is too late and leaves. Courtney tells Nikolas she wants a happy marriage with Jax, just as Jax overhears Emily tellign Monica about what happened at Wyndemere. Jax continues to use Courtney to get his child from Liz.