Carly Tapes

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Carly Tape #1-
Carly arrives in Port Charles. She rents a room from Ruby at Kelly's and enrolls in the volunteer program at GH. Carly becomes friends with Bobby, Tony & Lucas. Carly goes to Jake's and has a beer and dances with a stranger, noticing Jason as she dances. The second night there the same guy asks her to dance again and she refuses. Carly and Jason engage in a game of pool. As Carly makes a shot, Jason leans over and tells her that he doesn't like games. "Then let's not play them", she tells him and he tells her that his room is upstairs. A music montage with Animotion's song "Obsession" begins playing and Carly and Jason make love. Carly continues to become close to Bobby and her family. The second time Carly and Jason hook up Carly tries to push Jason slightly for information about himself but he doesn't give her much. He reminds her of her rules of no names, no games. At the Nurse's Ball, Carly takes Bobby's place in their act, Sonny donates money to the Stone AIDS foundation. Max brings Robin on stage to present her with a quilt made for Stone. A emotional Robin makes a speech about Stone and then announces that she is too, is HIV positive. A tearful Carly wacthes from the background as Jason steps onstage and sweeps Robin up into his arms and carries her off. Later, at Jake's, Carly blasts Jason for not informing her that he was involved with a person who was HIV positive and goes to slap him. Jason grabs her hand to stop her. Jason asks what she is talking about and she tells him she saw him at the Nurse's Ball.Jason informs her he and Robin don't sleep together. After a brief heated discussion they end up in bed again. An angry Jason yells at Carly for going through his pockets while he was in the shower. Jason leaves, angry.At the hospital Carly politely asks Robin about her relationship with Jason. She asks if Jason is her boyfriend. "Something like that," Robin replies. Back at the hospital, the man Carly paid to find Bobby has been hanging around. Carly informs him that she is sleeping with Sonny Corinthos's right hand man, and not to mess with her. Bobby starts to wonder about Carly's motives as she is making herself at home with Tony and Lucas.

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Tape #2
This tape jumps ahead to when Carly shows up at Jason's after having a fight with Tony and telling him Jason was the father of her baby:
Jason is in the middle of a meeting and hears Carly arguing witht he guards that she needs to see Jason. Jason excuses him and answers the door. A soaked Carly tells him, " I did something you're really not going to like," and begs him not to throw her out. Jason tells her to go upstairs until he is done with his meeting. After his guests leave, Jason listens to Carly as she tells him about her argument with Tony and how he threatened to take the baby from her once it's born. Carly confesses all her lies, even the truth that Bobby is her biological mother and she came to town to get revenge for being abandoned.  Jason doesn't understand why Carly is afraid of Tony taking something that isn't his. Carly tells Jason how she drugged AJ and poured booze all over him to make him think he fell off the wagon, hoping he would leave town. Jason admits he knew Carly slept with AJ and she looks a bit embarressed. She tells him how she isn't sure if the baby is Tony's or AJ's and then hits him with the bombshell that she named him, (Jason) as the father of her baby. Later Tony shows up at the Penthouse and warns Jason not to  be manipulated by Carly's lies. Carly comes downstairs and another argument between the two ignites. Tony leaves and Carly thanks Jason for his loyalty to her. Jason tells Carly that he will not lie if asked if he is the father of her baby. Carly asks him that if no one directly asks him if he is the father, and he doesn't have to answer them, then it is not lieing. Jason agrees. AJ shows up and tells Carly he can prove that Jason is not the father of the baby, because Jason would not lie to him. Carly goes on to tell AJ about her and Jason's secret rendevous's and how they had been sleeping together all along. AJ calls her a liar and tells her she has picked the wrong guy to lie about because Jason won't lie for her. He warns Jason that Carly is dangerous and that he is better off not getting involved. AJ asks Jason if he knows that Carly drugged him and tricked him. Jason tells AJ although he does not agree, even approve of her actions, she did it for the baby because she was scared. Carly asked for his help and he will give it to her. AJ looks hurt by this. AJ tells him that is the baby is his, he will file for sole custody. When Aj makes a comment about Carly will be a bad mother because of her lies and actions, Jason makes a snide comment about the Quartermaines. AJ Doesn't understand how Jason could cheat on Robin with someone like Carly. Jason doewsn't lie, but doesn't specify when it was that he slept with Carly. An emotional AJ tells Jason how he finally understands that Jason is no longer his brother, that his brother would not have chosen Carly over him. Jason. AJ threatens that even if Jason is the father, he will not let him be around the child. Later, a sympathetic Carly apologizes to Jason for getting him involved in her mess. She questions why he is so good to her and Jason avoids an answer but tells her that they will go see a lawyer in the morning. He tells her there seems to be no proof of anything she did and then tells her he doesn't want to talk about it anymore tonight. They go out and play pool, and Carly flaunts that she won. ( Jason let her!!) Back at home, Carly decides that the place needs a little holiday cheer. Carly goes on a wild shopping spree that she excuses as an impulse. Tony and Bobbie run into each other and he turns down an invite to the Christmas Party. Tony tells Bobby about Carly sleeping with Jason, and AJ and that she swears the child is not his, but Jason's. Bobby is shocked. Carly runs into Jason outside the hospital and invites herself to enter the party on Jason's arm, in case any questions in regards to the patermity of her child.  Carly and Bobby run into each other and Carly tells her she can now call her a slut, with good reason. A music montage of "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas" goes on with Sarah in tears at Nik's bedside, Carly opening Jason's present, A keychain with the Penthouse key on it, and Brenda and Jax decorating a tree together then cuddling.
Carly and Jason return from the lawyer's office where they arranged to have Jason's name put on the baby's birth certificate. They go over possible witnesses to her drugging AJ, Jason says the only "real" witness was the bartender, who has recently relocated. Carly is happy to hear of the news. AJ comes over and Carly and AJ fight again and she has him thrown out. Jason goes out for the night to take care of business. Carly jolts up from her sleep and realizes she is bleeding. Painfully Carly makes her way out of her bedroom and slowly down the stairs. She calls out for Jason, who hasn't returned yet. Unable to walk any further, Carly collapses at the bottom of the stairs, telling herself maybe if it's better if she loses the baby. Slowly, Carly crawls over to the phone but faints before she is able to make it. Jason returns to find Carly passed out and rushes her to the ER. Jason holds Bobby back and asks her to stay with Carly. Bobby agrees. Carly's DR. explains to Jason that she is bleeding badly and a C-Section will have to be done in order to save them. Jason nods. As she is being put under, Carly begs Bobby not to let them take her baby. Carly gives birth to a premature little boy. Bobby takes the baby in her arms and Carly's heart stops. Bobby demands Carly not to leave the baby without a mother. The doctors get a faint heartbeat. Bobby explains the medical condition, PDA, that the baby has and tells him he needs heart surgery. Carly's doctor explains to Jason that Carly has lost a lot of blood and the smart thing to do would be to do a hysterectomy and Bobby warns Jason not to let them. She tells Jason how she woke up and realized she had aone without her knowledge and the impact it has had on her. Jason tells the DR to try the alternative first, platelet infusion. Tony arugues with Jason on the right to have say in the desicion to allow the DR's to operate on the baby. Tony is against the operation but after consulting with Monica, Jason agrees to the surgery. In surgery, is where the learn that the baby's blood type does not match Tony, and rules him out as a father. Tony is grief strcken and explains to Bobby how he feels as though he has lost another child. The Quartermaines show up at the hospital and Luke stops the bickering between them. A music montage of Dara singing "God Bess the Child" shows AJ and Keesha dancing in the moonlight, Stefan and Katherine, Luke watching over Carly as she sleeps, ( he loves her) and Jason and the Quartermaines watching over the baby. Jason tells Carly that the baby had a heart defect that has been corrected with surgery. Carly blames herself for the baby's medical condition and Jason tries to reassure her that she isn't at fault. Carly feels trapped as Bobby urges her to go see her son and when she does she will be filled with so much love. Carly asks if thats how Bobbie felt when she had her baby. Bobbie remembers the time when she held her baby in her arms and then they took her away. Alan and AJ learn that Tony has been ruled out as the father. Carly breaks down when she soes to see the baby and Jason takes her back to her room. Jason admits to Mike that he has been hanging around the hospital because he doesn't want the baby to feel alone. Tony goes to see Carly in her room. Tearfully, Carly asks him if he knows how much she hates him, and he says yes and that the feelings are mutual. A doctor tells Carly what she is going through is called post-partum depression and there is treatment if need be. Carly goes to see her son. She tries to get close and touch him but bolts away. AJ catches her struggling to get out of the nursery and helps her back to her room. AJ tells Carly he knows the baby isn't him because the blood type is the same as Jason's. Carly hides her shock as she tells AJ she told him so. Carly asks Jason to help her get away for a little while and to take care of the baby for her. A montage shows us Luke looking at Carly's empty hospital bed, Carly on an airplane, Jason stroking the baby's hand. Luke visits the little baby in the hospital. Robin is surprised when Jason comes home with Carly's baby. He explains that he promised Carly he would take care of the baby until she returned. Robin questions Carly's ability to be a good mother. Jason tells Robin how he promised to help Carly, and remain quiet about who the real father is. Robin argues that Jason is helping steal Tony's baby from him and Jason informs her that Tony is not the father, AJ is. A social worker shows up at the penthouse to investigate the child's well being and Jason's ability to provide a safe home. Jason takes the baby to see Lila. It is also Emily's birthday. Alan manages to convince Jason to allow him to hold the baby. Jason says for a second. When Jason asks for the baby back, Alan walks away and informs Jason that he is being relieved of his parental obligations. Jason warns them to give the baby back and is about to pull the gun from his waistband. Justus calmly pursuades Alan to handle the baby back to Jason, who immediatly leaves. Emily, angry that they used her to try and kidna the baby, sneaks out her window and heads to Jason's. AJ and Jason run into each other in the men's bathroom at the Q's motel. AJ coldly tells his brother he no longer feels guilty for causing Jason's brain damage, that Jason makes his own choices and brain damage has nothing to do with it. After recieving good news from a doctor visit for the baby, Jason walks into an ambush and realizes that although he sent the baby home, he had thought about keeping him in the limo. Jason has Justus draw up a will that leaves the baby in Bobby's care, if anything should happen to him. Jason asks Bobbie on how he goes about giving the baby a name. Bobbie tells him some people name their children after loved ones or friends, some have a christening, and she goes on to explain what goes on during the ceremony. Jason makes plans to have the baby's christening at the Queen of Angels Church. Mike is touched when Jason asks him to be the baby's God father, and asks Emily to be the God mother. The baptism begins and the Quartermaines show up and Jason tells them to leave. A pleading Lila asks Jason to throw them out after the ceremony. Jason agrees, as long as the Q's keep their distance and keep quiet. The ceremony continues and Jason announces that the baby will be named Michael, after Sonny. Mike is emotional. Jason notices Carly at the back of the church. Jason hands the baby off to Bobbie and Jason encourages Carly to step forward and join the ceremony. Carly insists that she sit in the back row.