Brenda Tapes

I have added soemthing new to Brenda's tapes. Both of these are music montage's. I plan on adding Brenda's death montage later this month.

~The "I'm with You" Montage~
This scene start with Jax coming to see Brenda at Jason's. He offers her some money and she refuses asking if he was ever really in love with her. He answers no coldly and leaves just Jason returns. Jason too offers Brenda money. " I don't want your charity," she pleads and Jason signs. He informs her she has no job and has been legally dead for four years. She promises to pay him back. They hug. (They should have been together) Next we see them at the airport and they say goodbye. This leads us into the montage with some really great scenes, before and after her "death".

~Lifetime's Intimate Portrait~
I also have the Intimate Portrait tape which aired on the lifetime channel. This has some really great stuff about Vanessa Marcil. Covers everything from her brith to now.